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Have any questions about the Baume Mercier Classima Executives watches? Read my review for info on the Best Selling Classima along with any other noteworthy watches in the collection.

I’ve taken it upon myself to review this entire collection to give you all the information you could want about this classic line of watches. Here’s a table of contents that you can use to navigate the review quickly, just click where you wanna go and you’ll jump right there.

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The Classima Executives collection from Baume et Mercier has a very clear mission:

“Classima Executives watches are the heritage of Baume & Mercier’s watch-making know-how. With an understated style and elegant allure, the Classima Executives watch represents the classic round timekeeper par excellence.”

Chances are that any of these watches will be satisfactory for you, but for the creme de la creme you’ll want to check out my full review below, where I go over the best watches from the entire collection. I hope that you enjoy it, and thanks for reading my WhatWatches review!

Best Selling Classima Executives Watch

The Best Selling Classima watch from Baume et Mercier is none other than the Baume Mercier 8689 Classima…Take a look below:

Baume et Mercier Men’s 8689 Classima Executives Skeleton WatchBaume Mercier 8689 Classima Executives

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There are many reasons why the Baume Mercier 8689 is the most popular watch in the Classima collection, but allow me to try and enlighten you on a few of the most important of them.

Swiss Automatic Movement – Like most of Baume et Merciers other automatic watches, the Classima 8689 runs off of a Valjoux 7750 movement (or some other variation). Now, the Valjoux 7750 is an extremely well liked movement across nearly the entire luxury watch community, so you shouldn’t have any worries about the accuracy of the watch. Most of the time the Valjoux movements are accurate to about +/- 5 to 7 seconds per week. That’s pretty dang accurate for an automatic movement.

Black Lined Guilloche Dial w/ Skeleton Window – Obviously this is the main attraction of the time piece. The dial is gorgeous. Roman numerals surround a black lined gulloche circle, at the top of which (12 position) is a small skeleton window which gives you a perfectly shaped glimpse of the oscillating movement beneath. Titillating and gorgeous, I’m guessing you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from this watch the first time you see it. There’s the trademark Phi symbol at the 12 position and around the outside of the primary roman numeral 5 minute indexes are 1 minute indexes

The hands rotate beautifully around the dial, and of course with the automatic movement you get that wonderful sweeping second hand that everybody loves so much.

All in all this beautifully designed dial is what makes this watch a Best Seller. It’s almost an anomaly, really…I mean the watch’s design screams subtlety, which you would think would make the watch easy to miss, and yet you just can’t stop looking at this watch!

XL Stainless Steel Case – Not a whole lot to say here…The case is round and made entirely from high grade stainless steel. A screw down crown sits on the side…It feels secure and high quality to use. It is rather large; 42mm is nothing to scough at. If you’re an especially small guy I might consider going with a smaller Classima, however, it really shouldn’t be a problem. Just be aware of how big the watch is before you buy it. It IS very slim, despite it’s large diameter, which makes the watch sleek and elegant looking.

Black Alligator Leather Strap – In keeping with the simple artistic feel of the rest of the time piece, Baume et Mercier put a black leather strap on this Classima watch. Obviously it looks great, and it also really serves to bring the whole design together. Hey, it feels great and it looks great too, that’s all you really need to know!

Other Features – There are only a couple of other things for me to mention to you before I move on…Firstly, the watch window is made from Sapphire crystal which is pretty much the best thing you’re going to find for protecting the fragile dial beneath. It’s super scratch resistant and perfectly clear, so you don’t have to worry about any protruding corners or doors marring the perfection of the Baume Mercier 8689 Classima. The watch is also water resistant up to 30 meters.

The Baume Mercier Classima 8689 is a great example of classic design; Baume Mercier really pulled through with this watch, and it’s now one of the most, if not the most, popular Classima watches in production today.

Now, I don’t ever like to leave you with just one option, so I’ll go ahead and give you the…

SECOND Bestselling Classima Watch

The second bestselling Classima Executives watch is the Baume et Mercier 8693. It’s got several great features with a beautiful design to make it a memorable men’s watch.

