Baume Mercier Hampton Collection Watch Reviews

The Baume Mercier Hampton collection of watches is chalk-full of classic design and great features. Keep reading my in-depth review of the entire Hampton Collection for the down low on all the best watches in this line.

Obviously, picking just one watch to review from all the Hampton watches that Baume and Mercier makes in this collection, so just click where you want to go:

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Best Selling Hampton Watch
Best Men’s Hampton Classic
Best Men’s Hampton Milleis

Best Men’s Hampton Square

Best Women’s Hampton Classic

Best Women’s Hampton Milleis

Best Women’s Hampton Square

Baume et Mercier clearly states their mission with the Hampton collection:

“Created in 1994, the Hampton watch is a fine blend of watch-making tradition and contemporary design. A collection recalling the Hamptons, situated on Long Island not far from New York where the art de vivre is a harmonious mixture of serenity, refinement and atmosphere.” – Baume & Mercier Hampton Catalog

On the whole, I would say that Baume and Mercier has done a good job living up to its original mission. I worked really hard reviewing all of these watches, so I hope that at least some of them are appealing to you. Have fun reading my Baume Mercier watch review!

Best Selling Hampton Watch

The best selling Hampton watch is a member of the Square subcollection…It’s the Baume Mercier 8749 Hampton Square:

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8749 Hampton Square Titanium Watch

Baume Mercier 8749 HamptonClick here to read more customer reviews

There are a lot of reasons this watch is so great, but here are the main things you’ll wanna know before buying this watch:

ETA 2892 Swiss Automatic Movement – Although some folks really don’t like that Baume Mercier uses the standard Swiss movements, I don’t really have any problem with it. The movements are accurate and allow Baume Mercier to focus all their effort on the design of their watches, which I think are generally breathtaking.

As far as actual specs go, the ETA movement is very accurate…It’s been reported to run about 2 to 3 seconds a day slow, which is pretty incredible for an automatic watch. Honestly the accuracy of this watches is equal to many much higher priced watches.

Dual Time Dial @ 6 O’Clock – This might be my favorite feature of the Hampton Square 8749. A full dial with minute and hour hands is located at six o’clock. It’s got arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9 and 12. It’s nice to have such a detailed dial because it allows you to set the dual time to a half hour difference. It’s got a titanium plate bezel JUST for the dual time dial, so it’s always easy to read.

XL Date Display – The date is displayed nice and clear across two date windows right below the 12 o’clock position.

Sapphire Crystal Window and Case Back – Super scratch resistant and the industry standard for clarity and durability, you shouldn’t have any problems here.

Water Resistant to 200 Meters – This is a great thing for the Hampton collection, because this watch stands out as a square watch that’s also viable as a diver watch. I’m very happy that B & M decided to make the 3 part case design rated as highly as it is in water resistance.

Baume Mercier Hampton Square

Check out the beautiful exhibition back

Titanium Bezel w/ Screws – It’s this iconic mixing of metals that makes the design of the Baume Mercier Hampton Square 8749 a truly fashionable piece of men’s luxury sports/business wear.

XL Stainless Steel/Titanium Case – Measuring 45mm x 34mm, the case definitely has some heft to it. However, it’s still perfectly capable of fitting comfortably beneath a shirt cuff, thanks to the slim and sleek nature of Baume et Mercier’s excellent design work.

Other Features – Well there’s a protected screw down crown that sits on the side of the watch. Sculpted diving helmets protect the sides, and a cap protects the outer portion. The strap is vulcanized black leather, which looks surprisingly good with casual wear, but because it’s black and has a classic square design can be worn with a suit as well.

No matter how you spin it, the 8749 is a stylish men’s watch worthy of recognition as a luxury time piece. It’s accurate and well made, so I see no reason to give anything but two thumbs up to this trendy men’s watch from Baume et Mercier.

