Invicta 4601 Offshore Russian Diver Review

Invicta 4601 Russian DiverThe Invicta 4600 Russian Diver, also known as the Invicta 4601 Offshore Russian Diver, is a very high quality watch. Read more of my review to find out the pros and cons of this Swiss quartz watch.

Alright, let’s jump right into it, shall we? Once you’re done with this, you can either go straight to Amazon, or you can read the rest of my review for some more detailed information on the Invicta 4601 Russian Diver, including a shocking discovery I made:

There is no Invicta 4600. Here’s the real 4600, the Invicta 4601:

Invicta Men’s 4601 Russian Diver Collection Offshore Quartz Watch

Pros Overview:

  • Swiss Made Quartz Chronograph Movement Keeps Very Good Time
  • 52mm Case (59mm with Crown) is Enormous! Real Man’s Watch
  • Precise 3 Dial Chronograph (Hour, Minute and Second) w/ Start, Stop and Reset Functions
  • Black Mat Dial w/ Huge Tritnite Arabic Numerals @ 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 With Russian Diver Logo at 12 O’Clock
  • Coin-Edged, Black Ionic-Plated Stainless Steel Unidirectional Outer Bezel w/ Tachyometer Inner Bezel
  • Extra Thick Stainless Steel Case and Strap w/ Black Steel Insets; Both Masculine and Reliable

Cons Overview:

  • Total Case Diameter of 59mm Means Probably Too Big for Small Guys
  • Black on Black Outer Bezel is Difficult to Read in Anything but the Best Lighting
  • Mineral Crystal Watch Face isn’t as Good as Flame Fusion or Sapphire

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Invicta 4601 Russian Diver Quartz Watch Review

There is no Invicta 4600.

Nope, what Amazon has listed as the 4600 is, in fact, the Invicta 4601 Offshore Russian Diver. If there is a difference it’s just in the dial texture, although even in Invicta’s catalogue there’s no 4600 model. I did pretty thorough research to confirm this.

As for the actual watch review (Of the 4601)…All in all it’s solid. It really is a spectacular watch…The design is unique even among the Russian Diver Collection. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked into the normal Russian Diver series at all, like the Invicta 4338 and 4342, but they’re great watches. The only thing I ever really wanted was to see a solid chronograph on them.

The Invicta 4601 is run by a highly functional Swiss made quartz movement, so you know that it’s accurate. And because it’s quartz it means you’ll never have to worry about wearing the watch everyday, AND it’ll be more precise than automatic movements at this level.

The watch has the classic protective cap over it, just like every other Russian Diver. The distinct Offshore Russian Diver collection chronograph is etched into the black mat dial. The top and bottom pushers work as start/stop and reset buttons, respectively. The date window and time are both easily adjusted through the heavy duty screw down crown. You’ll, obviously, have to remove the protective cap before you can adjust that.

The stainless steel bracelet is extra high quality, so it feels good to wear and should last a lifetime. The case is the same way, but is accented around the edge by a black ion-plated stainless steel outer bezel which functions uni-directionally as a time-elapsed tool. The inner bezel is the tachyometer.

In my pros and cons I talked about how it can be difficult to read the outer bezel. The reason for that is when it’s dark it becomes very difficult to see the dark grey on black bezel…The numbers simply don’t show up that well. Any form of illumination and you’re good to go though, and because the bezel is coin-edged instead of scalloped, it sort of balances it out.

My Verdict of the Invicta 4601 Offshore Russian Diver

All in all I was very happy with the Invicta 4601 watch. It’s big, masculine and looks good on your wrist, which ultimately is all any watch is trying to achieve. There are many unique features to this watch, but the classic Offshore Russian Diver design sure helps to set this one apart. Just remember that both the Invicta 4600 Russian Diver and the Invicta 4601 Offshore Russian Diver are the EXACT SAME WATCH.

Well, hopefully something in here helped you out…Thanks for reading through my whole review! I really appreciate it, and good luck picking a watch that suits your needs!

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