Invicta 4338 Russian Diver Review

Invicta 4338 Russian DiverThe Invicta 4338 Russian Diver is part of a collection built to honor the original Russian Diver design commissioned for the Russian naval fleet in 1959 and is truly a pinnacle of Invicta value. However, don’t think this watch is without its flaws…Discover what you need to know before you purchase this watch!

I think the best thing that I can do for you right now is to quickly go over some specs with you in my pros and cons list, then if you’ve still got questions you should read my Invicta 4338 Russian Diver review below. Hopefully it’ll answer any questions you still have.

Invicta Men’s 4338 Russian Diver Collection Black Watch

The Good:

  • Very Affordable @ <$100 on Amazon
  • Ion Plated Black Stainless Steel Case
  • Easy to Read in Any Lighting
  • Swiss Made Quartz Movement, Rare Under $100
  • Bold, Eye-Catching All Black Design
  • Water Resistant to 100 Meters

The Bad:

  • Slightly Shorter Watch Band, Costs $50+ to Replace if Needed

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My In-Depth Invicta 4338 Russian Diver Review

Now, I already wrote pretty in depth about the Russian Diver collection in my review of the Invicta 4342 Russian Diver (can be found under “Invicta Watches” to your right) and I don’t want to simply duplicate that review here, so I’ll probably be pretty brief and only cover the bare essentials.

First off, let me say that overall I really like the Russian Diver collection. Something about the simplistic design with the slightest touch of elegance…That protective cap for the screw down crown. It seems so minor, yet it adds SO much to the design of the watch…I just love it.

Of course, I’d also love the beautiful black ionic stainless steel barrel insets that distinguish the black rubber band of the Invicta men’s 4338 from other black rubber bands that Invicta just throws onto dozens of other models…Except, oh wait! The band is too small for my wrist, since if you have larger than an 8.5″ wrist then you’re going to be more comfortable with an aftermarket strap. I suggest the stainless steel band because it’s adjustable, however that ‘minor’ adjustment isn’t free. In fact, by the time you pay for shipping there’s a good chance this $100 watch just turned into a $200 watch. Now, admittedly most folks would probably still be fine with paying that much, and it isn’t even a problem for most folks, but it’s frustrating that Invicta doesn’t have a better solution to this problem.

My Verdict of the Invicta 4338 Russian Diver

Overall the Invicta 4338 Russian Diver is a quality time piece. It’s simple, it’s durable, it’s water resistant, and most importantly it’s BOLD! The Russian Diver design grabs the eyes of anyone who gets this it in their peripherals…You just can’t help but stare at this hunk of masculinity.

To conclude, I love the Invicta 4338, it’s a solid watch, but personally I would probably go with something like the Invicta 8926 because I prefer automatics. That’s just my own preference, however, and shouldn’t influence your opinion. They both have their own pros and cons. Just get the watch that you feel the most comfortable with!

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