Bulova 97B110 Precisionist Longwood Watch Review

Bulova 97B110 Precisionist LongwoodAre you looking for an affordable watch with the perfect mix of class and functionality? The Bulova 97B110 is that watch, and today I would like to give you a thorough review to help you decide whether or not it’s the right fit for you.

As you continue reading this Bulova 97B110 Precisionist Longwood review, I’m going to go over the pros and cons that I found while doing my research, and then I’m going to give you a more in-depth review of the core features, as well as my personal opinion of the timepiece.

Please note – The Bulova 97B110 is chocolate brown and rose-gold colored, not yellow-gold as the pictures may appear to indicate.

Bulova Men’s 97B110 Precisionist Longwood Rose-Tone Watch


  • Minimalist design with a rich color scheme has a very professional appeal at a very affordable price
  • The sweeping secondhand is perfectly smooth, more so than even the most expensive mechanical watches
  • The accuracy of the watch cannot be overstated – less than 10 seconds of variance per year is absurdly precise
  • I find the case to be the perfect size… At 42 mm it is certainly large, but it’s not so large that it eats up my wrist
  • The swirl-engraved Crown is protected from snagging by thick flanges on either side
  • The design is uncluttered and very easy to read, day or night thanks to the luminous hour and minute hands
  • Padded brown calfskin leather band is very soft and flexible; adjustable rose gold deployment clasp is convenient and secure
  • Date window is large and easy to read at a glance


  • The only thing I can really complain about is the mineral crystal window… More expensive watches feature a sapphire crystal which is less glare-y and more scratch resistent, but that is the only thing that sets this watch apart from a watch many times more expensive.
  • Some people don’t care for the alligator-leather pattern on the strap; more a matter of personal preference the

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My Bulova 97B110 Precisionist Longwood Review

I can tell you right now that the entire Bulova Precisionist collection is extremely well done, and with the most expensive watch in the collection topping out at around $500 (cheaper on Amazon), any one of them is a really sweet deal. These watches are the most accurate you can get without going atomic… Less than 10 seconds per year of variance is insane! And the sweeping secondhand is very pleasing to the eye.

Chocolate Brown Dial with Rose Gold Stainless Steel Accents

I have to say that I was initially unimpressed by the design of the Bulova 97B110. The primary picture featured on Amazon is really poor quality, and it does the intricate design no justice whatsoever. As soon as I saw the watch on Bulova’s official website, however, I was blown away. Seeing it in person is twice as impressive, again.

The Bulova 97B110 is one of those unique watches that the longer you stare at it, the more complex it becomes.

What initially appeared as a simple rich-brown background is in fact an intricate multi-tiered design with several different elements working in collaboration.

The elevated rose gold hour markers are underlined by a triple line pattern that surrounds the outer perimeter of the dial, just inside the minute markers that line the outer edge.

At the 12 o’clock and six o’clock positions you have a textured elevation that is a slightly deeper brown than the rest of the dial. Best of all, there is a subtle wave pattern that emanates from the center of the watch to the tip of the hour hand; the more you stare at it, the more the pattern seems to liquify before your eyes.

On top of that, the rose gold tones complement the chocolate brown very well, and the watch is wholly easy-to-read, even at a quick glance or in the dark (luminous hour and minute hands).

Of course, if you’ve ever beheld a sweeping second hand, you know that it alone can capture your attention as the baton style hand slowly-but-smoothly glides around the dial. The calendar window at six o’clock is easy-to-read without squinting, and serves an essential function for many wearers.

Bulova 97B110 Precisionist Longwood ProfileHeavy Duty Rose Gold Stainless Steel Case; 42 Mm in Diameter, 12 Mm Thick

Next up we have the case… It is, once again, a deceptively complex piece of timekeeping art, made up of five separate pieces, not including the domed mineral crystal. The entire case is rose gold tone stainless steel, which of course brings out the rose gold colored accents within the dial, and excellently ties the brown leather strap into the whole design.

Also, I want to take a moment to reemphasize just how much I like the size of the Bulova 97B110. At least for me, 42 mm is the perfect size. I like large watches, and I’m a tall guy, but I actually have fairly slender forearms and many of the 45+ mm cases – especially if they’re stainless steel – look like they swallow my wrist. This watch is slightly smaller and doesn’t have nearly the same effect. This is also in part due to the color scheme, which doesn’t seem nearly as “bold” as an all-stainless-steel design.

Functionally speaking, there’s not all that much to talk about. The case is well constructed, water resistant to 30 m (don’t wear it in the shower), and the mineral crystal is exactly what you’d expect from a watch under $1000.

Padded Brown Calfskin Leather Strap with Deployment ClaspBulova 97B110 Precisionist Longwood Case Back

The last thing to discuss is the Brown calfskin leather strap, which really ties the whole watch together…Heh, get it? Ties the watch together? I’m so funny.

But in all seriousness, the padded brown leather is very, very comfortable on the wrist. It’s flexible enough that it doesn’t need that “break in period” that lower quality leather straps might require.

The strap is secured to your wrist via an adjustable deployment clasp. Some people have a bit of trouble figuring out exactly how to set it up, but something you only have to do one time and it’s actually not all that difficult. You simply adjust the clasp so that it is secured into the appropriate hole, and then watch is very easy to take on and off. When clasped shut, simply press the double pushers and you’ll release the strap. Very simple and very convenient.

My Verdict of the Bulova 97B110 Precisionist Longwood

While I initially didn’t care for the design, the Bulova 97B110 men’s Precisionist really grew on me. It is a perfect combination of class and flash; subtle enough not to overpower a suit, but sleek enough to garner an endless stream of compliments. In addition, the watch is nearly perfectly accurate, the sweeping secondhand is awesome, and you couldn’t ask for better readability or reliability. Very well done, Bulova!

Thanks for reading my review! You’re the reason I write :)

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