Invicta 6043 Subaqua Noma III Review

Invicta 6043 Subaqua CollectionIt’s rare that I get to review a watch that I have so little bad to say about, but the Invicta 6043 Subaqua Noma III has me stumped. Keep reading to learn why I doubt this watch will stay as cheap or available as it is now for very much longer.

Before I go into detail about every feature that I really do enjoy about this watch, let me give you a quick overview and some quick specs of the Invicta 6043 Subaqua Noma III before we get too far. This way you can keep an eye out for any questions that you might want answered, and you can go ahead and get all that basic information out of the way now!

Invicta Men’s 6043 Subaqua Collection Noma III Chronograph Watch


  • Swiss Made Watch for Under $500?!?! Sign Me Up
  • Durable Stainless Steel Case, Waterproof to 500M
  • Beautiful and Accurate Chronograph
  • Rugged and Bold Design Grabs Attention


  • Might Be a Bit Bulky for Some
  • Black Rubber Strap, not Stainless Steel
  • Not Black Ion-Plated, Gunmetal Finish

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My Invicta 6043 Subaqua Noma III Review

Alright, now that we’ve covered some basic information, you can either keep reading to get in depth details on the Invicta 6043, or you can just skip to the end of my Invicta watch review and just get my verdict. It’s really up to you, whatever helps YOU the most =) Anyways, keep reading if you want!

Swiss Made Watch AND Movement

The very first thing that I’d like to discuss with you is the making of this watch…Wait! Don’t run away yet, I know it sounds boring but there’s one very important fact you should appreciate about this watch, first and foremost.

The Invicta 6043 is Swiss Made.

Not Swiss Movement, like almost all watches under $1,000 are, Swiss Made! I was really excited when I learned this (Maybe even more excited than you are right now!). Let me explain why this is significant. Legally, a watch can only be labeled as Swiss Made if every part of it’s construction and manufacture took place in Switzerland. The Swiss have very strict laws regarding watch quality, so to be able to label a time piece as Swiss Made is actually a pretty big deal. Most all low to mid range watches are either Swiss Movement, or not any Swiss at all.6043 Subaqua Black Steel Case

Highly Accurate Quartz Movement

The Invicta men’s 6043 Subaqua watch powered by a Swiss made quartz movement, as opposed to a lower quality Japanese one. I have to say, the accuracy of the movement that Invicta’s putting into their Subaqua Noma’s these days is kind of impressive. Without a doubt this is one of the most accurate mid range watches that you’ll be able to find, especially in the Invicta line.

In case you’re unfamiliar, a quartz movement is a watch movement which keeps time by electronically measuring a tiny little piece of quartz. That means the watch is battery powered. The watch movement is also responsible for the movement of the chronograph. Because this is a Swiss-made movement, you can be assured that this Invicta chronograph watch is highly functional.

3 Dial Chronograph Watch

If we can talk a little bit more about the chronograph featured in this Invicta Subaqua Noma III watch…From a functionality standpoint you’ll find that there are 3 sub dials, each with a different function. There’s a 60 second sub dial, a 30 minute sub dial, and a 1/10 second sub dial. In addition, adjoined to the chronograph is a date window (located at about the 4 o’clock position).

The chronograph works very well, alignment is spot on, and the sub dials are easily distinguishable and very elegant looking against the background of the main dial. The primary dial is comprised of a black and gold-tone grid with luminescent white minute, hour and second hands. The hands are lined with Tritnite which allows them to glow in the dark for approximately 20 hours after an appropriate amount of sun exposure. There are no minute markers around the primary dial, however, my guess is you won’t notice that they’re gone, because you’ll be too busy being absorbed into the beautiful face of this watch. That black and gold grid pattern just keeps growing on me…

As an Invicta diver watch the 6043 is water resistant all the way down to 500 meters, however, in order to get that water resistance you need to make sure that all the screw down crowns are tightened, otherwise you’ll waterlog your watch. Refer to the instruction manual on how to do this, it’s really not that hard.

Moving on from the dial and chronograph, we’ll find that the dials are protected by a sturdy flame fusion crystal window, very scratch resistant and designed to withstand the rigors that come with years of use.

Inner and Outer Bezel

The inner bezel of the Invicta Subaqua watch works as a Tachyometer, which can be used to measure a variety of things, but primarily distance and speed. I would definitely recommend learning how to use one, as if you do anything out doors it comes in real handy. The outer bezel is unidirectional and very sturdy feeling…Functions just like any other unidirectional bezel.

Gun-Metal Stainless Steel Case

Now, here’s one discrepancy between what this watch actually is and what Amazon says it is…The case isn’t black ion plated stainless steel, it’s simply stainless steel with a gunmetal finish. This isn’t a bad thing at all, and truthfully I like the charcoal look of the gunmetal 6043 Subaqua Collection Case Backfinish, I think that pure black wouldn’t have looked nearly as good. The result is a very sturdy looking, attention getting watch.

Man, I love the way that the deep black of the inner bezel highlights the gold inside the dial! (Sorry, I just noticed how much I liked that…)

Durable Black Rubber Strap

The watch band of the Invicta 6043 is made from high quality black rubber. The rubber is much more durable and much more fitting than a stainless steel band for this watch, at least I think. I’m glad that Invicta decided to go with the black rubber for the strap. It’s durable and it’s simple, and you know it’ll hold up. However, if you really don’t like the rubber (I know people who hate it), then it’s easy enough to find an Invicta stainless steel watch band.

Honestly, I was pretty much sold on this Invicta Subaqua watch as soon as I saw 2 things:

#1) It’s Swiss Made
#2) It’s $400 (time of writing)

“This watch is not subtle. It does more than tell time. Its a statement. Its huge, macho, attention getting, and totally inappropriate for candle-light scenarios. You’re wearing it, and going places of emotional depth and height at velocity…

The price is, I think, extremely low for the rush of wearing this piece. I’ve got an Invicta Subaqua 4369 that looks great with a suit (a very dark suit); this piece is totally sports, action, and zoom. Don’t buy it as gift (except for yourself) for someones who’s gonna leave in the box…

This is the watch Perseus would have worn while he waited, watching the waves crash against the rocks; the crystal has this weird blue glow that is kind of mystical, don’t you think? “

My Verdict of the Invicta 6043 Subaqua Collection Noma III

You can just tell from holding it that theĀ Invicta 6043 Subaqua Noma III is an extremely sturdy watch. I don’t doubt for one second that it would perform just as well as an extreme diver/outdoorsman watch as it does a casual-luxury watch. It’s both attractive and rugged, and because it features a Tachyometer AND is water resistant to 500M, it actually is equipped to be useful in other situations as well. Here’s one customer review from Amazon that I think really sums up the way I feel about this watch:

Now, I’m almost positive that these are not going to be available for long, especially considering that they’re a limited edition watch. If you’re thinking about picking up the Invicta 6043 Subaqua Noma III then I’d definitely advise hurrying along in your decision. Otherwise I’ll just say thanks for reading through my Invicta watch review.

I hope this answered any questions you still had about this watch, if you’re still needing some more answers, I’d probably just check out the customer reviews on Amazon, if you haven’t already. Or, I’d suggest reading some more of the reviews on this very site!

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