Bulova 96A107 Mechanical Automatic Men’s Watch Review

Bulova 96A107 Automatic Square DialToday I have a number Bulova men’s watch to review for you. Not only is the design flawless, but you’re also getting a very robust, accurate automatic watch for less than $500… Something that doesn’t happen all that often. This watch has so many features that it is nearly impossible to list them all, but I’ve done my best below.

The watch we are looking at is the Bulova 968107 automatic skeleton dial watch, and it is a true beaut’. The design is very well executed and the partial skeleton dial is both entertaining and eye-catching. This is the kind of watch that gets compliments from watch enthusiasts.

Start with the pros and cons review, and then I have a more in-depth review for you afterwards:

Bulova Men’s 96A107 Automatic White Dial Square Watch


  • Self powered, mechanical watch for a fairly affordable price
  • Lots of subtle design elements that had a high level of complexity to the watch’s aesthetic
  • Skeleton dial allows you to peer into the inner workings of the Bulova 96A107 while you wear it; also features an exhibition case back for an extra treat when you’re not wearing it. Very cool to be able to watch the gears oscillate as the secondhand sweeps around the dial.
  • Very reasonably sized men’s watch; at about 37 mm both ways, this won’t be the watch that looks ridiculous because it swallows your whole wrist
  • The vertical lined pattern that makes up the dial’s background is extremely attractive and also functional – it helps make the hands and hour markers much more readable because they appear to be “floating” above the surface of the dial.
  • Curved mineral crystal helps to improve the viewing angles of the watch-face while enhancing the polished stainless steel finish underneath.
  • Stainless steel strap with deployment clasp makes the watch easy to take on and off
  • A very unique looking watch; you will likely get regular comments, if you can stop staring at it long enough to actually put it on your wrist!
  • The watch is completely stainless steel, so it has a nice heft to it, but it’s small enough that it’s not “heavy”
  • Very good power reserve – if fully wound, you’re looking at about 36 hours of energy stored to keep the water moving while you’re not wearing.


  • As with all automatic watches, you do need wear it regularly if you want it to keep running without needing to be wound. Or buy a watch winder.
  • Can be a little bit difficult to read, especially on a bright, sunny day where you’re trying to avoid a glare – the hands are somewhat small, and there are no actual numerals for you to rely on.
  • There is no date function, if that’s something you care about
  • No REAL cons… Just subjective stuff. Sorry guys, sometimes I just can’t find anything wrong!

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My Bulova 96A107 Mechanical Automatic Review

Okay, as promised now we get into the more detailed review where I will give you my personal opinion on the Bulova 96A107’s core features and elements. I can tell you up front though… I really like this watch!

Pinstriped Stainless Steel Partial Skeleton Dial with Sweeping Secondhand

The dial is definitely the most attention grabbing aspect of the Bulova 96A107 men’s watch. It is definitely one of those watches that you have to see in person to truly appreciate… In particular, the pinstriped stainless steel background looks bland in pictures compared to the depth it exhibits in real life. It really does make the hour markers surrounding the partial skeleton window appear to hover above the dial… Simply breathtaking.

Bulova 96A107 Mechanical Automatic Case ProfileOf course, I probably don’t need to tell you that the skeleton window in and of itself is reason enough to find this watch appealing. I love these open aperture watches, where you can actually see the mechanics of the watch in action while you’re wearing. All automatic watches are relics of mechanical genius, and being able to behold the infinitely complex engineering is awesome.

As for accuracy, I am regularly impressed by Bulova’s chosen movements. Even though they are Japanese made, with 21 jewels and rugged construction, they will remain very accurate for a very long time. (I can hear you Swiss connoisseurs squirming in your chairs!)

Also, in case you’re unfamiliar with how mechanical watches work, you need to wear them pretty much every day in order to keep them running. Mechanical watches literally power themselves by the movement of your arm, and while the Bulova 96A107 has a very solid 36 hour power reserve, if you let it sit over the weekend you will have to wind it again on Monday. This can be avoided by wearing it every day or by springing (get it? cause it’s powered by springs…) for a watch winder.

Polished Square Stainless Steel Case with Exhibition Window on the Back

Whew! That was a lot of info about the dial. There’s not nearly as much to be said about the case, although it is equally well done.

The square case makes the Bulova 96A107 all that much more unique, and the polished silver tone really brings out the pinstriped dial. The watch also features curved mineral crystal which further enhances the design of the dial by catching light (and eyes) and adding a slight magnification at the same time. The crown on the side of the case is protected from catching on clothes by two slope flanges on each side.

Bulova 96A107 Automatic Case BackThe true show stealer of the stainless steel case, however, is definitely the exhibition case back. The back of the watch has a mineral crystal window or which you can view the winding mechanism of the automatic movement. The Bulova 96A107 is almost more attractive when you’re not wearing it than when you are…Almost.

Brushed Stainless Steel Strap with Seamless Double Deployment Clasp

Last but not least, the stainless steel strap is very well crafted and, once fitted, very secure. The strap is a brushed stainless steel and features a seamless double deployment clasp. What this means is that when you’re wearing the watch, the clasp is completely concealed on the inside of the strap against your wrist… All you do to take off the watch is push in the release buttons on either side to unlatch the deployment clasp. Easy and stylish!

The best way to see exactly how the doubled appointment clasp works is by looking at the picture.

Unless you already have the tools to do it yourself (and you’ll know if you do), you’ll need to to take this watch into a jeweler to get it properly fitted… It feels much better when it’s snug on your wrist than when it’s dangling loose. All in all, that is a very high quality strap and exactly what I love to see on an automatic watch. Metal just feels more manly than leather or rubber, I think.

My Verdict of the Bulova 96A107 Mechanical Automatic

I have nothing bad to say about the Bulova 96A107 Automatic watch – it’s accurate, it’s manly, and it’s unique. The partial skeleton window is eye-catching, but my favorite design element is the pin-striped stainless steel background. In the end, the watch looks and functions like a much more expensive automatic watch. You can get this watch for less than $350 on Amazon at the time of writing, and that is a real steel…Heh.

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