Baume et Mercier Men’s 8693 Classima GMT Automatic Watch

Baume Mercier 8693 Classima

Not only is theĀ Baume Mercier 8693 Classima the second best selling Classima, but it’s also one of my personal favorites AND the runner up for Best Men’s Classima watch. Since this watch appears twice in this review, let me go ahead and give you a brief review, but first there’s something else you should see…

Baume et Mercier recently revamped the 8693 with a new stainless steel strap instead of the alligator leather one…It’s the Baume Mercier 8838 Classima, and even though it has a different model number, it’s the same watch with a different strap. Here it is:

Baume et Mercier Men’s 8838 Classima Executives Watch

Baume Mercier 8838 Classima ExecutivesValjoux 775X Swiss Automatic Movement – I’m not sure which variation of the Valjoux 7750 this watch runs off of, but I do know that it’s extremely accurate. In fact, not just extremely accurate…For an automatic watch, this thing has RIDICULOUS precision. For example, one reviewer stated that his 8693 was only +1 second per week off.

+/- 1 second a week is pretty dang accurate, folks. Now, I can’t personally vouch for their reported accuracy, but if they’re telling the truth, and I don’t know why they’d lie, then that’s impressive.

GMT Dial – In case you don’t know what a GMT dial is, because I actually didn’t either before I got super into watches (good times, good times…). GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. It’s basically just the time in a small town in England named Greenwich. However, Greenwich also happens to be where the 0 meridian is, and the time there is used as the standard for Global time.

The Baume et Mercier 8693 Classima Executives watch has a GMT dial at the 12 o’clock position, just below the trademark Phi symbol that Baume et Mercier works into all their watches.

Power Reserve Indicator – The other REALLY cool feature about the Classima 8693 is that just below the center of the dial is a snail-trail dial which is an indicator of the amount of time the watch has left in its power reserve. This neat little feature is included in just a couple of the Classima Executives collection, and the 8693 happens to be one of them. Really not a huge necessity, it is handy when you’re not sure whether or not you should wear the watch for the day, or leave it at home.

Of course, I always recommend a winder regardless, and that’ll save you any power reserve troubles you might have.

Blued Steel Hands – The hands are absolutely great looking. On many of the Classimas, Baume & Mercier employed a blued steel for the hands which looks great. The minute, hour and second hand are all made from this blue stuff, as well as the sub dial hands. It’s this extra touch of elegance that really brings the watch to the next level. A subtle hint of color is just what this watch needed, and I’m thrilled with the innovation behind this design.

White Line Guilloche Dial – To top off the beautiful design of this watch, the dial background is a nice line guilloche design. It’s very classy looking, and really can only be fully appreciated in person.

Brown Alligator Leather Strap – It’s comfortable. It’s durable. It’s secure. I love the croc. style leather, and it goes well with this time piece. Not a whole lot to say about that.

The Baume Mercier 8838 Classima is the one with the stainless steel strap. It’s a high quality polishing job on a nice steel bracelet with a triple folding security clasp.

39mm Stainless Steel Case – The 8693’s smaller case diameter makes it a great watch for those more normal sized wrists than what fits those XXL sized watches. The bigger cases are about 44mm, this one is 39mm. That half centimeter doesn’t seem like it’d make a big difference, but this watch looks much more proportional and fitting for most men than it’s enormous counterparts.

Other Features – Sapphire crystal watch window is clear and durable. Phi symbol at 12 position. Date window at 3 position is easy to read but very subtle in execution. The watch is also water resistant to 30 meters.

All in all the Baume Mercier 8693 Classima is another great watch from Baume et Mercier to be sure, with many appealing features.

I can tell you that both of these watches have been met with the highest praise around the world, and you won’t be disappointed in either.

