Bulova 96B104 Dress Collection Watch Review

Bulova 96B104 Dress CollectionThe first thing that most people ask when they first see this stunning men’s watch and the price that it’s available for is, “what’s the catch?”

There’s no denying that the design of the Bulova men’s 96B104 Dress Collection is well executed. The simplistic silver dial is both elegant and sleek, and well complemented by the black calfskin leather strap. It has several other appealing features that we will cover below, but you don’t have to dig very deep to get a feel for how underpriced this men’s watch is.

After doing my review, I did come up with a few cons that you should be aware of, but on the whole I can tell you right now that this is a very high quality timepiece for the price.

Pros and Cons Review  of the Bulova 96B104 Silver Dial Men’s Watch


  • PRICE! This is a big one; retail is $150, but Amazon has it for under $100 at time of writing
  • Soft calfskin leather strap with stainless steel clasp is very comfortable
  • Looks good with casual clothes, but phenomenal with a dark suit
  • Very lightweight watch – barely noticeable when you’re wearing it on your wrist
  • Slim and sleek, easily fits under a cuff
  • Classic minimalist style is eye-catching, but not overbearing
  • Built for daily wearing – both water and shock resistant
  • Quartz movement is extremely precise (to be expected from a quartz movement)


  • Secondhand is slightly off the marks
  • Stem is delicate and adjusting the date is somewhat tricky (only a one-time problem)
  • Strap is a bit on the thin side, but it’s replaceable if you care
  • Big wrist? You might consider a watch with a larger case.
  • Need light to read the face because there are no glowing hands or marks
  • Japanese movement is not Swiss made, but still robust. You’re not going to find better at the price.

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My In-Depth Bulova 96B104 Dress Collection Review

Now that you’ve been read through the pros and cons and have a basic grasp of what this men’s watch offers, let’s go into a bit more detail:

Minimalist Silver Dial with Date Function

We can start with the face of the watch since that’s probably the reason you’re going to buy it. The design of the Bulova 96B104’s dial is very well done. The brushed silver finish is stunning… Not shiny or cheap looking, but sleek and classy. It’s subtle, but powerful.

The hour markers are simple hatch marks with a Bulova tuning fork logo at the 12 o’clock position, which is a nice touch. To the left of the three o’clock marker you have a clearly readable date function. Right below the six o’clock marker is a barely visible model number, which adds a nice balance to the logo and is needed if you ever take the watch in for repairs.

As I noted in the 96B104’s cons, the date function is somewhat tricky to adjust because you have to pull the stem half-out, and it’s tough to find the “spot”, but this is a one-time problem since you’re only ever going to set the date once.

The watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement, which is highly accurate. You’re looking at about 10 seconds per month of variance. The Japanese made movement is what allows the watch to be so budget friendly. Because it’s a quartz powered watch, you will have to change the batteries once in a blue moon.

Silver Stainless Steel 37 mm Case, Only 5.9 mm Thick

Bulova 96B104 Dress Collection Case ProfileThe Bulova 96B104 is housed within a sleek stainless steel case that is 37 mm in diameter and only 5.9 mm thick. I really like men’s watches of this size because they are perfect for everyday use. The case is thin enough to fit underneath a sleeve without getting caught all the time, and lightweight enough that you don’t feel like you’re carrying around a dumbbell on your wrist.

The watch face is protected by your standard issue mineral crystal, which is scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof. The perfectly flat surface does a very good job of highlighting the brushed silver dial underneath.

Black Calfskin Leather Strap with Stainless Steel Clasp

Bulova 96B104 Dress Collection Case BackLast, but not least, we come to the black leather strap. Because it is made of genuine calfskin it is very soft and doesn’t need any breaking in; out-of-the-box it feels like a marshmallow is wrapped around your wrist.

The only thing I will say about this strap is that it is a little bit on the thin side. I personally prefer a stainless steel watch band, and so you can understand that it felt a little flimsy wrapped around my wrist. However, a stainless steel band would not look as good with the rest of the watch; aesthetically speaking, the black leather is the perfect complement to the sleek silver dial.

My Verdict of the Bulova 96B104 Dress Collection

All in all, I’m genuinely amazed that Bulova was able to put all of this together at such an affordable price. Even at the recommended retail price of $150, this watch would be a great deal. For less than $100 on Amazon with free shipping, the Bulova men’s 96B104 is literally a steel (ha ha, get it?).

A beautiful, precise watch that’s perfect for those wanting high-class on a budget. It’s underpriced for what you get; you’re not going to find much better for under $150. Very stylish and sleek, I really love how the black strap complements the silver dial.

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Get Your Wife the Matching Bulova Women’s 96L104 Dress Collection

Bulova Womens 96L104 Dress CollectionWhat’s that?

Bulova created a duet piece to the men’s 96B104?

Yes! The women’s version of this watch is the Bulova 96L104 Silver Dial Watch, and it is gorgeous. The only difference is that the dial on the 96L104 is slightly whiter, and the stainless steel case is only 25 mm instead of 37 mm. It’s almost identical, but a bit more elegant.

Why not treat yourself to the 96B104 and get your wife the 96L104? I’m sure she will be delighted!

Whatever you decide to do from here, thanks so much for reading my review of the Bulova men’s 96B104 Silver Dial watch. I hope that you learn everything you need to know. Feel free to browse WhatWatches.com for in-depth watch reviews.

– Stephen

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