The second bestselling Baume Mercier Hampton watch is the women’s Baume Mercier 8504 Hampton:

Baume & Mercier Women’s MOA08504 Hampton Watch

Baume Mercier 8504 HamptonClick here to read more customer reviews

There are certainly many great features that make this such a great women’s watch. From the stainless steel construction giving the watch a pleasant heft, to the diamond accented mother of pearl dial, this Hampton watch from Baume et Mercier is truly a treat both to wear and to look at.

Made with a Swiss quartz movement, the watch is super accurate (+/- 1 minute per yearish), but will require battery changes approximately every 3 years. In addition, the stainless steel strap is both adjustable and comfortable, so it’s easy to get a perfect fit.

All in all it’s a great women’s watch that also happens to be quite affordable, especially for a Baume et Mercier watch.

Best Men’s Hampton Classic Watch

The Hampton Classic collection from Baume et Mercier is designed with the goal of creating beautiful Swiss time pieces with a refined classical design. Showcasing rectangular watches and contemporary lines fusing with classic designs, the Hampton Classic is a breath of fresh air in the modern day watch world.

Now, I’ve divided this section up into two sections, for men and for women. The best men’s Hampton Classic watch is right below, however, you can just scroll down if you’re looking for the best women’s watch.

After doing what I consider to be quite a bit of reserach, I’ve finally narrowed it down to a single men’s watch that I think is the best of the Hampton Classic series of luxury watches. It’s the Baume Mercier 8818 Hampton!

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8818 Hampton Automatic Watch

Baume Mercier 8818 Hampton ClassicClick here to read more customer reviews

The 8818 Hampton is a simple watch with a classic design that really exemplifies what a classic design should look and feel like when adapted to the modern man. It looks and feels like a high quality watch, and it sticks out among the other Hampton Classics because of several noteworthy features:

ETA Swiss Automatic Movement – Though I’m not totally sure on the exact movement used, I do know that it’s an ETA movement…I’m guessing that it’s the 2892 just like the Hampton 8749 (Best Selling Hampton Watch), but I’m not totally sure.

Either way you spin it, the watch is very accurate and precision really shouldn’t be an issue when buying this watch. You’d have to spend quite a bit more to get anything that’s significantly more accurate.

Skeleton Window @ 12 O’clock – This is probably the most distinct characteristic of the Hampton 8818, and it’s probably the main reason that this is the best men’s Hampton Classic watch. I really feel that the exhibition window is wonderful…It brings the whole design of the watch together. It’s almost titillating, giving you the barest glimpse of what lays beneath the beautiful line guilloche dial. You see just enough to be attracted, to want more.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t like this watch nearly as much until I actually went into my local jeweler to have a look at it. I was blown away at how great this time piece looks.

I’d rather have this skeleton window than any chronograph or date window or other random subdial. You can get those on tons of other classic watches…The Baume Mercier 8818 Hampton is classier than that. It needs no fancy subdials or cool displays. All you need is the watch, and what’s inside and you’re good.

Blue Stainless Steel Hands – Another feature of the dial that’s really beautiful is the blued stainless steel hands, which are admittedly common throughout Baume Mercier’s watches. However, on the 8818 I feel that they deserve particular mention because they fit so well with the rest of the watch.

White Line Guilloche Dial – In true classic men’s fashion, the dial is decorated with a very subtle line guilloche that runs smoothly between the indexes at the center of the watch. You really don’t get the full scope of the design without looking at the watch for yourself, and the line guilloche is one particular example of where the picture really does not do the actual watch justice.

Brown Alligator Leather Strap – Brown alligator leather is durable and comfortable, so I see no reason to complain about the strap. It looks great and feels great too!

The one thing that I will say is that this clasp, although HIGHLY adjustable, is kind of finicky to get on and off. It takes some getting used to, and the first time you try on the watch you’ll probably have some trouble with it, but in the end I’d rather have the adjustability than knock points off for a “semi-difficult clasp”.