Best Performing Men’s Classima Watch

The Baume Mercier 8851 Classima may not be quite as popular as the Best Sellers, however, I can tell you that hands down no other watch out performs it:

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8851 Classima Chronograph Watch

Baume mercier 8851 Classima ExecutivesClick here to read more customer reviews

ETA Swiss Automatic Movement – Backed by the time tested Valjoux movements (manufactured by the Swiss company, ETA), Baume et Mercier watches have typically been regarded as extremely accurate. The Classima 8851 is no different.

It runs off of a Valjoux 7750 or some other variant and is almost so accurate it’s silly. Similar to the 8693, the 8851 is probably accurate to about +/- 1 second per weeks. That’s going to be tough to beat for just about any luxury Swiss automatic watch, and it’s one of the main reasons that the 8851 is rated as well as it is.

With a 25-jewel workhorse movement that vibrates at 28,800 vph, this Classima Executives watch won’t be wanting for accuracy.

2 Dial Resettable Chronograph – Located at the 12 and 6 positions, the Baume Mercier 8851 features a chronograph with 2 sub dials. Additionally, I’m not totally positive (because I don’t own it), but it’s certainly possible that the ‘second hand’ is actually the seconds dial of the chronograph. Again, I’m not totally sure.

However, I can tell you that at the 12 o’clock position there’s a 30 minute sub dial, and at the 6 o’clock position there’s a 12 hour sub dial.

The chronograph is smooth and accurate and the stainless steel pushers work flawlessly and feel very high quality.

GMT/Dual Time – Another nice feature of the 8851 is that there’s a 4th hand…A time-zone hand…that runs around the dial. Used to measure dual time (GMT is probably what most folks will do), the time-zone hand has a little red part on the end to make it easy to distinguish from the other hands. The little red arrow matches up perfectly with the red numbers around the outer part of the dial which are used to measure the dual time (on a 24 hour clock).

This feature probably isn’t necessary for most folks, but it really does come in handy, and it looks great in execution. I have to give Baume et Mercier the thumbs up for this little design ingenuity. It’s small details like the design of the time zone hand that really separate a good watch from a bad, and it’s good to know that at least SOME watch manufacturer’s know that and are willing to work for a good watch.

XL Stainless Steel Case – As per par for the course, the case of the Classima 8851 is large and in charge, and perfectly polished to boot. The sand blasted stainless steel looks great and is very durable, both for the main case and for the screw down crown/pushers. The construction feels durable and looks great.

The case is 42mm in diameter, making it an XL case by Baume and Mercier’s estimation. However, despite the large size, the watch is still very slim and still appears sleek and elegant, thanks to good designing on the part of Baume Mercier.

Black Alligator Leather Strap – Classic. Durable. Comfortable. The perfect strap for this watch.


Other Features – Well, there’s the sapphire crystal used for the watch window; Sapphire stays very clear for a very long time thanks to its incredible scratch resistance and natural clarity.

The watch is water resistant to 30 meters, so you shouldn’t have to worry about getting it wet, which is nice.

There’s a date calendar window at 3 o’clock. It does blend in with the rest of the white dial, but in a good way. Like, it’s subtle and doesn’t take away from the design, but it’s easy to read and easy to locate when you want to.

The clasp is triple folding and feels secure when you wear it, although the first couple times you try on the watch the buckle will probably seem complex. It’s not, and with time you’ll grow to appreciate it.

All the Classima watches from Baume and Mercier are of the highest quality. However, it’s the superior design, accuracy and features of the Baume Mercier 8851 Classima watch that make it the Best men’s watch from the Classima collection.

The runner up for the best men’s watch is none other than the Baume Mercier 8693 Classima, which I already went over in the Best Selling section, because it was also the second BestSelling Classima Watch, as well as the second Best Men’s watch. Check it out below:

If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to scroll up a little bit and read all the stuff I wrote about this watch…It really is a very well made time piece, and I think you would like reading about it. If nothing else see what it looks like.

Probably my favorite feature of the 8693 is the power reserve indicator…Read above to see what I mean!

