Baume et Mercier 8628 Riviera Review

The Baume Mercier Riviera collection is chalk full of watches like the 8628 model; keep reading for my full review of this timeless chronograph watch.

Here’s how I’d like to structure this review…Basically, I’m just going to jump right in and give you the down low on the Baume Mercier 8628 Riviera watch, going into intricate detail on all the features of this watch. I’ve tried to make the review pretty easy to find what you’re looking for, so if you’ve got specific questions about the automatic movement, or the stainless steel case for example, you shouldn’t have trouble locating those sections below. Anyways, check out this watch:

Baume et Mercier 8659 Classima 18K Rose Gold Review

The Baume et Mercier Classima 8659 is a highly sought after rose gold addition to a classic men’s luxery collection of watches. Get more information by reading my pros and cons review below.

There’s no mystery behind why people love this watch so much…The Baume Mercier 8659 Classima has a lot going for it. I’ll tell you everything you’d wanna know in my detailed review, found below.

Baume Mercier 8852 Classima XXL Chronograph Review

Baume et Mercier’s newest Classima, the XXL 8852, is a trendy Swiss watch designed for the adventuring man. Below you’ll find in-depth details on the good stuff and bad stuff about this watch, so you know what you’re buying before you buy it.

There’s no doubt that the Baume Mercier 8852 Classima XXL looks great. One glance at the picture and you’re probably already at least a little bit intrigued. I’ll tell you right now that this is a great watch, but if you want to find out more then I recommend reading the rest of my watch review below. But I’ll start with basic pricing information, if that’s ok.

Here’s a pretty picture for you!

Baume Mercier 8868 Classima Review

The Baume et Mercier Classima 8868 is one of the newest Classima watches, and as such, I’m sure that you’ll be itching to read my pros and cons review!

In the past year or so, Baume et Mercier has been really expanding on 2 of their collections, the Classima Executives and the William Baume collection. The Baume Mercier 8868 Classima is a great example of one of these new Classima watches, and if it’s alright with you, below I’d like to give you the pros and cons of this watch.

Baume Mercier 8739 Diamant Women’s Diamond Watch Review

Below you’ll find my Baume et Mercier Diamant 8739 review. Keep reading to learn all the features you’ll want to know before purchasing the watch.

Baume et Mercier’s Diamant collection is a fine collection of women’s luxury watches, and there’s no doubt that this watch is a trendy addition to the distinguishable collection.

That being said, I also understand that some women really aren’t into the whole ‘diamond set’ thing, and that you might think that any watch with diamonds is unwearable. Hey, I understand, but I truly feel that the Baume Mercier 8739 Diamant exemplifies what a subtle women’s luxury watch should be. If you really really don’t like diamonds I’m not promising that you’ll love the watch, but take a look, because I was impressed and I think you will be too.

Below you’ll find everything you’d want to know about the Diamant model 8739 ladies watch, so that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you decide to buy it.

Baume et Mercier 8773 Ilea Women’s Two-Tone Watch Review

Check out my in-depth review of the Baume et Mercier 8773 Ilea ladies luxury watch for the down low on what you need to know before you buy.

The Baume et Mercier Ilea collection is a rather small line of watches that all follow one common theme, presented by Baume & Mercier on their Ilea catalog page:

“Round and timeless, the iléa watch by Baume & Mercier asserts its femininity through its sensual curves and flowing lines.”

Keep reading to find out what I learned when I reviewed the Baume Mercier 8773 Ilea women’s watch. I think that you’ll get a lot from reading this review, I cover the core features, as well as what sets the watch apart from others in the same collection.

Baume Mercier Hampton Collection Watch Reviews

The Baume Mercier Hampton collection of watches is chalk-full of classic design and great features. Keep reading my in-depth review of the entire Hampton Collection for the down low on all the best watches in this line.

Obviously, picking just one watch to review from all the Hampton watches that Baume and Mercier makes in this collection, so just click where you want to go:
Table of Contents

Best Selling Hampton Watch
Best Men’s Hampton Classic
Best Men’s Hampton Milleis
Best Men’s Hampton Square
Best Women’s Hampton Classic
Best Women’s Hampton Milleis
Best Women’s Hampton Square

Baume et Mercier clearly states their mission with the Hampton collection:

“Created in 1994, the Hampton watch is a fine blend of watch-making tradition and contemporary design. A collection recalling the Hamptons, situated on Long Island not far from New York where the art de vivre is a harmonious mixture of serenity, refinement and atmosphere.” – Baume & Mercier Hampton Catalog

On the whole, I would say that Baume and Mercier has done a good job living up to its original mission. I worked really hard reviewing all of these watches, so I hope that at least some of them are appealing to you. Have fun reading my Baume Mercier watch review!