New XL Stainless Steel Case – Baume Mercier did an overhaul on the design of the Hampton Classic when they released this watch, and one thing that was brought to the collection was XL cases. The 8818 model features a totally stainless steel case with an exhibition back (95% sure about that). The case measures 45mm x 30mm, so it is larger than many of the other Hamptons, but in my opinion the larger size is a good thing. The watch fits comfortably underneath a shirt cuff, so it doesn’t inhibit you, the user, at all.

Other Features – The watch window is made from sapphire crystal, which is the industry standard for durability. The watch is also water resistant to 50 meters.

My second best men’s Hampton Classic watch is none other than the Baume Mercier 8820 Hampton watch, released at the same time as the 8818 but with slightly different features.

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8820 Hampton Classic Automatic Watch

Baume Mercier 8820 Hampton Classic

2nd Best Men’s Hampton Classic Watch

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Honestly, the reason that this watch wasn’t #1 is because it’s more expensive. At double the price of the 8818 I didn’t feel that it offered enough extra features to warrant the extra cost, but I have to say… If I had the money I would still buy the 8820.

That being said, I know that some men would rather have the 8820, because it does have several appealing features, such as an extra large date window and what appears to be a month window for full calendar functionality. There’s also a 60 second subdial that serves as the second hand.

Other than the extra dials and lack of a seconds hand, the Baume Mercier Hampton Classic 8820 is identical to the 8818. It’s got the same line guilloche dial, the same blued steel hands, and the same brown alligator strap.

Either watch will be more than satisfactory, and would make a great addition to any man’s watch collection.

Best Women’s Hampton Classic Watch

The Hampton Classic collection is certainly not just a men’s collection. In fact, there are almost as many women’s watches in the collection as men’s, so it would be wrong of me not to include a section for my female readers.

The best women’s watch in this collection is without a doubt the Baume Mercier 8681 Hampton watch.

Baume & Mercier Women’s 8681 Hampton Classic Mini Diamond Watch

Baume Mercier 8681 Hampton ClassicClick here to read more customer reviews

Obviously the watch is good looking and feminine, however, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Here are the main features of this beautiful women’s watch from Baume and Mercier:

Swiss Quartz Movement – The benefit of a quartz movement is increased accuracy at a much more affordable cost. The movement inside the Baume Mercier 8681 is a Swiss Made quartz movement which you shouldn’t have any problems with. It’s extremely accurate for the price.

Diamond Set Steel Case – The main attraction of this watch is it’s diamond accents, which total .25 carats in weight throughout the entire watch. The first diamonds that you’re likely to notice are the inset ones that line either side of the stainless steel case.

Now, having seen the watch in a store, the diamonds themselves are actually pretty small. However, they certainly add a great deal of feminine feel to the watch and make the 8681 unique among other Hampton models, which certainly doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me.

The diamonds are securely and professionally set, so they should never fall out, and they’re generally very good quality diamonds besides their smaller size.

The case itself is XS, or extra small, and measures about 28.4mm x 16.8mm, which should be a nice and small size suitable for any woman’s wrist.

Silver Mother of Pearl Dial w/ Diamond Accents – The second place you’ll notice precious jewels on the best women’s Hampton Classic watch is in the dial itself. Even though the 3, 6, 9 and 12 are all arabic numerals (well, the 12 is a phi symbol), the rest of the 5 minute indexes are actually inset diamonds.

These are a tad larger in size than the ones on the case and they’re very distinctive against the dial background.

The mother of pearl dial looks exactly how you would expect, which is great. The unmistakable texture associated with high quality mother of pearl elegantly highlights the indexes and hands.

The dial doesn’t really contain any fancy chronograph, or neat little GMT dial or anything like that. Rather, this watch focuses on simplicity and a feminine design, which it totally accomplishes. The dial doesn’t look at all too ‘busy’, despite being lined with diamonds and steel. I have nothing but praise for Baume Mercier’s work on this watch.

Stainless Steel Strap – This is my only real complaint that I ever have about Baume & Mercier watches, and that’s that their clasps are typically fairly difficult to adjust. The triple folding security clasp design is highly adjustable, however, it’s a bit of a trick to figure out, especially the first time you try on the watch. It just takes some getting used to, but the level of customizability and security you get in return is worth the extra work in my opinion.