Best Women’s Classima Watch

To be perfectly honest, there aren’t an abundance of women’s watches in the Classima Executives collection from Baume Mercier…However, I think that the Baume et Mercier 8071 Classima really makes up for it:

Baume & Mercier Women’s 8071 Classima 18K Gold Watch

Baume Mercier 8071 Classima ExecutivesClick here to read more customer reviews

Swiss Quartz Movement – Many of the Classima’s feature automatic movements, however, Baume et Mercier did decide to go with a quartz movement on this model. Traditionally women’s watches tend to be quartz movements, simply because most women don’t care for the maintenance and effort that an automatic watch often requires.

Being a quartz watch, the only service you’ll probably every have to run on the Baume Mercier 8071 Classima is yearly battery changes, which are cheap and quick at your local jeweler. In return for this small amount of effort you get a watch with astonishing pinpoint accuracy that you just don’t get in most automatic watches. And you certianly don’t have to worry about buying a watch winder or wearing the watch daily so it doesn’t run out of power.

There are pros and cons to each, but I do think that unless you’re a watch enthusiast you’ll probably be happier with a quartz watch, such as the Classima model 8071.

Simple White Dial – I think that the design of the dial is one of the best parts of this women’s watch. Designed to be simple and not to detract from the feminine figure, the 8071 features a plain white dial that looks great, but doesn’t particularly stand out. Roman numerals surround the dial for 5 minute indexes, and black steel slim minute and hour hands. Very simple, but very elegant and feminine.

18k Yellow Gold Case – Made with 9 grams of solid gold, the ultra sleek 24mm case is made from 18 Karat yellow gold that fits in perfectly with the rest of the watches design. This touch of gold gives the watch a feeling of exuberance and luxury that go unmatched by any other watch in the Classima collection, especially women’s watches. The gold is perfectly finished and looks spectacular.

The case is slim and sleek, and since it’s small (24mm) in diameter it looks and feels very feminine to wear. You won’t feel like you’re wearing a hunk of metal on your wrist, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a bracelet or something that also happens to tell the time.

Black Alligator Leather Strap – In true Classima fasion the strap of the Baume Mercier 8071 is made from pure alligator style leather. This is great, because not only does it feel great to wear, but it goes along with the monochromatic theme of the watch. Notice how the entire watch is black and white except for the vibrant gold of the case? That’s not unintentional and the black alligator leather fits the theme perfectly.

Other Features – The strap is secured with a pin-buckle clasp that’s very secure and easy to figure out (unlike some other clasps…AHEM triple folding security clasp!). The white dial is protected by sapphire crystal, which is super scratch resistant and looks good. The screw down crown on the side of the watch is well made and feels secure when you adjust the watch. The Baume et Mercier 8071 Classima is also water resistant to 30 meters.

Alright, now as I said above, there aren’t really that many women’s watches in the Classima collection, and the ones in the collection really don’t stand out that much…SO

The second best women’s watch in the Classima Executives series of watches actually isn’t a Classima at all…It’s the Baume Mercier 8769 Ilea.

Baume & Mercier Women’s 8769 Ilea Swiss Watch

Baume Mercier 8769 IleaClick here to read more customer reviews

Now, I’ve already reviewed this many watches from this collection on my site (Just google “Baume Mercier Ilea” and my reviews should pop up), so I don’t want to go into super detail again, but I will say that this watch is a classic women’s watch and looks wonderful on any women’s wrist.

Here are some noteworthy features real quick though…Swiss quartz watch with a diamond set steel case and a silver mother of pearl dial. Total stainless steel construction so it’s very durable. The quartz movement is accurate, and the diamond accented design looks great.

Newest Classima Executives Watch

In April of 2010 several watches were added to the Classima Executives collection from Baume Mercier. Among them was the 8852 model, an XXL chronograph watch built for the adventuring man. Check it out:

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8852 Classima XXL Chronograph Watch

Baume Mercier 8852 Classima XXL

The 8852 was released with 3 other new Classima Executives in April:

The Classima 8851, which is reviewed above as the Best Men’s Classima Watch. There’s the Baume Mercier 8852 Classima, which I’m about to review, along with the 8853 which is pretty much the same thing, but with black PVD coating and only 2 chronograph dials. There’s also the 8869 and 8870 which are also great looking watches, but unfortunately they’re not stocked on Amazon right now, so I don’t have any pictures for you.

