Invicta 4898 Corduba Ibiza Diver Review

Invicta 4898 Corduba Ibiza Diver

The Invicta 4898 Corduba Ibiza is a stellar watch with lots of features that just make you wanna swoon. Read the rest of my pros and cons review to get the full scoop on this men’s watch.

It’s obvious to you by now (assuming you’ve looked at that huge picture down there) that the Invicta 4898 Corduba Ibiza Diver is a beautiful looking watch. On looks alone, it’ll stand up even to higher end watches. However, looks don’t make a watch; there’s more too it than that. Here are the pros and cons:

Invicta Men’s 4898 Corduba Ibiza Diver Chronograph Watch


  • 52mm Case (59mm w/ Protective Cap) is Totally Stainless Steel – Exceptionally Durable
  • Figure-8 Shaped Chronograph has 3 Functions – Second, Minute and Hour Subdials
  • Expanded Date Window + Extra Large Tritnite Indexes and Hands Make this Watch Very Easy to Read
  • Long Lasting Black Polyurethrane Strap Accented w/ Stainless Steel Barrel Insets
  • Scratch Resistant Flame Fusion Crystal Protects Beautiful Mother-of-Pearl Face


  • Quartz Movement is Extremely Precise, but Japanese Made
  • Watch is Extremely Large, Might Look Weird on Smaller Guys

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My Invicta 4898 Corduba Ibiza Diver Watch Review

The Invicta 4898 Corduba Ibiza Diver is jam-packed with tons of features that make it really worth buying. Probably the best things about it are the extra thick stainless steel case and strap and the unique Corduba Ibiza chronograph. While I tell you more about those, take a look at the alternative models of this watch (4900 and 4902, pictured to the right). They’re totally identical except for the looks and price, so it really is just whichever you like best.

Invicta 4900 Corduba Ibiza Diver

Invicta 4900 Corduba Ibiza Diver

Now to discuss some of the features…The extra thick, high grade stainless steel is really a noticeable difference from the lower quality metal used in Invicta’s cheaper watches. It not only feels better on your wrist, but is much prone to superficial damage.

The polyurethrane strap also lets you rest at ease…No way any damage can be done to that thing. The stainless steel barrel insets are attractive and comfortable. The only way to really mess up the strap is to try and adjust it improperly. Either get a watch adjuster, or take it to your local jeweler to have it adjusted professionally. A good way to ruin the strap is to try and adjust it yourself without knowing 110% what you’re doing.

Invicta Men's 4902 Corduba Ibiza

Invicta Men’s 4902 Corduba Ibiza

Since it’s a quartz movement the watch is both very accurate and battery operated. That means it will need battery changes, however in exchange the watch does not need winding of any sort and you can wear it as much, or as little, as you want. With an automatic you have to wear it everyday. Some folks like them (myself included, actually), but the quartz movements have their advantages, for sure.

The movement in this watch is Japanese made, which might bother some folks. And I mean, all other things equal I would go with a Swiss movement, of course, but for the rest of the features, as long as the watch keeps good time (it does) then I don’t really care if it’s Japanese or not.

And now I get to tell you about the Corduba Ibiza chronograph! Basically, there are 3 functions…60 second, 60 minute and I wasn’t able to confirm this for sure, but I believe a 60 hour dial is what the other one is. The 60 second chronograph is what appears to be the ‘second hand’ which actually doesn’t function as a second hand at all, unless you just keep it running yourself all the time. But anytime you like you can stop or start it, and the bottom pusher serves as a reset button, automatically the second hand will sweep around to the 12 O’Clock position. It’s pretty fun to watch, too :)

My Verdict of the Invicta 4898 Corduba Ibiza Diver

Basically, the Invicta 4898 Corduba Ibiza Diver is a watch that does have areas it could be improved upon. However, for the amount of stuff you get packed into this super masculine and ENORMOUS watch, the cons are definitely worth it. Especially if the cons are “Japanese made extremely accurate quartz movement”.

I really like it, I thought you might too. Anyways, I appreciate you reading through my whole Invicta 4898 Corduba Ibiza Diver review…I think I have a tendency to be long winded sometimes, so thanks for sticking with me. I’m sure SOMETHING was of use to you. If not, I always have more reviews!

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