Invicta 5728 Venom Reserve Chronograph Review

Invicta 5728 Reserve Subaqua VenomBelow you’ll find a pros and cons review of the Invicta 5728 Reserve Collection men’s watch. I’ll make it easy for you to decide whether this is the right watch for you.

I try and do my readers a favor and keep my reviews short and simple when I can…I have tendencies to go off on really long rants at the drop of a dime, so just beware. Ah! Stopping myself…Ok. Review time.

Below you’ll find the pros and cones of this beautiful two tone Invicta 5728 Reserve Subaqua Venom.

Invicta Men’s 5728 Reserve Subaqua Venom Collection Watch

Pros Overview:

  • Incredibly Solid Rose Gold-Tone and Black Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Case
  • Reserve Collection Watches are, as a General Rule, High Quality
  • Super Accurate – Swiss Made Quartz Chronograph Movement
  • Rose Gold Accented Chronograph is Beautiful and Precise
  • Professional Diver’s Watch – Water Resistant to 1,000 Meters

Cons Overview:

  • Flame Fusion Crystal in $1,900 (List Price) Watch
  • If You’re a First Time Invicta Buyer – These Watches are HUGE, Just FYI
  • Scalloped Bezel is Slippery Underwater, Coin Edge is Preferred for Traction

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My Invicta 5728 Venom Reserve Review

There are tons of things to love about the Invicta 5728 Reserve Collection men’s watch…

For one, it’s beautiful. The rose gold coloring is such a pleasant contrast with the deep black ion plating. In the pictures the colors aren’t nearly as vibrant as they are in person…You’ll be in awe the first time you see this watch, I can guarantee that.

Invicta 5728 Reserve Case Back

Invicta 5728 Reserve Case Back

My only real beef with this Invicta chronograph watch is the flame fusion crystal, which isn’t really even a huge deal. I would prefer sapphire coating, but flame fusion versus sapphire isn’t nearly as big a difference as mineral crystal versus flame fusion, so I’m grateful Invicta at least didn’t go down to that.

The movement of the Invicta 5728 is what you would expect from a watch of this price…Swiss made, of course, and very accurate. It’s a Swiss quartz chronograph movement, as I said above so you won’t have to worry if you don’t wear it for a week or something…No need to purchase an automatic winder or anything like that.

The construction is solid; definitely quite a bit of heft to this enormous stainless steel watch. The Invicta 5728 Reserve Collection’s face is black with a rose gold chronograph (3 Dial: 60 Second, 1/10 Second, 30 Minute) which is also extremely accurate and a date window at the 4 o’clock position.

Wow, sorry! Hardcore poor sentence structure goin’ on there. Deep breath.

My Verdict of the Invicta 5728 Venom Reserve

I’ll finish up by saying that this watch is of the highest quality, and you won’t find anything better from Invicta. Yes, there are a couple mild issues with the watch, but that’s true of any time piece. And honestly, at $500 this isn’t even a high end watch, so the minor flaws are tolerable, and I’m grateful they’re there because if they weren’t, then the Invicta 5728 Reserve Collection watch would probably cost quite a bit more.

Anyways, thanks for reading through my entire watch review. These things don’t write themselves you know, and the Invicta 5728 Reserve Subaqua Venom watch is an accurate quartz time piece with some beautiful design work and lots of cool features.

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