Now, my favorite of the new watches is probably the Classima Executives 8852, which is reviewed below:

ETA Swiss Automatic Movement – The ETA produced Valjoux movements are the go to solution for most of Baume et Mercier’s Classima Executives collection, and the 8852 is no different. However, there’s nothing wrong with that, as the Valjoux 7750 (what’s used in this watch) is widely respected for being extremely accurate. These 25 jewel powerhouse movements are durable, time tested and precise. The Valjoux 775o or its variations have been used by almost every major Swiss brand for those same reasons.

It’s like that old moniker: “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”

The ETA movement may be old news, but if it’s old news that works better than anything released since then, why not continue using it?

3 Dial Chronograph – The chronograph is just as accurate as the rest of the watch, and is positioned on the lower half of the black dial. At 9 you’ve got the small seconds dial, at 6 you’ve got the 12 hour dial and at 3 you’ve got the 30 minute dial. This chronograph watch looks absolutely phenomenal, and the simple black and white design works perfectly with the rest of the watch.

Positioned within the 6 o’clock subdial is the date calendar window. This is something that I really like, because it’s awesome that the Date window is built into the chronograph. It works though; it’s subtle and doesn’t take away from the chronograph at all, and it’s easy to read whenever you want the date.

The chronograph has full start/stop functionality, as well as being resettable.

Fluted Screw-Down Crown + Profiled Pushers – This design aspect is unique to the 8852 and 8853 Classima Executives watches. The fluted crown sits snugly between the two profiled pushers. They do stick out, and add some width to the watch, but they also look bold and masculine.

It’s kind of weird, but Baume & Mercier seems to actually pull off these bulky contraptions. They bring the look of the watch together, and appear to increase the general manly feel you get when wearing the watch.

XXL Stainless Steel Case – With expert sand blasting, Baume et Mercier was able to create a perfectly polished stainless steel case with a screw down case back that looks and feels like a true men’s watch. At 44mm the case certainly feels heavy duty, and it looks great too. The stainless steel is subtle and fits the theme of the watch well. The amount of black in the watch’s design actually seems to make the steel appear darker, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Black Vulcanized Rubber Strap – It feels great and it fits the theme of the design, so no complaints here. Being a watch with a more masculine feel than other Classima watches, the 8852 seems like a great watch for Baume et Mercier to add the high quality rubber strap to. I think that an alligator leather strap would feel out of place, and a stainless steel bracelet would have the watch looking too “Tank Like”.

No, the black rubber is a perfect match, and it’s durable enough that it should satisfy even the most adventurous men.

Other Features – Let’s see…The hands and indexes are all heavily coated with SuperLuminova, the substance used by Baume Mercier to create luminescence. That means that the watch should be easy to read day or night. The watch dial and movement is protected by a sapphire watch window for the best scratch resistance and clarity possible.

Thanks to the screw down case back, the watch is water resistant to 200 meters, which means that it’s actually a professional grade divers watch, as well as a men’s luxury watch.

Alright, now remember earlier I was talking about the other watches released with the Baume Mercier 8852 Classima? Well, the 8853 is a very similar watch that I’m sure you’ll like if you liked the 8852.

Here’s the 8853 Classima Executives watch:

Baume & Mercier 8853 Classima XXL Black PVD Steel Watch

Baume Mercier 8853 Classima XXL

It’s the same watch, but with a couple different features.

Firstly, it only has 2 chronograph dials…It’s missing the 6 o’clock dial that’s on the 8852. However, the case is finished with black PVD steel, which is a HUGE upgrade from the normal stainless steel.

PVD is one of the newest advancements in metal technologies; it involves mixing metal powders with reactive gases in a vacuum to create very malleable alloys that are both versatile and durable. Baume et Mercier has employed this PVD technology to create a beautiful black finish for the Baume Mercier Classima 8853. The PVD finish holds much deeper color than a normal steel finish, and is much more resistant to the wear and tear that shows up on most stainless steel cases. It also lacks the tiny clear layer that often scratches first in stainless steel finishes.

