Bulova 98C62 Marine Star Sport Collection Review

Bulova 98C62 Marine StarIf you’re looking for a watch that looks much more expensive than it actually is, then you are going the watch I’m reviewing today.

As I did research for my Bulova 98C62 review, I found myself in awe of the incredible quality of this men’s watch. The Omega SeaMaster inspired design is beautiful but original, the construction is robust, and the price is far lower than it should be.

As you continue reading more about the Bulova 98C62 Marine Star, I think you will agree. This is probably one of the best Bulova watches, period. But enough chitter chatter – here is my pros and cons review:

Bulova Men’s Marine Star Bracelet Watch


  • An extremely affordable alternative to the Omega Seamaster; even knowledgeable connoisseurs may mistake the two watches
  • Bulova is a dependable brand with a long history of excellent customer relations
  • Stainless steel construction is rugged enough to make this an excellent everyday watch
  • Ocean blue dial with large hands and hour markers is both clean and attractive without directly copying the Omega Seamaster (unlike the Invicta ProDiver to the Rolex Submariner)
  • 40 mm case size is juuuuuuuuust right. It is going to be the ideal size for just about any type of wrist. Large but not overwhelming.
  • Calendar function with both day and date at the three o’clock position is clearly readable and surprisingly handy
  • 200 m of water resistance with a thickly protected screwdown crown and a functional rotating bezel allow this diver’s watch to actually live up to its name
  • Solid link stainless steel strap has a very nice heft to it, but still fits perfectly thanks to a micro adjustable fold over clasp (with safety flap and wetsuit extension!)


  • The bezel is a little bit “sticky”… In other words, it takes some breaking in before it rotates smoothly
  • Mineral crystal window is very durable, but still not as scratch resistant as the sapphire crystal you would find in a more expensive watch
  • As is often the case with quartz powered watches, the secondhand may not perfectly line up with the minute marker track around the edge of the dial.

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My In-Depth Bulova 98C62 Marine Star Review

As you’re probably beginning to realize, this is a very impressive watch.

Now that you have read through my pros and cons overview of the Bulova 98C62, I like to spend a little bit more time talking about each part of the watch. I don’t think I will be able to cover every minute detail in this review – since that would be quite a lot to go over – but I’ll do my best to give you a thorough personal opinion on as many features as possible.

Ocean Blue Dial with Omega SeaMaster Inspired Design

The midnight blue design of the dial is nothing short of stellar. I really like that the Bulova 98C62 is inspired by the Omega SeaMaster without being a carbon copy of the design. As you can see in the picture of the Omega watch, there are some differences, but if anything I think Bulova’s design is a little bit cleaner. Of course, Omega uses higher quality materials, but the point remains…This is a gorgeous watch.

The midnight blue of the dial is rich and deep; it shimmers ever so slightly when it catches the light, like you’re peering across an endless ocean into a moonlit horizon.

As far as readability is concerned, the design is clear and uncluttered. The the hour, minute and second hands each have a unique shape so that there is no mistaking one for the other (I really like the red tip on the secondhand). The hour markers are thick and slightly raised from the surface of the dial, so they also are very easy to read. All three of the hands and the hour markers are luminous. The calendar function is fairly easy to figure out, and being able to see both the day and the date is actually quite convenient.

I have to say, the dial of the Bulova 98C62 is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long time, and easily puts this watch out of the actual price range that you’ll pay for it.

40 mm Stainless Steel Case with Midnight Blue Unidirectional Bezel and Screwdown Crown

Bulova 98C62 Marine Star Case ProfileThere’s not all that much to say about the case that you can’t glean from the pictures featured in this Bulova 98C62 review, so I won’t spend too much time on it.

In short, the only real flaw of the watch is the unidirectional bezel. It has a very light coin edge to it and the midnight blue surface of the bezel has a glossy finish. So, not only is the bezel a little bit difficult to get a proper grip on, but the aforementioned “stickiness” of the counterclockwise rotation means that the bezel isn’t quite as functional as it could be.

Please, I cannot emphasize enough that I am really nitpicking here, but it’s still something that you should know. This is literally my only real complaint with the Bulova 98C62 men’s watch.

The screwdown crown is protected by two thick flanges that keep the side of the case from snagging on anything. The screwdown crown is also what creates a watertight seal that allows the Bulova 98C62 to be rated at 200 m water resistance.

Always make sure that you tighten the crown before the watch will come in contact with water… Otherwise your waterproof watch won’t seem quite so waterproof. This watch WILL NOT fog up unless the crown is not properly tightened.

Solid Link Brushed Stainless Steel Bracelet with Polished Inner Links and Fold-Over Clasp

Bulova 98C62 Marine Star Case BackI want to emphasize that finding a solid link stainless steel bracelet and a watch under $300 is abnormal. It’s not something that you see very often, and it greatly enhances the way this watch feels on your wrist… The solid stainless steel just “feels” more rugged; it’s got a very pleasant heft to it.

As far as aesthetics go, the stainless steel links are brushed with the exception of two polished inner links that run down the length of strap, with a matte finish for the inside of the strap that is against your skin. Very attractive and very comfortable.

I really like the construction of the fold-over clasp with a safety flap, mostly because it can be microadjusted for a perfect fit. Whether your wearing a wetsuit or not, no matter how big or small your wrist is, this means that the watch sits very securely on your wrist.

My Verdict of the Bulova 98C62 Marine Star

The Bulova 98C62 Marine Star watch is severely underpriced. It is extremely well constructed, it’s the perfect size, the strap is very high quality, and of course the design is magnificent. Why pay $X,XXX for an Omega when you can pay less than $200 for a rugged, beautiful and highly functional Bulova Marine Star? Any man would be lucky to have this; get it while the price is still low!

Thanks for reading!

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