Invicta 0072 Pro Diver 18K Chronograph Review

Invicta 0072 Pro DiverThe Invicta 0072 Pro Diver is a beautiful time piece to be sure, however, that doesn’t mean it’s not without its flaws. Keep reading to discover whether or not this is the right watch for you!

If it’s okay with you, I’d like to just cut right to the chase.

If you want to get in-depth info on the watch you’ll want to read my whole review, but if you only need a little info, then here are the pros and cons of the Invicta 0072 Pro Diver, together with the pricing:

Invicta Men’s 0072 Pro Diver Collection 18K Gold Chronograph Watch

Pros Overview:

  • Swiss Made Quartz Movement – High Quality and Precise
  • Virtually Bulletproof – Flame Fusion Crystal; High-Grade, Extra Thick Stainless Steel Case and Band; Heavy Duty Screw Down Crown
  • Elegant Gold-Plated Chronograph – 60 Second, 30 Minute, 1/10 Second
  • Large Luminescent Indexes, Magnified Date Window and Luminescent Skeleton Hands All Make Watch Easy to Read

Cons Overview:

  • 49mm Case is Really Big…Yea, That’s a Con, Right?

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My Invicta 0072 Pro Diver Quartz Chronograph Review

The Invicta 0072…A perfect 10. Wow. This is the first perfect 10 I’ve given out in quite some time…I’ve come close a couple times recently, but I always found something to nit pick…Something that made the watch imperfect.

Of this watch, my friends, I have nothing bad to say.

Invicta 0072 Case Back

Invicta 0072 Case Back

I mean, the case is extra thick and the gold-plating is well done and professional looking, which is exactly what I hope for from any gold-tone watch. Many of Invicta’s cheaper Pro Diver models with golden plating all have a tendency to exhibit signs of wear very quickly. This watch, however, seems to hold up very nicely.

The bezel is thick and clicks securely into each position. The crown is heavy duty and easy to use. The chronograph is accurate, beautiful AND resettable. The skeleton hands (which is a bonus in and of itself) are luminescent and look beautiful against the black background. The 5 minute indexes have been made extra thick so that they’re easier to read in the dark and there’s a magnification window over the date function, so Invicta has taken every measure to make sure that visibility is no problem with this watch.

The quartz movement is even Swiss made! I mean, what more can you ask from a watch that, frankly, is actually not that expensive? I mean $180 for this BEAUTIFUL hunk of a watch? This watch is sexy, it’s bold, and it’s meant for men know that’s what they want.

My Verdict of the Invicta 0072 Pro Diver

All that and…I just can’t find anything wrong! I actually feel kind of bad, like it’s my fault that I can’t be a good enough reviewer to find something wrong with this watch. The Invicta 0072 Pro Diver is definitely worth the price. I can’t really recommend you a better watch, honestly. Not from Invicta and not at this price anyways. Unless you want an automatic.

I guess all that that means is that the question for you is not “Should I buy the Invicta 0072 Pro Diver” but rather, “Is there anything I’d like better?”. Unfortunately that’s not something that I can answer, but I can tell you that this watch is great and that you’ll be very happy with it.

Thanks for reading through my whole review guys! I really appreciate it…Sorry I couldn’t find anything wrong with this watch, it’s just too good I guess.

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