Baume et Mercier Riviera Collection Watch Reviews

Baume Mercier Riviera watches are, without a doubt, very high in quality. Check out this full Riviera review for tons of information as I review the most note worthy Riviera watches, including the best Men’s Riviera, the best Women’s Riviera and much more!

The way that this review is going to work is that I’ll break it up into categories such as Best Selling, Best Men’s, Best Women’s, Most Underrated, etc etc. For each section I’ll have one watch that the section is about (For example the best selling Riviera is the 8755 Magnum model), and then I’ll also give you a runner up for each category. That way you can hear my best recommendations, but still have some options too.
Table of Contents

Best Selling Riviera Watch
Best Men’s Riviera Watch
Best Women’s Riviera Watch
My Favorite Riviera Watch
Most Underrated Riviera Watch
Best Budget Riviera Watch

Just click where you wanna go and you’ll jump to that part of the page.

But before we begin, how about a quick introduction to the Riviera Collection from Baume and Mercier!

Baume et Mercier’s Riviera Collection features one of the most conceptual watch designs of the past 50 years. The dodecagonal design is unique and attractive and is acclaimed to be one of the most intuitive and elegant designs every created for a luxury watch.

In case you don’t know, a dodecagon has 12 sides for 12 hours, so the shape is perfect for a time keeping piece. Baume et Mercier realized this, and in 1973 they designed the first Riviera watch. Today this collection is respected for its extremely high quality time pieces and that trademark 12 sided design. Geometric in their simplicity, the Baume Mercier Riviera watches are timeless, attractive and of course, well made.

Baume et Mercier 8732 Classima Chronograph Review

The Baume Mercier 8732 Classima is a beautiful member of the Classima Executive collection of men’s watches. For more information, simply check out the rest of my pros and cons review!

As you can see from the picture, the Baume Mercier 8732 Classima is truly an example of a luxury watch. I can’t wait to tell you the pros and cons! Check it out:

Baume et Mercier 8600 Diamant 18k Women’s Watch Review

The Baume Mercier 8600 Diamant watch is absolutely stunning. Check out the rest of my pros and cons review to see exactly what I mean!

To be perfectly honest with you, I could probably whip up a good solid 4,000 word review about the Baume Mercier 8600 Diamant women’s luxury watch, however, I know that you wouldn’t read it, and I don’t wanna write that much, so why don’t we just start with this short pros and cons list, ok?

Baume Mercier 8744 Women’s Hampton Milleis Review

The Baume Mercier 8744 Milleis is a classic in women’s watch finery…A true example of high quality Swiss watch making, discover more by reading through the rest of my pros and cons review!

Let’s not kid ourselves here…I know that you’d like to skip right to the pros and cons list and read as little as possible, so without further adieu, here’s the pros and cons of the Baume Mercier 8744 Hampton Milleis watch:

Baume et Mercier 8797 Riviera Chronograph Review

The Baume Mercier 8797 Riviera is a high performing men’s watch, a true testament to fine watch making. Read the rest of my pros and cons review for in depth information on this beautiful time piece.

The Riviera collection is distinguished by it’s unique bezel design. The dodecagonal bezel is a contemporary innovation that holds true to the timeless horological values that drive the Baume & Mercier style, and the Baume Mercier 8797 Riviera is more progressive than most. With a bold color scheme, a precise automatic movement and of course, the trademark Riviera bezel, there’s no doubting that this is an enviable men’s watch.

I know you probably only care about the pros and cons, but if you DO want some more information, keep reading below the pros and cons and you’ll get more information that should, hopefully, answer any questions you still have. Sound good?

Baume et Mercier 8733 Classima XL Watch Review

Everything about the Baume Mercier 8733 Classima watch, from the alligator leather strap to the resettable chronograph, speaks volumes of the quality Baume Mercier has put into this piece. Read my pros and cons review for more detailed information!