As far as the rest of the strap, it’s secure and well polished. It serves to direct your attention to the main attraction of the watch, the dial, so that’s good.

Some women might prefer a softer material, such as leather, and if that’s the case then you can either look at a different watch, or you can try and get a replacement band from Baume Mercier.

Other Features – A sapphire crystal watch window protects the watch from external damage. The 8681 is water resistant to 30 meters.

The second best women’s Hampton Classic watch is characterized as a ‘cuff watch’.

Can you guess why? (look below)

But believe it or not, the unique cuff design of the Baume Mercier 8749 Hampton is actually very flattering to the feminine wrist! It serves to sort of morph the watch into more of a piece of jewelry than a watch, which may not be ideal for some, but for a lot of women this probably sounds very appealing.

Baume & Mercier Women’s 8747 Hampton Classic Cuff Watch

Baume Mercier 8747 Hampton Classic

Second Best Womens Hampton Classic

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Everything about the 8749 Hampton is feminine and sleek. The simple white dial with roman numeral indexes is subtle and fits the design of the watch perfectly…The stainless steel is perfectly polished and makes a great bracelet.

And of course, with a fully stainless steel watch, you really don’t have to worry about durability!

It’s my firm belief that either of these watches will more than stand up to any other women’s watch in the Hampton Classic collection, and I’m sure that you’ll be very satisfied with either one.

Best Men’s Hampton Milleis Watch

The Hampton Milleis subcollection of watches share a common theme of elegant profiles and exceptional camber lines, giving each classic watch a contemporary personality.

The best men’s Hampton Milleis watch has to be the Baume Mercier 8445 Hampton Milleis watch. It’s got a distinctive classic feel to it, but thanks to the Milleis design it feels like a modern men’s watch. Check it out:

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8445 Hampton Milleis Quartz Watch

Baume Mercier 8445 Hampton Milleis
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This to me is the best example of a Hampton Milleis watch…It’s refined and very modern looking, and yet the design is classic and masculine.

Oh, and it’s probably the best looking chronograph watch in the entire Baume Mercier Hampton collection.

Let me lay out some of the features for you!

Swiss Made Quartz Movement – The watch, both the main dial and the chronograph, are extremely accurate. The movements that Baume Mercier uses have a battery life of 2 to 6 years, and they usually go +/- 1 minute per year, depending on the specific movement. That’s much more accurate than you could get from any automatic, and this watch is extremely affordable, especially for a Swiss time piece.

In addition, this is one of the only men’s quartz watches that Baume Mercier offers, so if you want a quartz movement (Hey, I understand why you would) then I really recommend this watch for you.

3-Dial Square Chronograph – This and the Sun Guilloche dial together form my favorite parts about this watch. The rectangular design of each subdial is…breathtaking. Especially when taken in the context of the surrounding silvered guilloche. The rectangular design is highly progressive in today’s era of lackluster watch design; the watch is contemporary, sleek and subtle all at the same time.

The dials are located at the 3, 6 and 9 O’clock positions, and I’m pretty sure (don’t quote me) that the functions are small seconds, 60 second and 30 minute subdials respectively.Baume Mercier 8444 Hampton Milleis

Not only is the chronograph impeccably designed, but thanks to the quartz movement, it’s extremely accurate as well. The chronograph starts/stops and resets via the two profiled pushers on the side of the watch.

Silvered Sun Guilloche Dial – I’ve already pretty well expressed my feelings on this aspect of the watch above in the Swiss Quartz Movement section. I love it. In case you missed that up there 😉

The indexes are accented lines in the sundial, which seems to loosen up the design, keeping it from being too busy. There’s a capital G in place of the 6 o’clock index, and the Baume Mercier Phi symbol at the 12 o’clock too.

