Invicta 4695 Subaqua Noma III Review

Invicta 4695 Subaqua Noma IIIThe Invicta 4695 Subaqua Noma III is a mid range watch designed for both the serious diver, the avid watch collector, AND it goes with any casual or dress wear. Keep reading and I’ll let you in on the good…and bad…about this Invicta watch.

I’d like to start off this Invicta watch review the way that I do most of my in-depth reviews…By letting you overview what it is I’m going to talk about. Take a look at the lists below and you’ll see the things that I like about this watch, followed by the things that I found undesirable, or that I wish had been improved, about the Invicta Subaqua Noma 4695. After that I’ll let you look at some more specs, give you a good price, and then you can keep reading the rest of my detailed review if you like.

Invita Men’s 4695 Subaqua Noma III Collection Chronograph Watch

The Good:

  • Swiss Quartz Movement, Extremely Accurate
  • Chronograph Not Only Works, But Works GREAT
  • Water Resistant to 500M
  • Black Ionic Stainless Steel is Extremely Durable

The Bad:

  • Slightly Outdated Watch, Other Versions Available
  • Too Big for Some
  • Not Automatic…Just My Own Preference

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Alright, now if you’re still interested you can get more in depth information below!

My Invicta 4695 Subaqua Noma III Review

The Invicta 4695 is a high quality diver watch developed by Invicta as mid-range watch that performs and looks like a watch of at least twice its value.

High Quality Swiss Quartz Movement

For example, just looking at the Swiss Made Chronograph Quartz Movement that keeps this watch ticking you can tell that it’s high quality. For one, the movement is Swiss, not Japanese, so that’s one sign of high quality…The 4695 is one of the first Invicta Subaqua Noma III watches and was one of the first to roll out with the Swiss made quartz movements that are in them now. The movement is of significantly higher quality than what you’re used to if this is your first mid-range watch (think more than $100). This is one area where you won’t have much room to complain. The quartz movement is accurate to a couple seconds a week, both within the primary dial and in the chronograph’s subdials.

Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal

The 4695 Invicta Subaqua watch is protected by a totally scratch resistant fired sapphire. Sapphire is what they use in premium quality watches and is one of the most scratch resistant (and most attractive) surfaces that you could ever enlist to protect a watch with. Sapphire should keep both it’s shine and its scratch-freeness for a very long time, really as long as you’re willing to be a little careful with it you shouldn’t ever have problems. Sapphire is forgiving though, so don’t worry about it. This is an Invicta DIVER watch after all…A little rough housing is a given 😉

Black Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Case

While we’re talking about the outer workings of the Invicta 4695, why don’t I go ahead and tell you about the rest of the watch exterior…Moving out from the case you’ll first notice a unidirectional bezel which is helpful for keeping track of time. The bezel is extremely

Invicta 6561 Subaqua Noma IV

The Invicta 6561 Subaqua Noma IV, Another All Black Watch.

durable, and you’ll be able to tell the quality of this watch once you play with this bezel a little bit. I know that it sounds silly, but really and truly…As you twist it you can feel each distinct click as you surely and securely rotate the bezel to the position you desire.

Just like on just about every Invicta diver watch, you’ll also find screw down crowns to enable the watch to be water resistant all the way to 500 meters or 1640 feet (A true diver’s watch!). These crowns MUST BE TIGHTENED every time you adjust your watch. If you sustain water damage to this watch because of untightened crowns or pushers, then your warranty is void and you may as well throw away money. Just be careful, there are very adequate instructions on exactly how to maintain these crowns within the instruction manual that comes packaged in that pretty yellow Invicta box.

One more thing about the case that I may as well talk about here…The case measures about 50mm in diameter. For those of you who didn’t do so hot in math, that’s pretty close to 2 inches. This watch also weighs a pound. In other words, this watch is a tad on the large side, so just be prepared for that when you order it. It’s very comfortable to wear.

Black Stainless Steel Band

Now, the whole rest of the watch is protected by a black ion plated stainless steel case which will attach to your wrist via a 28mm black ionic stainless steel band. Now, this is one thing that the Subaqua 4695 has up on some more recent versions in the Invicta Subaqua Noma III collection…It didn’t really take Invicta very long to figure out that most folks would still pay the same amount of money for a watch with a black rubber band as they will for the exact same watch but with a stainless steel band. Well, obviously it’s easier and cheaper to get black rubber than it is black ionic stainless steel, so it’s not uncommon to see black rubber straps instead of metal straps.

Personally, I LOVE the black stainless steel strap featured on the Invicta 4695, and I wish it were more common in other watches in the Invicta Subaqua Noma III lineup. The black steel is absolutely gorgeous, and of course it fits with the rest of the watch’s theme very nicely. The strap is locked together using a high grade deployment clasp with safety feature.

Speaking of the watch’s theme, now seems as good a time as any to go ahead and take a peek inside the case and talk about the dial and chronograph of this watch.

Luminescent Dial and 4-Function Chronograph

First off, the Invicta Subaqua 4695 is characterized by it’s entirely black and white theme, and the dial is no different. The complete background is a deep black. The minute, second, and hour hands are all luminiscent (Invicta exclusive Tritnite allows them to hold luminescence for 20 hours), as well as the 5 minute indexes. The chronograph has 4 subdials with 4 different functions…60 second, 30 minute, 12 hour, and 1/10 second sub dials are what you’ll find within this watch. You’ll also notice a nice magnified date window that’s very easy to see, even for those with poorer than normal vision. That’s one thing that Invicta seems to have a hard time with in their lower end watches, so it’s nice to see that its not a trait inherent to every Invicta time piece.

The inner design is very beautiful, as you can see in the picture. The chronograph makes this watch look extremely classy, and the black ion stainless steel case and band fit PERFECTLY with the dial and quality of this watch. The design is such that it makes this enormous watch seem almost sleek and streamlined.

Other Thoughts

The Invicta 4695 is built in with shock resistance, and that coupled with the 500 meter water resistance makes this watch not only attractive, but functional as well.

My Verdict of the Invita 4695 Subaqua Noma III

Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite Invicta watches. Even on a pure looks-basis, I think that the Invicta 4695 is absolutely beautifully designed…The all black theme is difficult to pull off, and yet Invicta has triumphed with this piece. It’s magnificent, and that’s just the looks.

The Invicta 4695 Subaqua Noma III‘s Swiss made quartz movement is high grade and Swiss made, which means that you’re guaranteed accuracy and quality. The case is ionic stainless steel which means that the watch is durable enough to be real Invicta diver watch. The chronograph is accurate and helpful, and I LOVE that there are 4 sub dials occupying the space of two. You can get it for a bargain on Amazon, and between everything listed here that’s about all you need! All in all I think that Invicta really hit the nail on the head with this one, and I actually kind of favor the 4695 over most of the more recent Subaqua Noma IIIs.

Anyways, thanks for reading my Invicta watch review, I really hope it’s helped you out. You’re always welcome to read more of my reviews on Good luck finding that perfect watch you’re looking for!

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