Baume et Mercier 8733 Classima XL Watch Review

Baume Mercier 8733 Classima ExecutivesEverything about the Baume Mercier 8733 Classima watch, from the alligator leather strap to the resettable chronograph, speaks volumes of the quality Baume Mercier has put into this piece. Read my pros and cons review for more detailed information!

I’d like to start this review out with the most basic information, so I’m going to begin by letting you see the pricing (on Amazon) as well as the pros and cons that I’ve found when reviewing the Baume Mercier 8733 Classima XL. After that if you still really want to read my detailed review you’re more than welcome to.

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8733 Classima Executives XL Watch


  • Swiss Automatic Movement – Battery Free and Super Accurate + Awesome Sweeping Second Hand
  • Black Alligator-Style Leather Strap is Durable, Stylish and Comfortable
  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire Watch Window for Maximum Clarity
  • Resettable Chronograph is Easy to Use and Very Precise, Plus it Looks Great
  • Extra Large Stainless Steel Case is Slim, Sleek and Bold All at the Same Time


  • Clasp Can be Finicky and Somewhat Difficult to Adjust
  • Large Case May be Too Large for Some Men

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My Baume et Mercier 8733 Classima Review

A clear winner in Baume & Mercier’s book, the 8733 Classima Executive watch has been extremely well received and widely respected for upholding the Baume Mercier name; that is to say the watch is accurate and attractive with a classic design that never goes out of style.

Ok, maybe that’s a little bit overboard, but honestly, these are great quality watches. I love that the 8733 has a chronograph, which isn’t something you see in most of the Classima line. Generally this sort of feature is reserved for a more sophisticated line of watches, such as Baume et Mercier’s Riviera Collection. However, I have to confess that I really liked that this watch had a chronograph. It’s simple enough in execution that it doesn’t take away from the overall simplistic feeling of the watch.

All in all, I really liked this watch; the why of it is pretty much the same reason I like all of Baume et Mercier’s watches.

Accuracy – The Baume Mercier 8733 Classima runs off of a Valjoux 7750 automatic movement. The Valjoux’s have been around awhile and are considered to be some of the most reliable movements on the market. A 25 Jewel workhorse, the ETA manufactured line of movements have been used across the board in various Swiss luxury watch manufacturers’ watches (Such as IWC, Frank Muller and Cartier). Obviously, with a reputation like that it’s hard to go wrong, and the quality of the movement is immediately apparent once you have the time to test the accuracy of the 8733.

The only thing I would be aware of is that the watch does have a medium range power reserve…About 40 hours. What that means is that you’ll need to wear the watch either everyday or every other day to keep it running smoothly (Although winding every few weeks is recommended anyways). This isn’t a problem for most people, since why wouldn’t you wear this watch at every possible opportunity, but it is something to be aware of before buying the watch.Baume Mercier 8733 Classima XL

Moving from the automatic movement to the rest of the watch, we see that the case is well built and perfectly finished. The polishing job really is spectacular…Not a single blemish on the watch and it really is absolutely radiant. The sapphire window helps, of course. Sapphire should keep your watch face totally scratch free and extremely clear for a very long time.

The strap is very comfortable leather. I actually like that the Baume et Mercier 8733 watch features a black leather strap instead of a stainless steel one, because the leather seems to tone down the ‘bling-y-ness’ of the watch. It’s a lot more subtle with the leather, and I like that. It fits Baume et Mercier’s mission perfectly.

As far as addressing the cons listed in the list up there…It is true that the first time you put on the 8733 Baume & Mercier watch that you’ll spend a couple minutes getting the clasp to fit just right. And it’s also true that for the petite male, this 42mm behemoth may be a tad on the large side, that’ll be your personal responsibility to decide if you want to wear around a watch that large. Of course, most all luxury watches today are at least that size, so…What’re ya gonna do, right?

My Verdict of the Baume & Mercier 8733 Classima XL

Really, there’s not a whole lot more I can say about the Baume Mercier 8733 Classima.

The movement is extremely accurate.


The case and strap are durable enough to let you sleep soundly at night, and attractive enough that paying a lot of money for them is justifiable.


The dial is beautifully designed and the chronograph works well.


I mean, there’s not that much ground to cover in a watch review, and I think I’ve hit on all the major points. I really do think that anyone would enjoy owning the 8733 Classima, hopefully I’ve done a good job of communicating all the fineries of this watch to you.

As always, thanks for reading through my Baume Mercier 8733 Classima review…I sure do appreciate it quite a bit. If you’d like, in the odd event that you didn’t totally fall in love with the 8733, you can check out the rest of for some more information on tons of different watches! Good luck finding that perfect watch!

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