Invicta 4718 II Collection Diamond Chronograph Review

Invicta 4718 II CollectionThe Invicta Women’s 4718 II Collection watch is a budget-friendly women’s watch that looks and feels like a mid to high end watch, however, it’s not without its flaws. Keep reading for my detailed pros and cons list, and I’ll also show you the best deal on this watch online.

One thing you’ll find out about me is that I don’t like to waste time, so let’s go ahead and dive right into this Invicta 4718 II Collection review, shall we? I’ll start with some basic pricing and availability information, then I’ll outline the Pros and Cons for you. Afterward if you still want some more information I’ll have a more detailed review available for you.

Invicta Women’s 4718 II Collection Limited Edition Diamond Watch


  • Stainless Steel Case and Band Give the Watch a Hefty, Solid Feeling
  • Sapphire Coated Watch Window (Sapphire is Extremely Scratch Resistant)
  • Swiss Source Chronograph Quartz Movement is Accurate and Reliable
  • Diamond Bezel + Mother of Pearl Dial = Stylish, Distinctly Feminine Watch
  • Fully Functional Chronograph – 60 Second, 30 Minute and Day of the Week Subdials
  • Luminescent Tritnite-Coated Hands Make this Watch Easy to Read, Even in the Dark
  • Fully Water Resistant to 100 Meters


  • Strap is Slightly Large for Average Wrist (Easily and Cheap to Adjust @ Local Jeweler)
  • Diamonds are Very Small (Pictures Make them Look Larger)
  • Date Window is Small and Unmagnified – Difficult to Read in Poor Lighting

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My Invicta 4718 II Collection Review

While it’s true that the Invicta 4718 II Collection isn’t perfect, it does come pretty close, and for a women’s watch under $200 you’re going to be hard pressed to find more bang-for-your-buck in a different watch. Really, most of the flaws that I’ve nitpicked are negligible 4718 II Collection Case Backand you probably won’t notice them, with the possible exception of the date window (I don’t know why Invicta makes these so small…).

The near monochromatic design is elegant and sleek. The diamonds that surround the mother of pearl dial are small, it’s true, but they’re still there. They add a distinct flavor to the watch that really tips it from a slightly masculine feeling time piece to a distinctly feminine feel.

The band is a little big for some women, if this is you then don’t worry, you can get a watch band like the one on the Invicta women’s 4718 adjusted at your local jeweler for very cheap. It’s really a simple process, you just need to know what you’re doing and have a steady hand…Most jewelers in my experience have charged around $10 to fix a watch like this, so really no big deal.

The fact that this is a women’s chronograph watch for under $200 is another wonderful feature, and from an aesthetic stand point the chronograph really adds zest to the design of the piece.

My Verdict of the Invicta Women’s 4718 II Collection

All in all I think that the women’s Invicta 4718 II Collection is boldly feminine and sexy. At the price you’ll have trouble finding something better.

Congratulations on making it to the end of my review! I know I can sometimes ramble and maybe I don’t always make sense…Sorry. It’s the result of sleep deprivation I promise you. But seriously, thanks for reading, you’re always welcome to read more of my reviews!

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