Invicta 4597 Sea Spider Review

Invicta 4597 Sea Spider ChronographAre you looking for a functional but stylish men’s watch from the reputed Invicta?

The Invicta 4597 Sea Spider could very well be one of the best looking men’s watches that’s been made by them in the past 10 years. Well, maybe not the  best…But it’s up there!

The Invicta 4597 Sea Spider has tons of other stuff to offer, too! Here’s a list of most of the stuff you need to know before you buy this watch, the rest I cover below in my review:

Keep reading for my pros and cons list, and other stuff you should know before you buy!

Invicta Men’s 4597 Sea Spider Specialty Chronograph Watch

Pros Overview:

  • Swiss Made Quartz Chronograph Movement is Super Accurate
  • Reliable, Light-Weight Black Thermopolymer Strap w/ Stainless Steel Pins
  • Enormous 50mm Dial w/ Big Luminescent Hands and Bold Numeric Indexes
  • Resettable 3 Dial Chronograph Looks and Works GREAT – 1/10 sec, 60 sec, 30 Min
  • Uniquely Textured Screw Down Crown is Big and Easy to Use
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel Case is Water Resistant to 200 Meters

Cons Overview:

  • Color Scheme of Hands Makes it Slightly Difficult to Read at a Glance
  • Flame Fusion Crystal Instead of Slightly Superior Sapphire
  • Stationary Bezel – Does Not Rotate (See Review)

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My Invicta 4597 Sea Spider Men’s Watch Review

I had three complaints about the Invicta 4597 Sea Spider, and I’d like to start by addressing those…

Even though I love the unique design and the way it looks simultaneously vintage AND new-agey, the brown-on-brown color of the hour and minute hands can be a bit fuzzy to read…Especially at a glance.

I wish that Invicta had taken the extra leap and made the watch window Sapphire crystal instead of flame fusion. It’s fine how it is, but since we’re paying about $350 for the 4597, I think I can make this complaint.

The only other thing to take note of, and this one is less a con and more something to be aware of…The bezel doesn’t rotate. You can twist and turn it all you want, that baby ain’t going nowhere. It’s a stationary stainless steel bezel. I just personally prefer the rotating in this style watch, but I suppose that’s just a matter of personal preference.

Now, again, neither of the things listed above should really construe your vision of this watch. There are countless reasons someone would buy this watch; as far as I’ve found, there are only a couple reasons someone wouldn’t.

The beautiful dial is probably the main reason this watch catches people’s eye. Plus, this is an Invicta chronograph watch; The way that the chronograph dials overlap is classy, and the chronograph itself is accurate. The bottom dial is a 1/10 second function, the right is the 60 second, and the left is the 30 minute. Plus, the extra bold numeral indexes are great looking…They almost look like they’re floating gently around the outside of the dial.

Of course, the textured crown is a bonus feature that I was happy with, and the case and strap are both extremely durable. The band is light-weight (being fashioned from Thermopolymer) and is textured, accented with stainless steel pins all the way up and down the strap.

My Verdict of the Invicta Men’s 4597 Sea Spider Chronograph

I could probably write a solid 1,000 word review about all the features in this watch, however, I don’t wanna write that and I KNOW you don’t wanna read it. Basically, this watch is beautiful. It’s pricey, yea, but you’re not buying a watch. You’re buying a time piece. A little piece of heaven to wear on your wrist whenever you like!

Well, thanks for reading through my whole Invicta 4597 Sea Spider review…I really do appreciate it. Even more, though, I hope it helped. If you’ve made up your mind to buy, or not to buy, this watch from reading my review then I’ve done my job! Thanks, and feel free to stay awhile and read some other reviews.

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