I’d like to start this review out with the most basic information, so I’m going to begin by letting you see the pricing (on Amazon) as well as the pros and cons that I’ve found when reviewing the Baume Mercier 8733 Classima XL. After that if you still really want to read my detailed review you’re more than welcome to.

Baume et Mercier 8731 Classima Watch Review

The Baume and Mercier 8731 Classima is a great example of a Swiss quality watch. Check out my pros and cons review for the down low on this sweet time piece.

I won’t make you read a bunch of stuff that you don’t want to, so for those of you who only really want the pros and cons, but could care less about my detailed Baume Mercier 8731 Classima review, here’s the basic information first:

Baume et Mercier 8771 Ilea Diamond Watch Review

The Baume Mercier 8771 Ilea watch is excellently made and highly accurate. Check out the rest of my pros and cons review for the down low on this classic women’s watch from Baume et Mercier.

Let’s just jump right into the pros and cons shall we? The Baume Mercier 8771 Ilea is a great watch and here’s why I think that:

Baume et Mercier 8485 Classima Quartz Watch Review

The Baume Mercier 8485 Classima is great watch definitive of everything Baume et Mercier. The extra large watch is slim and sleek…Check out the rest of my review for the down low on this classy men’s watch!

Let’s not kid ourselves…You’re here for one thing and one thing only. The pros and cons of the Baume Mercier 8485 Classima. So I’m going to go ahead and give you the pros and cons now, and then I’ll go into more detail below…If you want more information keep reading, if you just want the simple pros and cons, then those are right…HERE!

Baume et Mercier 8753 Hampton Milleis Watch Review

The Baume Mercier 8753 Hampton Milleis is an iconic watch with tons of great features. I’ve compiled a wonderful pros and cons review for you, so just keep reading for the down low on this time piece from Baume et Mercier.

Alright, how does this sound…I know you’re probably only interested in the pros and cons, and not really in my whole Baume Mercier 8753 Hampton review, so why don’t we just start with the pricing, the availability and the pros and cons.

Baume et Mercier 8755 Riviera XXL Magnum Review

The Baume et Mercier 8755 Riviera is a great watch to be sure, however, don’t buy this watch before reading my in depth review for full disclosure!

Just to clarify, this watch is part of the Riviera collection, specifically, this is an XXL Magnum Titanium watch. It’s considered to be one of the highest performing watches in it’s class. But I’ll go into all the in-depth details on the Baume Mercier 8755 Riviera below, let’s just get to the pros and cons, shall we?

Baume et Mercier 8689 Classima Skeleton Watch Review

Baume et Mercier have certainly made an impression on me with their 8689 Classima Skeleton watch…Check out the rest of my review for everything you need to know!

Now, I’m not a man who wastes time, so let’s just go ahead and dive right into this watch review. I’d like to start by going over the pros and cons of the Baume Mercier 8689 Classima with you so you can get a general feel for the watch.

Baume et Mercier 8749 Hampton Square Watch Review

The Baume and Mercier 8749 Hampton Square watch is an extra large time piece with many features to get you excited. Discover the pros and cons of this watch by reading my review, below!

Why don’t we just go ahead and get straight into the review here, shall we? Here are the pros and cons, as well as pricing and availability, of the Baume Mercier 8749 Hampton.

Check it out below:

Baume et Mercier 8462 Classima Automatic Watch Review

The Baume Mercier 8462 Classima watch is definitely high quality, there’s no doubt about that. Keep reading this watch review for info on the pros and cons of this time piece.

Beautifully crafted, you won’t find any complaints from me regarding the look and feel of this time piece, however, could it be that there’s more to the Baume Mercier Classima 8462 than meets the eye initially? Check out what I’ve got for you:

Baume et Mercier Classima Collection Reviews

Have any questions about the Baume Mercier Classima Executives watches? Read my review for info on the Best Selling Classima along with any other noteworthy watches in the collection.

I’ve taken it upon myself to review this entire collection to give you all the information you could want about this classic line of watches. Here’s a table of contents that you can use to navigate the review quickly, just click where you wanna go and you’ll jump right there.

Table of Contents

Best Selling Classima Watch
Best Men’s Classima Watch
Best Women’s Classima Watch
Newest Classima Watch
Best Value Classima Watch