Invicta 2093 Lupah Dragon Classic Chronograph Review

Invicta 2093 Lupah Dragon ClassicThe Invicta 2093 Lupah Dragon is a classic style watch with a beautiful vintage design that both keeps very good time and looks good while it’s doing it. Check out the rest of my review for pros, cons and other important information.

I don’t want to waste your time, so why don’t we just jump right into the Pros and Cons of Invicta Dragon Lupah Classic 2093. After the pros and cons if you still want more info there’s the detailed review below.

Invicta Men’s 2093 Lupah Dragon Chronograph Watch

Pros Overview:

  • Swiss Made Quartz Chronograph Movement is Extremely Precise
  • 3 Dial Chronograph and Unique Dial Design Give Invicta 2903 Distinct Vintage Feel
  • Chronograph is Accurate and Easy to Read
  • Champagne-Style Dial Window is Easy to Read, No Matter How Bad Your Vision Is
  • Globule Pushers and Crown are Attractively Designed and Very Sturdy
  • Lorica Strap Looks Like and Feels Like Leather, but Much More Water Resistant

Cons Overview:

  • Mineral Crystal Watch Face Could Be Replaced By Flame Fusion
  • Lorica isn’t Real Leather, this May Bother Some Folks
  • Circular Pattern of Numbers is Great Looking, But Can Be Difficult to Read

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My Invicta 2093 Dragon Lupah Classic Review

There’s no disputing the beauty of the Invicta 2093 Lupah Dragon…It’s a piece of time keeping art. Not only that, but it’s actually functional. Thanks to the Swiss made quartz movement, you’ll never have to wind your watch, but you will have to change the batteries every now and then. However, quartz movements tend to be more accurate. Especially when comparing cheaper quartz movements to cheaper automatic movements. Not that the movement is cheap by any means, however, you understand that the movement used in a $160 dollar watch isn’t going to be nearly as good as one in a $500 watch, and certainly not a $5,000 watch.

But the Invicta 2093 is accurate, that’s for sure. The chronograph is easy to start, stop and reset by using the pushers on the side. The screw down crown is used to adjust the date window at 4 O’clock and the watch itself. Be careful that you always screw the crown all the way down so that it’s securely tightened. This is how the watch gets it’s 100 meters of water resistance, and if the crown is left loose water will most certainly get into the watch if it’s exposed to any amount of liquid.

The down sides of this Invicta watch are fairly minimal when compared to the rest of the piece. It is true that since this watch is designed as more of an artistic piece than a hard core diving watch that some functionality was sacrificed for the vintage look. The spirograph-like arrangement of the numbers is a big part of what makes this watch so attractive and unique, however, it also means that it can be a little difficult to read.

The only other complaint I had with the Invicta 2093 Dragon Lupah Diver was that I wish Invicta had bumped up to Flame Fusion crystal for the window. Now, the window is built extra thick both for magnification purposes and for durability, however, mineral crystal is more prone to scratching than flame fusion, and I wish Invicta had upgraded. FYI the magnified window also serves to accent the circular design of the numbers.

There’s not much more I have to say about it…The Dragon Lupah Classic collection is well made and this is definitely a great watch.

My Verdict of the Invicta Men’s 2093 Lupah Dragon

All in all the Invicta 2093 Dragon Lupah Diver features a vintage style that you just aren’t going to find very often. This watch is rarely available, so if you can find it I’d recommend buying immediately.

Well, there you have it, a full review, complete with pros, cons and even recommendations for other watches! If that doesn’t help you pick a watch, then I don’t know what will. But really, thanks for reading through my review. I appreciate it when people actually read this stuff I write. Anyways, good luck picking out a watch!

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