Baume et Mercier 8462 Classima Automatic Watch Review

Baume Mercier 8462 Classima Executives

The Baume Mercier 8462 Classima watch is definitely high quality, there’s no doubt about that. Keep reading this watch review for info on the pros and cons of this time piece.

Beautifully crafted, you won’t find any complaints from me regarding the look and feel of this time piece, however, could it be that there’s more to the Baume Mercier Classima 8462 than meets the eye initially? Check out what I’ve got for you:

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8462 Classima Executives Automatic Watch


  • Swiss Automatic Movement – Extremely Reliable and Highly Accurate
  • Classic Design – Black Leather Strap w/ White Dial Emits ‘Sophisticated’ From Every Inch
  • Sapphire Crystal Protects Your Watch – Literally Only Scratchable By Diamond
  • Sleek and Light-Weight – Extra Large Watch is Only 1/3″ Thick and Feels Extremely Light
  • Dual Time Kept w/ Inconspicuous 4th “Time-Zone Hand”
  • True Automatic Watch Complete With the Sweeping Second Hand


  • ‘Red’ Inner Indexes Are Nearly Brown
  • Water Resistant to 30 Meters

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My Baume Mercier 8462 Classima Review

Baume et Mercier is an extremely well known company. They’re respected for making high end watches that aren’t big and flashy like a Rolex or an Omega….No, rather the language of Baume & Mercier is subtlety. Let me tell you, the 8462 is proof of how well they’ve mastered their craft.

Firstly and most importantly let’s talk about what’s making the Classima automatic watch tick…The whole thing is run by a Swiss Automatic Movement. In case you’re not familiar with what that means…

‘Swiss’ is referring to the origin of the movement. Because the 8462 has an ETA Swiss movement, we know that it was made in Switzerland, which as a general rule of thumb means it’s a high quality movement, although that alone doesn’t necessarily warrant buying a watch.

ETA is a watch manufacturer whose movements have been used across almost every major brand that you can think of, from Invicta to Cartier to Rolex to IWC. Baume et Mercier makes use of two automatic movements in almost all of their watches, the ETA 2892 and the ETA Valjoux 7750.

I’m not entirely sure which one is in the 8462 Classima, but I do know that the ETA 2892, which is the less accurate of the two, only runs about 1 second a day off, whereas the Valjoux 7750 runs about 2 – 4 seconds per week.

The ‘Automatic’ refers to how the movement works. Being automatic, it means that the Baume Mercier Classima will NEVER need to have its batteries changed, because it doesn’t have any! Now, there’s somewhat of a double standard for automatic movements in the watch industry. Basically how it works is this…When you start out with lower end watches you’re probably going to be better served with a quartz movement. The price just doesn’t allow you to have a high enough quality automatic movement for it to be worth it.


The Classima Executive is a nice watch. It’s designed as a high end watch, and as such the automatic movement is extremely accurate AND extremely reliable. Two qualities we usually look for in a watch, right?

The second most important thing to you as a prospective buyer of this watch is probably going to be the way that it looks. Once we’ve cleared the quality of the actual time keeping the Classima provides, it’s time to see if the rest of the watch stacks up.

The short answer is yes, it does, but let’s take a bit to see what’s going on, shall we?

Well, first off, the dial is sleek and easy to read. Roman numerals outline the plain white dial. Outside the roman numerals you’ll find the dial used to keep dual time. A fourth “Time Zone” hand with a red tip aligns perfectly with this middle array of numbers, so it’s very easy to see what time it is in the given time zone that you’re tracking. It’s nice to see small features like this…It’s easy to find the hand on the dial, and Baume et Mercier’s sleek design has totally eliminated the need for a second dial, as would typically be the way to go about keeping two time zone’s time. The outer lining of numbers is simple minute indexes.

The beautiful and stylish dial is protected by sapphire crystal. Now, I don’t know if you knew this or not (I didn’t until I go into watches), but the Sapphire crystal used in watch faces such as the one in the 8462 are so hard, they’re only scratchable by diamond. That’s right…Take a nail and run it back and forth across the face and you won’t do a thing.

Although the thought of doing that makes me wince, so don’t actually do that.

The rest of the Baume Mercier 8462 Classima is protected by a high grade stainless steel case. The watch measures 42mm across, so it’s technically an over sized watch. However, don’t let that description fool you…This piece should look perfectly normal sized on most men’s wrists. The design is sleek and simple and makes the watch appear much more elegant, despite the size of the watch.

Should I Buy From Amazon?

I highly recommend ordering from Amazon for a couple reasons…For one, they’re a reputable store and you’re pretty safe no matter what you’re buying from Amazon. You will forfeit the 12 month warranty that Baume Mercier provides with this watch, however, Amazon offers their own 2 year warranty in exchange AND you’re going to save about $400 – $700 buying from Amazon. Other retailers simply can’t compete with the price Amazon offers; the 8462 Classima is over 30% off on Amazon right now.

My Verdict of the Baume & Mercier 8462 Classima

You’ll definitely be pleased with the Baume Mercier 8462 Classima. The accuracy of the movement coupled with the sleek design and ruggedness of the case and crystal protecting it make this watch a true beauty to both behold and wear. All in all, Baume Mercier has designed a watch which is ideal for men seeking a reliable, high end watch that’s not as bold and in-your-face as the bigger watches typically associated with the name-brands (Such as Rolex or Omega).

Well that about finishes up my watch review…I really hope that you’ve found it helpful and that I’ve answered any of your questions. Feel free to check out some more of my musings here on, but whatever suits you best is fine with me.

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