Invicta 5249S Pro Diver Quartz Watch Review

Invicta 5249S Pro DiverThe super budget Invicta 5249S Pro Diver watch is loaded with a surprising amount of features, considering its price. Read the rest of my review for details on these pros and cons, as well as other important information.

Alright, I’m not really feeling like being overly chatty right now, so why don’t we just go ahead and start with the pros and cons of the Invicta 5249S Pro Diver, and after that if you’re still reading, I’m sure I can muster up a good review. Sound good to you?

Invicta Men’s 5249S Pro Diver Silver Dial Stainless Steel Watch

Pros Overview:

  • Swiss Made Quartz Movement – Watch is More Accurate than Most Watches Under $100
  • Scratch Resistant Flame Fusion Crystal Protects the Delicate Watch Face from Damage
  • Brushed and Polished Stainless Steel Band is Secured with Safety Buckle
  • Stainless Steel Case Features Unidirectional Bezel and Screw Down Crown for Easy Adjustment
  • Simple Design is Sleek, Masculine and Easy to Read

Cons Overview:

  • Crown Feels Cheaply Made
  • Outer Bezel is Totally Smooth, Doesn’t Do Well Underwater Cause it Gets Too Slippery
  • Date Window is Un-Magnified – Tough to Read w/ Less-Then-Perfect Vision

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My Invicta 5249S Pro Diver Quartz Watch Review

If you’ll notice, I actually scored the Invicta 5249S Pro Diver a little bit worse than I scored the Invicta 5249W (pictured to your right)…These appear to be identical watches except for the face, so what’s the BFD?Invicta 5249W Pro Diver

Well, as it happens, apparently Invicta decided to use Sapphire coated mineral crystal for the 5249W, while on the regular Invicta 5249, or 5249S they used flame fusion crystal. Now, honestly, there’s not much difference between the two. If it were straight up sapphire, that would be different. As it is the watches are incredibly similar, but because sapphire is slightly more scratch resistant, I had to give the 5249W a higher rating.

Invicta 5249S vs. 5249 vs. 5249W

Alright, I’ll go ahead and clear this up if you’re wondering about this…The Invicta 5249 and 5249S are the exact same watch, and are the original 5249 manufactured by Invicta. The 5249W is the same watch with a sapphire window instead of a flame fusion one and a white dial instead of a silver one. That’s really all the difference there is.

Finally, the Invicta 5249S Pro Diver Watch Review

Alright, so how does the watch do on it’s own, though?

Well, the most impressive feature is definitely the Swiss made quartz movement. Almost every single other Invicta below $100, and many under $250, are powered by Invicta 5249S Case BackJapanese movements. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that the Swiss made movements undergo much more thorough regulations, and are generally regarded as superior.

So, for this $50 watch to come stock with a Swiss made quartz movement is pretty unbelievable. This and the 5249W are definitely the most bang-for-your-buck watches that Invicta offers…My advice is to get this watch while you can. Invicta has an annoying tendency to discontinue many of its most quality pieces. Crazy Swiss people.

The watch feels very well constructed except for the crown. Apparently there just seems to be a little bit of extra play when you pull it out all the way, and honestly, this is the only REAL con of the whole watch and it’s not even a big deal. Just takes a bit of work sometimes to engage the mechanism so you can set your watch correctly.

The date window is pretty small, but it should be just fine if you’ve got normal vision. And once again, this isn’t an oversight on Invicta’s part, it’s simply that to get that magnified date window you need to upgrade to a better watch or sacrifice some other features.

My Verdict of the Invicta Men’s 5249S Pro Diver

To conclude, the Invicta 5249S Pro Diver is a great watch. It’s simple, it’s accurate and it’s durable. I’d gladly pay an extra $50 to have those features in all of my watches, so you’re really doing pretty well for yourself here.

Anyways, I hope that helps you out. Good luck finding a watch that really suits you! You’ll know when you’ve found the right one, just like a pretty lady 😉

Well, I really do appreciate you reading through my Invicta 5249S Pro Diver review…Surely something in here has helped you out. If not, feel free to check out some more of my 50+ Invicta watch reviews.

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