Bulova 98B142 Precisionist Champlain Watch Review

Bulova 98B142 Precisionist ChamplainToday I am reviewing another sleek watch from the Bulova Precisionist line of watches – the Bulova 98B142 Precisionist Champlain men’s watch, to be specific.

As with all of my reviews here on WhatWatches.com, I will start by going over the pros and cons for those of you in a hurry, and then after that I will go into more detail on each of the core aspects of the watch.

You’re going to find that the Bulova 98B142 Precisionist is rugged, precise, and extremely attractive… Much more so in real life than what you can glean from the pictures. This men’s watch is robust enough for everyday casual wear, but good-looking enough for a dark suit and tie.

But enough chit chat, let’s get to the review!

Bulova Men’s 98B142 Precisionist Champlain Black Dial Rubber Strap Watch


  • Precisionist watches are some of the most accurate in the world, in case you don’t know
  • Very sleek black-on-black design looks good with just about everything; electric blue accents are icing on the cake
  • Black rubberized strap is extremely durable and secure, while maintaining a surprising amount of comfort
  • Thanks to the sizable luminous baton-style hands and the elevated hour markers, the Bulova 98B142 is very readable
  • Even though this is an extremely large watch at 45 mm in diameter, the dark color scheme makes it look just as fashionable on smaller wrists as larger ones
  • The electric blue sweeping second hand is smoother than most automatics; almost hypnotizing to behold
  • Water resistant to 300 m and the rugged construction allows for reasonable shock resistance as well
  • Curved date window is aesthetically pleasing and very easy to read


  • The only real con I found is that some reviewers claimed that their watch would fog up in cold weather – this is ONLY because the screw-down crown wasn’t tightened properly.
  • If you don’t like the rubberized strap, you will have to replace it. Not really a con, more of a preference.
  • If you’re not sure whether you like large watches, it might be worth it to check this out in real life before buying it on Amazon.

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My Bulova 98B142 Precisionist Champlain Review

Now, as usual, we will go into a more in-depth review of the Bulova 98B142. The pros and cons should give you enough information to determine whether or not this watch is for you, but if you need a little more information or you’d like to know more about my personal opinion of the watch, then this section will be for you:

Black Carbon Fiber Dial with Blue Sweeping Second Hand

No reason not to start with the best part of the watch, right? The black-on-black multilayered design of the dial is very well done. The textured black carbon fiber is nothing short of beautiful, and it is the perfect way to make a near monochromatic design thought provoking and eye-catching. The electric blue accents, however, are what really make this design stand out; the sweeping second hand is incredibly smooth and the color never gets old.

As for the actual functionality of the dial, the luminous hands make it easy to read night or day, and the curved date window is large, clear and easy to adjust.

The hour markers are simple stainless steel elevated hashmarks, with the exception of the Bulova fork logo at the 12 o’clock position.

If you’re not familiar with Bulova’s new Precisionist collection, let me throw in a quick word about how awesome it is. Bulova created a souped up quartz crystal that vibrates eight times faster than most quartz powered watch movements. The result is that all of the Precisionist watches are almost atomically accurate…The most variance you will see is +/- 10 seconds per year! That’s less than one second per month of change, which is incredible. In addition, the

Precisionist quartz movement is what allows for the sweeping second hand – a luxury normally reserved for automatic watches.

Black Stainless Steel Case with Screw down Crown and Stationary Bezel

Bulova 98B142 Precisionist Champlain ProfileNot much needs to be said about the black stainless steel case that you can’t clearly see from the picture. Obviously, it is built like a tank and intended for everyday wear. The coin edged bezel is stationary with 4, 2 mm lugs evenly spaced around the dial.

The Bulova 98B142 features a curved mineral crystal to protect the dial. As most experienced watch connoisseurs know, mineral crystal is not scratch proof, but it is highly scratch resistant and virtually identical to the superior sapphire crystal. The curved mineral crystal in the 98B142 adds a subtle magnification to the dial to enhance clarity and readability; it also does a great job of catching light to create a subtle “glow” to the dial on a sunny day.

Last but not least, the screw down crown is always nice. Keeps anything from getting damaged and what enables the 300 m of water resistance that the Bulova 98B142 boasts.

One thing to note – A couple of the customer reviews on Amazon claim that the Bulova 98B142 apparently began to accumulate fog under the crystal if worn in cold weather.


Obviously, this should not be happening in a waterproof watch. More recent reviewers have noticed no such moisture accumulation, and either way you should be able to get it fixed at your local jeweler or ask for a return if for some reason you do get a defect.Bulova 98B142 Precisionist Champlain Case Back

Black Rubberized Strap with Black Stainless Steel Clasp

Last but not least, we have a pretty standard, albeit high-quality, black rubberized strap. The strap is surprisingly flexible and comfortable on the wrist, and the standard stainless steel clasp is plenty secure. I am personally not a fan of rubberized straps, but most men have no problem with them and some actually prefer them to leather or stainless steel because they are lighter, more durable and cheaper to replace if needed.

My Verdict of the Bulova 98B142 Precisionist Champlain

Obviously, you can’t ask for more accurate watch than the Bulova 98B142 Precisionist, and the general construction leaves nothing to be desired. You’re getting a very slick looking watch that is perfect for everyday wear, but really shines when worn with a dark suit. The electric blue sweeping second hand is probably my favorite element of the design. Very good deal for the price; this is a watch to be worn for years!

Thanks for reading! Good luck finding the perfect watch; you’re always welcome here.

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