Brown Alligator Leather Strap – The distinctive strap of Baume Mercier’s classic watches, the alligator style leather looks extremely fashionable, but it’s comfortable and the triple folding clasp allows you the ultimate level of adjustability.

The first time you try the watch on it’s a bit complex, but once you size it you never have to again, and the triple folding clasp is extremely easy to use once you’ve gotten it adjusted.

XL Stainless Steel Case – Obviously the Milleis style case looks great. The profile is beautiful, and even though the watch IS large, it’s still fairly slim and fits comfortably under your shirt’s cuff. The case measures 46.5mm x 30mm.

Other Features – Well, there’s a date window at 4 o’clock. The watch window is made from sapphire crystal, which is clear and durable. The Baume Mercier 8445 is also rated water resistant to 50 meters.

If you like this watch, but think you’d rather have the stainless steel strap, check out the Baume Mercier 8444 Hampton Milleis, pictured to your right.

The runner up for best men’s Hampton Milleis watch is the Baume Mercier 8753 Hampton.

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8753 Hampton Milleis Quartz Watch

Baume Mercier 8753 Hampton Milleis

Second Best Men’s Hampton Milleis Watch

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A great men’s luxe watch all around from Baume and Mercier. It’s a lot simpler and calm than the 8445, plus it features a splash of color that sophisticates the otherwise simple design. In a good way!

Here are a couple of the features that distinguish the 8753 from the 8445:

ETA Swiss Made Automatic Movement – This is the most fundamental difference between the two watches…The 8445 is a quartz watch and the 8753 is an automatic.

The watch runs about +/- 3 seconds a day I believe, but don’t quote me on that. Even though I can’t tell you exactly how accurate it is, I can say that it’s a very accurate time piece and that the ETA movement lives up to the precision required in a luxury watch for the modern man.

Date Window at 6 O’clock – This is the only thing on the dial other than the hands, indexes and line guilloche. It’s easy to read, but doesn’t cloud or distract from the simplicity of the watch.

Blued Steel Hands – I don’t really need to say a whole lot more than that…The hands look great to the point that they’re entrancing.

Exhibition Case Back – Baume et Mercier does us the favor of titillating us with a sapphire crystal exhibition window on the back of the watch, allowing us to view the inner workings of the time piece.

All in all, which watch you go with ultimately depends on whether you want a time piece that’s more sophisticated and sleek (Baume Mercier 8445 Hampton) or vibrantly simple and classic (Baume Mercier 8753 Hampton). Either watch will serve you well as a spectacular addition to any collection.

Best Women’s Hampton Milleis Watch

The best women’s Hampton watch from the Milleis collection is very clearly the Baume Mercier 8287 Hampton. It’s beautiful, modern and has a beautiful profile. Of course, since it’s made from 18K yellow gold, it’s probably a little more expensive than most women want to spend on a watch.

That’s why I also review the Baume Mercier 8243 Hampton, which is the exact same watch, but with a leather strap, which significantly decreases the price.

I also discuss a cheaper alternative further down

Baume & Mercier Women’s 8287 Hampton Milleis 18K Gold Watch

Baume Mercier 8287 Hampon Milleis

The Baume Mercier 8287 Women’s Hampton Milleis watch contains 84g of solid gold. I know that this watch is probably out of most of your price ranges, but don’t worry because the Baume Mercier 8243 Hampton Milleis is the exact same watch, but with a black alligator leather strap. It’s much more affordable, only $2,600 on Amazon.

Anyways, check out the main features of this women’s watch:

Swiss Made Quartz Movement – Baume et Mercier uses high quality quartz movements that are some of the most precise movements in the industry.

You can expect about +/- 1 second per year of precision loss, which means it’s virtually laser precise.

The battery life is around 3 years, although some folks recommend yearly battery changes to avoid leakage. That’s your call, but you’re probably safe just waiting for the second hand to lag 4 second intervals. That means that it’s time for a battery change.

