Invicta 6561 Subaqua Noma IV Review

Invicta 6561 Subaqua Noma IVThe Invicta 6561 Subaqua Noma IV is a stylish all-black diver watch of the highest caliber. Discover exactly why I love this watch so much along with the couple things wrong with it, and I tell you what, I’ll show you a good deal on it, too! Sound good? Just keep reading to learn more…

Invicta put a lot of work into the Noma IV collection of their Subaqua watches, and I have to say that I’m really impressed by the Invicta 6561 Subaqua Noma IV. Before I go into too much detail, though, I’ve found what people most like is an organized list of what’s good and what’s not good about a watch, so here it is:

Invicta Men’s 6561 Subaqua Noma IV Collection Chronograph Watch


  • Highly Accurate! Swiss Made Chronograph Quartz Watch Movement
  • Very Durable – Black Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Case and Band + Flame Fusion Crystal
  • Rugged, Masculine, All-Black Design
  • Precise, Fully Functional Chronograph w/ 4 Functions – 60 second, .1 second, 30 minute and 12 hour
  • Fully Water Resistant 500 Meters


  • Watch is Enormous, Smaller Folks May Not Be Comfortable
  • 15-Minute Indexes on Outer Bezel Stick Up, Gets Caught on Shirts (However they’re GREAT for Divers)
  • Some Complained Date Window is Too Small
  • Doesn’t Do My Laundry?

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My Invicta 6561 Subaqua Noma IV Review

There, now if you want more information just keep reading!
Invicta 6561 Black Steel Case

I don’t even really have room here to talk about every single feature of this watch, but let me try and outline a few more of them below that I didn’t have room to in the Pros and Cons section.

The Swiss quartz movement is very accurate. It should stay within a couple seconds a week or better. That means over an entire year the watch will gain or lose less than 2 minutes. Do I need to say anymore about the accuracy of the Subaqua 6561?

The watch features a deployment clasp w/ safety…Most serious divers do look for this feature, simply because while it’s unlikely that a watch would come off while underwater, you certainly wouldn’t want it to happen. With a behemoth like the Invicta 6561 it would sink straight to the bottom of the ocean if it became unattached from your wrist for even a moment, so this is actually a very handy feature.

The dial is very easy to read, despite being almost entirely black. The 5 minute indexes, along with the minute, hour and subdial hands, are luminescent black material coated in Tritnite (developed by Invicta; glows for 20 hours), so during the day it appears that you’ve got stylish gunmetal indexes encircling the grid design and black chronograph, but in the dark you’ll still be able to easily read the watch.

Invicta 6561 Black Steel Stra0The watch face is protected by flame fusion crystal, which is very resistant to scratches in any form and should maintain the shine and clarity that it had out of the box for at least a year or two if you take care of it. After that you may start noticing some wear, depending on how much you wear the Invicta 6561 Subaqua watch. Surrounding the flame fusion crystal you’ll find both an inner and outer bezel…The inner bezel functions as a tachyometer while the outer bezel is unidirectional and functions as a standard time elapsed tool.

Another feature of the Subaqua Noma IV collection, particularly the higher end ones is the 500 meter water resistance. This is above the requirement to be considered a professional grade diver watch, so you know that this watch is intended and designed to stand up to extreme under water conditions. You can just tell from the feel of this watch on your wrist that the 6561 means business! Heh heh.

Couple other things…The chronograph really is pretty good, very functional. The four functions are: 60 second, .1 second, 30 minute and 12 hour. There’s also a date display positioned at 4 o’clock. I think that it would be difficult to see if you’re someone who wears glasses or contacts, however, I have perfect vision 😉 and I had no trouble seeing the date window. That’s just me though.

My Verdict of the Invicta Men’s 6561 Subaqua Noma IV

All in all, the Invicta 6561 Subaqua Noma IV is a spectacular time piece, and I really think whether you’re a serious diver, an avid watch collector, or just some guy who likes this watch that you’ll love the heft and reliability. I highly recommend this watch!

There’s no doubt that this is a high quality watch, and it’s worth every penny. Thanks for reading through this whole review! Without readers like you, there’d be no reason for me to keep writing these reviews! Well, I wouldn’t get to write as many anyways. You’re always welcome on!

Really, I mean it. Thanks for reading.

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