Bulova 98B152 Precisionist Champlain Watch Review

Bulova 98B152 Precisionist ChamplainIf you’ve spent any time reading up on the Bulova Precisionist collection of watches, then you already know that these are some of the most accurate timepieces in the world. This is all the more incredible when you consider that nearly every one of the watches in the collection is available for under $500, including the Bulova 98B152 Precisionist which I’ll be reviewing today.

What you’ll find in this watch is a rugged but attractive design, a high level of functionality, and accuracy that can’t be beat. For more information, check out the pros and cons below, followed by my in-depth Bulova 98B152 review below that:

Bulova Men’s 98B152 Precisionist Champlain Rubber Strap Watch


  • A very large, trendy looking watch with both aesthetic and functional appeal
  • Vibrant red sweeping secondhand is perfectly smooth, more so than an automatic watch… Only the keenest of eyes could discern any “ticking” at all.
  • The rose gold tone stainless steel coupled with the midnight black carbon fiber makes this watch really “pop” off your wrist. Looks even better in person than in pictures.
  • Thick pointed baton-style hour and minute hands are very easy to read, day or night
  • Black rubberized strap is surprisingly comfortable; it’s flexible without being flimsy
  • 300 m of water resistance thanks to the screw down crown and case window
  • The screw down crown is protected from snagging on clothes or similar hazards by two large flanges on either side
  • Bulova’s Quartz Precisionist movement is incredibly accurate. They are tested to be less than 10 seconds off per year, which is less than 1 second of variance per month!


  • Seriously, this is an enormous watch… The case diameter is 47 mm, which is very close to 2 inches. Smaller or slender men may find this unappealing.
  • Even though this is a high quality black rubberized strap and it fits the design of the Bulova 98B152 quite well, I still prefer stainless steel or leather over rubber. Just my personal preference.
  • If you’re wearing this outdoors a lot, dirt can collect in the lugs around the bezel. A small brush or your local jeweler should be able to clean it up though.
  • The mineral crystal case window is not as scratch resistant as sapphire crystal, but you’re not going to find very many sapphire crystal watches under $500.

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In-Depth Bulova 98B152 Precisionist Champlain Review

I’ve already reviewed several other Bulova Precisionist watches in the Champlain collection, some not going to spend too much time on the in-depth review here. However, I will quickly go over the core elements of the watch see you can get a better idea of my personal opinion of the piece.

Black Carbon Fiber Dial with Rose Gold Stainless Steel Accents

The black carbon fiber Dial is definitely my favorite part of the Bulova 98B152… The richness of the black and the way that the multilayered texture refracts light into the rose gold accents is very attractive. In fact, the entirety of the dial’s design has quite a bit of layering going on to create a complex aesthetic. Thanks to the heavy emphasis on the black, this watch goes very well with a suit, but the rose gold tone with red accents make it colorful enough for more casual wear as well.

Functionally speaking, the dial has several features that you should know about: the hour and minute hands as well as the hour markers are luminous for nighttime readability; the curved calendar window at three o’clock is large and framed by a line pattern to bring it to your attention more easily; the Precisionist quartz powered movement enables a seeping secondhand which is one of the smoothest you’ll ever find, no matter what price you’re shopping at; and at 12 o’clock there is a Bulova tuning fork logo to bring the whole thing together.

47 mm Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Case with Black Coin Edged Bezel

Bulova 98B152 Precisionist Champlain on WristThe Bulova 98B152 Champlain also features one of my favorite cases in the entire Precisionist collection. It is extremely large at 47 mm (measure what that’ll look like on your arm before you buy it), but what I really like is the deep black coin edged bezel that frames the dial. The black looks very nice against the rose gold case, and it certainly makes the red sweeping secondhand stand out. The bezel holds a curved mineral crystal window which protects the face of your watch. The curved mineral crystal looks like a slight bubble coming up from the dial, and it is scratch resistant although not perfectly scratch proof (like sapphire crystal, for example).

The bezel is framed by four at evenly spaced rows gold stainless steel lugs which are actually purely decorative, but have a very subtle effect on the case’s aesthetic…It makes it look just busy enough to be interesting without being overly cluttered.

On the side of the case you will find a swirl engraved screw down crown framed by two thick stainless steel protectors to prevent damage to the crown. The screw down crown is what enables the 300 m of water resistance posted by the Bulova 98B152.

Patterned Black Rubberized Strap with Rose Gold Stainless Steel Clasp

Bulova Delivery BoxLastly, I’ve said it before that I am not a huge fan of rubberized straps, but I can’t say anything against their durability. I also have to say that in the case of the Bulova 98B152, the blackstrap actually looks very nice. The rubber is flexible and obviously quite rugged, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out any time soon. The strap is secured to your wrist via a standard stainless steel clasp which is rose gold toned

Don’t get me wrong – this is a high quality rubber strap, it’s just that my personal preference is leather or stainless steel. The bright side is that a rubber strap is much lighter on your wrist than a stainless steel, so it’s probably more comfortable for daily wear.

My Verdict of the Bulova 98B152 Precisionist Champlain

The Bulova 98B152 Precisionist Champlain men’s watch is a very high quality timepiece, especially if you can find it for under $400 (MSRP is $499). The looks are very eye-catching, the construction is rugged and resistant to damage, and the accuracy of the Precisionist movement is second to none.

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