18K Yellow Gold Case and Bracelet – This is, obviously, the main reason for the high price of the watch. A perfectly finished golden case and strap, with golden hands and 5 minute indexes…The Baume Mercier watch contains 84 grams of gold. With a quick search in google, I found that the price of gold at the time of this writing is about $29 per gram. That means that the gold contained in this watch is worth about $2,500.

Not bad, I think. It certainly looks superb. Nothing I can show you or say to you on this page does the watch justice.

As far as sizing goes, the case is sized 34mm x 22mm, so it’s fairly small and shouldn’t be too large for any woman’s wrist.

You can have the strap easily and cheaply sized, and the triple folding clasp allows maximum adjustability. It’s a bit finicky at first, but once you get it sized the triple folding design is extremely simple to take on and off.

Silver Sun Guilloche Dial – This fits the 18k golden case and strap perfectly. It’s subtle, but it accentuates the rest of the dial. The sun guilloche is striking, and surprisingly isn’t totally eclipsed by all the gold on the Hampton Milleis 8287; you still notice the fine lines of the design.

There are golden Arabic numerals at the 3, 9 and 12 o’clock positions, and 5 minute indexes everywhere else. There are golden minute and hour hands at the center of the watch.

Retrograde Seconds Dial – At the 6 o’clock position you’ll find a beautiful square retrograde seconds dial with a golden hand at the middle. A beautiful addition, this feature adds a sort of vintage classiness to the look and feel of the watch.

Other Features – The watch window is fashioned from sapphire crystal, which is extremely durable and holds its clarity for a very long time. The Baume Mercier 8287 is water resistant to 30 meters.

Now, let me go ahead and tell you about the Baume Mercier 8243 Hampton watch.

Remember? That other watch I was telling you about earlier? Check it out:

Baume & Mercier Women’s 8243 Hampton Milleis Watch

Baume Mercier 8246 Hampton Milleis

The only real difference between the two watches is that the Hampton 8243 is the black alligator style leather strap. Additionally, the clasp is an adjustable folding buckle, not the triple folding clasp of the 8287.

The Baume Mercier Hampton Milleis 8243 contains 20 grams of solid gold, meaning that the 18k yellow gold bracelet of the 8287 contains about 64 grams.

Both watches are extremely high quality and classy, and well deserve the title of best women’s Milleis watch.

Really it just comes down to your personal style. Do you want a beautiful golden time piece that’s more jewelry than watch, or would you rather have an elegant, feminine and classy watch.

Of course, for many people it comes down to “8,000 is more than I want/have to spend on a watch”, in which case the choice is clear. The Baume Mercier 8287 Hampton is a gorgeous watch, but it’s out of many folks’ price range. The Baume Mercier 8243 Hampton is a beautiful alternative, and in fact many women prefer it for it’s subtler, not-all-gold design.

Whichever way you go, I’m sure that you’ll be satisfied with the Baume et Mercier Hampton Milleis watches.

Best Men’s Hampton Square Watch

The best men’s watch from this collection is the Baume Mercier 8826 Hampton Square, or the Baume Mercier 8825 Hampton Square. They’re the same watch and they also happen to be Baume et Mercier’s newest installment in the Hampton collection, hitting shelves just last year.

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8826 Hampton Square XXL Automatic Watch

Baume Mercier 8826 Hampton Square

This is the perfect watch for the adventuring man. You can probably guess a lot of the features just from looking at the picture, however, I’m still going to give you the down low on the most noteworthy features in this watch.

Another thing to note…The Baume Mercier 8825 Hampton watch is the same watch, but with a different case and color theme.

I’ll go into more detail about that later, but don’t forget about it!

Anyways, here are the most important features:

ETA Valjoux 7750 Swiss Automatic Movement – This is one of the most accurate automatic movements in production today, and has been used by nearly every major brand you can think of, from Cartier to IWC to Omega. It runs about +/- 5 seconds per week (From what I’ve read), and vibrates 28,800 times per hour. It’s a 25 jewel workhorse movement that’s one of the most manufactured movements in production today.

