Invicta 4890 II Collection Elite Sport Chronograph Review

Invicta 4890 II CollectionThe Invicta 4890 is part of the Elite Chronograph II Collection sub series. Thinking about buying this watch? Keep reading for an awesome pros and cons review!

There are a few important things that you need to know about the Invicta 4890 II Collection watch before you buy it…Check out the pros and cons list below for information on the important features of this Invicta watch, as well as pricing and availability information.

Invicta Men’s 4890 II Collection Sport Chronograph Elite Watch


  • Two Tone Gold Design is Both Elegant and Masculine
  • 3 Dial Chronograph is Precise – Features 12 Hour, 60 Second & 60 Minute Sub Dials
  • Inner Bezel Functions as Tachyometer
  • Attractive Gold Plated Roman Numeral Indexes Surround Blue Dial
  • Brushed Stainless Steel/Yellow Gold Ionic Plated Case is Durable and Scratch Resistant
  • Watch Face is Flame Fusion Crystal – Huge Upgrade From Mineral Crystal
  • Quartz Movement – Very Accurate
  • Water Resistant to 100 Meters


  • Watch Movement is Japanese Source
  • Band Doesn’t Adjust Itself?
  • ??? – Man, I Got Nothing to Say, This Watch is Great

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My Invicta 4890 II Collection Elite Review

I’ve never reviewed one of the sporty Elite II Collection Chronograph watches before, but I have to say…It was an unexpected surprise. I really didn’t plan on giving out a perfect 10 going into this review. However, the Invicta 4890 II Collection just doesn’t seem to have ANY notable flaws! I mean, you could argue that “Invicta is a Swiss company! They shouldn’t outsource movements! Blah blah blah…” and honestly, there is some truth to that I suppose. And for some watches where Invicta is really putting a lot of effort into them, or they’re more expensive watches I WILL count that Japanese sourcing against a watch.Invicta 4890 Case Back

However, honestly Japanese movements have come a long way in the past few years, and are now nearly as accurate as their Swiss counterparts, so I don’t really see any reason to count that off on a budget range watch like the Invicta 4890. The quartz movement in this watch is just fine, especially for the price. Unless you rely on your watch for super precise accuracy, this will do fine for your day to day use.

As for the rest of the watch, there’s not really anything bad I can say. I mean the watch is accurate, it looks good, it even has a chronograph which ALSO is accurate and looks good…What more can you really ask of an $80 watch?

I was happy to see the flame fusion crystal instead of the mineral crystal…I just always feel a little uneasy about buying any mineral crystal watch. Even though they don’t scratch easily at all, really, I just can’t get over that flame fusion is so much better.

The Invicta Elite watch is pretty big, so your should be aware that if you’ve got smaller wrists, this watch may look disproportionate. 48 millimeters is the watch’s diameter, so pretty close to 2.5 inches for us non-math, American folk. The band is made of two tone, plain brushed and yellow gold ionic plated stainless steel. That, combined with the two tone bezel, golden accented deep blue dial and the chronograph make for one eye catching watch.

My Verdict of the Invicta 4890 II Collection

All in all the Invicta 4890 II Collection chronograph watch is both functional and flashy, and since I still can’t see anything really wrong with it, I’m going to stick with a double thumbs up recommendation for this watch.

Well, that about wraps up everything I’ve got to say here in my Invicta watch review…I hope that you’ve enjoyed your time here on my site, I work pretty hard on these reviews, so hopefully you’ve at least gotten something out of it. Remember me next time you’re looking for a new watch!

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