Best Value Classima Watch

Probably the best deal you’re going to find on any Classima Executives watch will be the Baume & Mercier Classima 8462:

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8462 Classima Automatic Watch

Baume Mercier 8462 ClassimaClick here to read more customer reviews

This watch is very similar to the 8851 reviewed above (Best Men’s Classima), but without the chronograph dials.

That being said, I still want to briefly go over the main features of this much more budget friendly Classima (although it’s still gonna run you over $1,000).

ETA Swiss Automatic Movement – Definitely the base from which Baume et Mercier is able to build such solid watches, the ETA produced Valjoux 7750 movement (or it’s variants) are some of the most accurate automatic movements in production today.

For an automatic watch the Classima 8462 is extremely accurate…It runs between +1 to +5 seconds per week depending on the particular movement…I can’t tell you exactly, but that should give you an idea of the accuracy of the 8462.

To put it simply, it’s extremely accurate for an automatic watch.

Dual Time/GMT – Similar to the 8851, the Classima 8462 watch has the same dual time indicator style. There’s a fourth hand that rotates around the dial, with a red tip for easy identification. The red arrow point matches up perfectly with the subtle red 24 hour indexes that sit just outside the roman numeral five minute indexes used to tell the normal time.

Now, you can set this dual time however you want, but most men will probably opt to just set it to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), since it’s the worldwide standard time.

Thanks to the tip of the hand and the indexes of the dual time clock being the same color, the dual time is ALWAYS easy to read. It’s little design ingenuities like this that make Baume et Mercier such a strong brand.

XL Stainless Steel Case – 42mm in diameter, the Baume and Mercier Classima 8462’s case is sturdy, obviously, but it also looks great!

Sand blasted to a perfect polish, the case looks great; despite it’s large diameter it really doesn’t look or feel overly large thanks to a slim and sleek design work.

Black Alligator Leather Strap – This simple strap is extremely comfortable, but more importantly it looks great, too. The alligator design looks extremely classy upon inspection, however, when looking at the watch it doesn’t detract at all from the dial or the watch itself…Your eyes are still drawn to the beautiful white dial.

Other Features – Standard sapphire crystal for the watch window.

There’s a screw down crown on the side of the dial that can be used to easily adjust the watch. The crown feels sturdy when you turn it, unlike some other Swiss luxury watches, which is more proof of Baume et Mercier’s attention to detail.

The clasp is a little finicky at first, but it’s SUPER adjustable. The triple folding design is made to be as adjustable as possible to give you the absolutely perfect fit. Just be warned that it may require a little patient to get to the level of customization you want.

The date window at 3 o’clock is easy to read

That trademark Phi symbol is located at the 12 o’clock position.

And lastly, the watch is water resistant to 30 meters.

That about wraps up everything I have to say about the Baume & Mercier Classima 8462…It’s a solid watch and is one of the most inexpensive in the Classima collection of watches.

If the 8462 doesn’t appeal to you then I actually have one more suggestion for you that you might try…It’s the Baume Mercier 8731 Classima, and it’ll run you about $200 more than the 8462, but has a couple features that’ll probably interest you.

Check it out:

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8731 Classima Executives Watch

Baume Mercier 8731 Classima ExecutivesClick here to read more customer reviews

Obviously the main attraction is the blued steel hands and the line guilloche design on the dial…it’s GORGEOUS!

Also an automatic watch, you shouldn’t have any complaints about precision.

Either watch should leave you VERY satisfied, but the 8462 is the cheaper by about $250 on Amazon, but the Baume Mercier 8731 Classima has those beautiful blued steel hands and the line guilloche, so it just depends on your own tastes.

Anyways, I hope that you’ve found my review of the Classima Executives collection helpful! You’re always welcome on, and if you want some other watch ideas, please check out my other reviews of Baume et Mercier’s various collections.

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