The fact that it’s an automatic of course means that you get the sweeping second hand.

A lot of folks complain about the fact that Baume Mercier doesn’t produce their own movements. It’s true that Baume et Mercier can’t truly be considered a watch maker, because they don’t produce their own movements. However, the ETA movements that they do use are extremely accurate and, as they say, why fix it if it ain’t broke?

The fact that Baume and Mercier uses the industry standard movements means that YOU get an accurate, time tested and widely respected watch movement. THEY get to focus entirely on their watch design, which allows them to produce beautiful men’s luxury watches like the Baume Mercier Hampton 8826

3 Dial Chronograph – The chronograph dials are located at 6 o’clock (12 hour), 9 o’clock (small seconds) and 12 o’clock (30 minute). The two texture profile pushers on the side of the watch above and below the screw down crown are responsible for the start/stop and reset functions of the chronograph.

The design is very subtle and looks trendy and innovative. It fits perfectly into the rest of the dial.

Which brings me to…

Black Textured Dial – Arabic numerals surround the dial in a tangential inner circle. The minute and hour skeleton hands are coated with Superluminova, the chemical that Baume and Mercier uses to make its watches luminescent, and the red seconds hand sweeps around the dial. Thanks to the Superluminova coating, indexes and hands are clearly visible in the dark, given proper light exposure of course.

There’s a date window at 3, and it’s subtle, but outlined with a thin white line so it’s easy to locate on the dial.

It’s actually impressive that Baume et Mercier fits so much onto this dial without making it seem busy. Well, I mean I guess it does seem a little busy, but in a good way. It fits with the rest of the watch.

Black Vulcanized Rubber Strap – The strap is secured with a triple folding clasp. When I went into a local jeweler the other day, I had a look at these straps. I have to say, they do require some work initially.

What you do is adjust the clasp to the position on the rubber strap you want, then cut off the excess. Once you’ve sized the 8826 Hampton Square watch properly (which you can easily do yourself) it’s just a matter of undoing the ultra-secure triple folding clasp whenever you want to put on or remove the watch. Definitely worth the 5 minutes of work for a comfortable and perfectly adjustable fit.

The rubber is high quality, and because it’s black and rubber it sort of brings the watch down to a more subtle level. If you want a stainless steel strap you can get it, but I actually like the black vulcanized rubber for this one.

XXL Stainless Steel Case w/ Screw Down Bezel – The case measures 48mm x 37.4mm, not including the pushers and crown, and is truly a sleek design. The screw down bezel looks phenomenal, and I love that you can see the screws at the 4 corners.

Just so you know, this watch is very very large, and is perhaps the largest watch Baume & Mercier makes, with the excetion maybe of the William Baume collection, which I just don’t know much about yet.

It’s polished perfectly. The screw down crown on the side of the watch is textured so it’s easy to get a hold of underwater, and the pushers are textured as well.

The case back has a sapphire crystal watch window with screws. It’s a wonderful addition and makes taking off the watch a little less heart-breaking.

Other Features – The watch window is made from sapphire crystal, and is secured by the screw down bezel. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters.

Remember earlier when I was talking about the other watch that you might like? It was the Baume Mercier 8825 Hampton, and you’ll find it right here:

Baume & Mercier Men’s 8825 Hampton Square Rose Gold Watch

Baume Mercier 8825 Hampton Square

There aren’t a ton of differences between the 8825 Hampton Square and the 8826 model.

It runs off the same Valjoux 7750 automatic movement, which is the top tier in accuracy, even though it’s not an in-house movement.

The watch still has the same chronograph design and the same chronograph functions.

Heck, even the bezel, pushers and crown are the same, even though they’re made from different materials.

XXL PVD-Steel and 18K Red Gold Case – This is the most distinct feature of the watch. The stainless steel is finished with a black PVD coating for a deeper color and a more resistant finish.

In case you don’t know, PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, is a metal finishing process involving the combining of reactive gases and specific metals in a vacuum. It creates a thin metal film that can be applied to just about any metal surface.

