Baume et Mercier 8773 Ilea Women’s Two-Tone Watch Review

Baume Mercier 8773 IleaCheck out my in-depth review of the Baume et Mercier 8773 Ilea ladies luxury watch for the down low on what you need to know before you buy.

The Baume et Mercier Ilea collection is a rather small line of watches that all follow one common theme, presented by Baume & Mercier on their Ilea catalog page:

“Round and timeless, the iléa watch by Baume & Mercier asserts its femininity through its sensual curves and flowing lines.”

Keep reading to find out what I learned when I reviewed the Baume Mercier 8773 Ilea women’s watch. I think that you’ll get a lot from reading this review, I cover the core features, as well as what sets the watch apart from others in the same collection.

Baume & Mercier Women’s 8773 Ilea Two-Tone Watch

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Swiss Made Quartz Movement – All the beauty of this watch would be totally meaningless without the proper movement and precision, and I’m happy to report that Baume et Mercier has made this watch about as accurate as a watch of this level can be.

A quartz movement is battery powered; an electronic device measures the vibrations of small quartz crystals and uses that measurement to keep time. This means that the watch is ultimately battery powered, and that every 2 – 4 years you will need to replace the battery.

However, in return for sacrificing the artistic feeling of an automatic movement and taking your watch in for battery changes every couple years, the Baume Mercier Ilea 8773 will only gain or lose about 1 – 3 minutes PER YEAR.

Now ladies, let me tell you right now. That’s ridiculously accurate. More so than you could ever get from an automatic.

So basically, what I’m saying is that the watch is accurate, and unless you specifically want an automatic watch, the quartz movement should be more than satisfactory.

Gold Two-Tone Case and Bracelet – The case itself is stainless steel with beautiful curved lines that surround the dial in true Ilea fashion, creating a gentle, clearly feminine watch with a romantic feel to it.

The bracelet is made from stainless steel, but is plated with 18k yellow gold. The entire watch holds about 6.5 grams of gold, so that’s how you know that it’s plated, and not solid. It’s also why the watch sells for only a bit over $1,000 on Amazon, not $8,700 like the all gold Baume Mercier 8287 Hampton, which has about 84g of solid gold throughout the entire watch, as opposed to the 6.5g in the 8773.

Whether or not the two tone design is what you want is a question that you’ll have to answer personally. Honestly, these two tone watches kind of seem like they’re hit or miss with most women, so if you’re attracted to the 8773 Ilea watch, then great, but if not then it’s no worries.

Diamond-Set 18K Yellow Gold Crown – Located on the side of the watch, the screw down crown is made from 18k yellow gold and has a diamond set into the end of it. The crown is very well made, and when adjusting the watch feels sturdy and doesn’t feel like it’d be easy to accidentally break, or anything like that.

Mother of Pearl Dial w/ Curve Decor – The gentle curved lines that run up and down the dial area beautiful addition to the watch, serving to create a sense of fluidity that’s rare to get in a women’s watch these days. Baume et Mercier took every care to make sure that the curves in no way detracted from the readability of the watch, and as far as I can tell they’ve done a stunning job.

The quarter-indexes are Arabic gold plated numerals, with the rest of the 5 minute indexes being gold plating as well. At 6 o’clock you have a small round date window. Because it’s round it fits right into the design of the dial, and actually doesn’t stand out at all.

Of course, the authentic mother of pearl is always stunning; you could probably (and will, if you buy the watch) spend hours of your life just peering into this beautifully designed mother of pearl dial.

The hands are also made from the 18k yellow gold.

Other Features – There’s not a whole lot more to tell you other than that the watch is water resistant to 30 meters, and also features a sapphire crystal watch window, which should hold up under even the most extreme conditions. It is, after all, only scratch-able by diamond!

My Verdict of the Baume Mercier 8773 Ilea

I’d say that the Baume Mercier 8773 Ilea is a stunning success on the part of Baume et Mercier. They’ve created a beautiful two tone women’s watch that’s actually not too overbearing, which is an accomplishment in and of itself.

The watch holds true to the values presented by Baume & Mercier for their Ilea collection of watches. The 8773 is a true example of a gorgeous women’s watch. Thanks for reading through my entire review, I know that I can be a bit wordy, but I always put lots of work into these to make sure that I’m giving you the best information that my abilities and resources allow.

Thanks for reading on!

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