Invicta 5720 II Collection Two-Tone Watch Review

Invicta 5720 II CollectionThe Invicta 5720 II Collection is a two tone men’s watch from Invicta, the remarkable Swiss watch maker founded in 1837. This piece offers lots of value in an inexpensive package; keep reading to learn the rest of the pros and cons of this watch.

I’ll go ahead and start with a brief overview of the features of the Invicta 5720 II Collection…This way you’ll know ahead of time what you can expect when you purchase this watch. If you still have more questions feel free to check out the rest of my review, or go to Amazon and read some customer reviews. Whichever works best for you!

Invicta Men’s 5720 II Collection Multi-Function Two Tone Watch


  • Two Tone Gold Design w/ Blue Dial is BEAUTIFUL
  • Diamond Accents Surround a Coin Edged Outer Bezel
  • Protective Cover over Protruding Crown Keeps Watch Safe
  • Stainless Steel Case is Durable and Solid-Feeling
  • Swiss Source Quartz Chronograph is Extremely Accurate
  • Sapphire Coated Watch Window – Only Scratch-able By Diamonds


  • Watch is Too Large for Some
  • Instruction Manual is Unhelpful
  • In Some Watches Crown Feels Slightly Flimsy

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My Invicta 5720 II Collection Review


That was my reaction when I saw the Invicta 5720 II Collection watch for the first time. It was astonishing! I mean the two tone design is a pretty bold move in and of itself. The gold really catches your eye, but when you add that deep metallic blue dial…Well the watch just becomes phenomenal looking. The hint of red that comes from the chronograph hands is just enough to make this watch majestic looking and bold.Invicta 5720 Case Back

As for the actual workmanship of the watch…The Swiss quartz movement keeps time nicely, certainly well enough for the chronograph to be accurate. With 3 subdials – Day of the week, hour, and 30 second – the chronograph adds a great deal of elegance to the look of this watch (as if it needed any help). The quartz movement is Swiss source, so for those of you uncomfortable with Japanese products, the Invicta 5720 should do just fine.

The outer bezel is accented by diamond insets every 10 minutes so that the bezel is actually functional as well. The gold plating runs up the middle of the strap and also covers the entire outer bezel. The 5 minute indexes and the Invicta logo on the blue dial are gold plating as well. The rest of the case is made of stainless steel, which should hold up for as long as you can keep track of this watch.

When it comes to this two tone Invicta chronograph watch, I thought one reviewer said it best:

“This watch just feels that good. It’s sturdy, accurate, and the design is amazing. I usually don’t go for gold in watches, but it works with this one. The blue dial and silver edges elevate it from tacky to pristine.”

My Verdict of the Invicta Men’s 5720 II Collection

A beautiful, multi-function design makes this watch both unique and attractive. The golden two tone chronograph is attractive, and looks great against the polished blue dial. There’s no mistaking that the Invicta 5720 II Collection watch is a high value time piece at a very fair price.

Anyways, thanks for reading through my entire Invicta 5720 II Collection review, I sure do appreciate it. I think the watch is certainly worth getting, especially if it fits what you’re looking for. There’s no hidden flaws to this watch, just a straight up high quality product from Invicta.

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