The benefits of PVD coating are numerous, among them that PVD coating is much more resistant to the wear and tear that usually scratches up regular stainless steel finishes. In addition, you’re able to get a much deeper color. The black finish on the 8825 looks absolutely phenomenal, and it’s super durable.

Containing 23 grams of solid red gold, the 8825 features a screw down gold bezel in the same style as the 8826. In addition, the hands and indexes are all made from 18K red gold, along with the textured screw down crown.

Black Alligator Soft-Leather Strap – This is the other difference between the Baume Mercier Hampton Square 8825 and the 8826. The black leather looks great and thanks to being “soft touch” leather, it’s extremely comfortable too. Aesthetically, the black leather is fitting for the 8825 just like the vulcanized black rubber is fitting for the 8826.

Either way you look at it, these are great watches. Whether or not the rose gold and black PVD is worth the extra $1,000 to you is something you’ll have to decide for yourself, but again, you’ll be satisfied with the performance and looks of either.

Best Women’s Hampton Square Watch

I chose the Baume Mercier 8742 Hampton Square watch as the Best Women’s watch for this collection. The reason is that the 8742 stands out from just about any other women’s watch that Baume Mercier makes. Check out my review below:

Baume & Mercier Women’s 8742 Hampton Square Pink Watch

Baume Mercier 8742 Hampton SquareClick here to read more customer reviews

Simple and pink, chances are that’s all that some of you need to know before deciding whether or not this is the watch for you. If you’re interested, I’ve taken the time to write up some of the most important information for you below:

Swiss Made Quartz Movement – Baume et Mercier uses out of house movements in all of their watches, which means that they’re not technically a “watch-maker”, but it does mean that they’re able to use the most accurate, mass produced movements in production.

The movement used in the Baume Mercier 8742 is, I believe, an ETA Swiss made movement. Because it’s a quartz watch, it’s extremely reasonably priced and even more accurate. The movement will probably only gain or lose about a minute or two over an entire year. It has a battery life between 2 and 6 years.

Large Stainless Steel Case -Featuring the classic square case design, the 8742 Hampton Square from Baume et Mercier is a rather large time piece. The case measures 40.5mm x 30mm and is made entirely from stainless steel. The polish is very good, and the piece is very durable thanks to the sapphire crystal watch window.

Despite the large case diameter, the watch remains slim enough to comfortably fit beneath any shirt cuff or sleeve. However, make sure that you fully understand exactly how large this watch is gonna be on your wrist.

Shimmering White Dial -Since the pink strap is pretty bold, Baume et Mercier designed the dial to be a little bit less daring. The shimmering white background is beautiful to be sure, but the way that the roman numerals line the otherwise simply designed dial is the real cherry on the cake.

An overall elegant and yet not too complex feel of the dial allows every part of the watch to stand out.

As I said, roman numeral indexes line the dial, with a date window at 4 o’clock.

Thanks to the case’s screw down design, the watch is water resistant to 30 meters, so you should be able to wear it while doing dishes and things like that, although whether or not you actually do is up to you.

Pink Alligator Leather Strap – This is probably the msot noteworthy feature of this watch. The Baume Mercier Hampton 8742 is secured to your wrist via a bright pink alligator leather strap that certainly looks great, but the pink strap may be too girly for some women. Personally, I think it looks very modern, and I think the pink makes the watch look feminine, not girly.

Ultimately it’ll be you that has to decide whether the pink strap is something you’d like. This is the most popular women’s Hampton Square on Amazon, so I’m guessing that most women actually do like the strap.

The clasp is a triple folding adjustable security strap. Basically, the first time you try on the watch you’ll have to adjust the clasp properly. I’m not going to lie, this will probably take you a few minutes to do. Once adjusted however, you won’t have to touch it again, and the triple folding design is easy to get on and off if properly adjusted.

The combination of many contemporary features make the Baume Mercier 8742 Hampton one of the most unique women’s watches offered by Baume et Mercier.

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