Bulova 96B128 Precisionist Claremont Watch Review

Bulova 96B128 Precisionist ClaremontAs you may already know, Bulova’s Precisionist watches are some of the most accurate in the world. The Precisionist quartz movement beats eight times faster than normal quartz powered watches, and the result is near-atomic accuracy and that sweeping secondhand for style points.

The Bulova 96B128 Precisionist Claremont watch makes the perfect gift, whether you’re buying it for yourself or for a loved one. The classic design is powerful without being over-the-top. The watch is lightweight, well-made, and the sweeping secondhand is hypnotic to behold.

Here’s my pros and cons review of the Bulova 96B128:

Bulova Men’s 96B128 Precisionist Claremont Brown Dial Watch


  • Precisionist quartz movement is one of the most accurate in the world
  • Sweeping secondhand is actually smoother than what you’d find in most automatic watches…I could watch it glide across the watch for days.
  • Very readable dial – large date window; thick alpha-style hour and minute hands, large and distinct hour markers
  • For less than $200 you get – literally – one of the most accurate watches in the world, and with a very nice design too!
  • The least expensive men’s Precisionist watch on the market at time of writing
  • Luminous hour and minute hands for easy reading in the dark
  • Very elegant aesthetic, thanks to the multi-layering and minimal silver tones of the dial. I really like the swirled line design that encompasses the background of the dial
  • Brown alligator-patterned leather strap is fairly comfortable, and really brings out the silver stainless steel elements of the design. The watch “pops” on your wrist.
  • There are literally no bad customer reviews on Amazon


  • Even though it’s not the largest or the thickest of Bulova’s men’s watches, it’s still fairly large. Not really an issue except for particularly slim gentlemen.
  • Some customers claimed that the leather took a few days to “break in”
  • Really don’t have many complaints here…Sorry guys!

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My Bulova 96B128 Precisionist Claremont Review

Now that you’ve read the pros and cons overview of the Bulova 96B128, let’s dissect the watch piece by piece to get a better sense of what you’re in for.

Brown and Silver Dial with Swirl Design and Sweeping Secondhand

Bulova 96B128 Precisionist Claremont on WristThe dial is definitely the most attractive part of the watch, so let’s talk about it first.

First, as I already said in the pros and cons, I really, really like the swirled design that underlies the entire background of the dial. I think it really adds to the elegance of the timepiece, and really brings the rest of the dial’s design full circle (heh, get it?).

I also like that the dial is one of the most readable I’ve seen in awhile. Even though I prefer Roman numerals for style points, the bold Arabic numeral hour markers are certainly more readable, and the fact that they are indented into the dial also makes them easier to read. The thick beveled hour and minute hands mean that it only ever takes a quick glance to tell the time, although you will quickly find yourself entranced in the ghost-like smoothness of the sweeping secondhand if you’re not careful! The multilayering design of the dial gives the watch depth that you don’t usually find in watches of this price.

Speaking of price, let’s go ahead and get this out of the way now… At the time of this writing, the Bulova 96B128 is the cheapest Precisionist watch on Amazon.

I frankly find that unbelievable because it is also one of the best looking, most well reviewed Precisionist watches you’ll find.

Silver Stainless Steel Case With Curved Mineral Crystal; 43 mm Diameter and 12 mm Thick

Bulova Delivery BoxThe polished stainless steel case is very well done, but ultimately it serves one purpose – to bring attention to the depth and magnificence of the watch’s face.

You have curved mineral Crystal which seems to almost magnify the dial, and the crystal is scratch resistant, although not scratch proof. The watch is framed by a smooth polished stainless steel bezel with a flat top crown.

One thing to note that you may not be able to detect from images alone… The case is slightly curved to more comfortably and snugly fit your wrist. This little attention to detail is exactly what you should expect from Bulova, and it really makes wearing the watch much more enjoyable.

Brown Alligator Patterned Leather Strap with Stainless Steel Clasp

Last not least, the brown leather strap is exactly what you would expect. The alligator pattern is something that I personally like, but some folks who have experience with more expensive watches may find it a little bit tacky.

Either way, the leather strap is very comfortable and fits with the design of the rest of the Bulova 96B128, so I really don’t feel like there’s much complaining to be had. The stainless steel clasp gets the job done, and even if you get one of the stiffer straps out-of-the-box, it only takes a week or two to break in. Remember, if you don’t like the strap, it is actually fairly easy to replace.

My Verdict of the Bulova 96B128 Precisionist Claremont

The Bulova 96B128 Precisionist is a gorgeous watch for a price much lower than you would expect; this is the cheapest Precisionist watch currently available. It is literally one of the most accurate watches in the world, and the classically appealing design is both highly readable and subtly attractive at the same time.

Thanks for reading my review!

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