Invicta 6680 Corduba Ibiza Diver Review

Invicta 6680 Corduba IbizaThe Invicta 6680 Corduba Ibiza is a progressive watch that’s built to last. There are countless reasons why you SHOULD get this watch, but only my review will tell you the cons to this time piece.

While it’s important to understand that nothing is truly perfect, I feel like a lot of the watch review sites around the net these days don’t really do a good job of covering the downsides to a given watch, however, I feel that customers should be able to know what they’re buying before hand! That’s exactly why it’s my mission to make honest watch reviews! Check out my watch review of the Invicta 6680 Corduba Ibiza below:

Invicta Men’s 6680 Corduba Ibiza Collection Chronograph Watch

Pros Overview:

  • Swiss Made Quarts Movement is Super Precise
  • Red Band w/ Black Ionic Insets is Both Eye-Catching and Masculine
  • Super Heavy Duty Black Ionic Plated Stainless Steel Case & Flame Fusion Window
  • Protective Cap Covers Fragile Crown
  • Chronograph is Extremely Accurate – 1/10 Second, 60 Second, 30 Minute
  • Bezel is Very High Quality, Properly Aligned and No Wiggle Room

Cons Overview:

  • Watch is ENORMOUS! Too Big for Some Men…Might Need Band Resized (+$15)
  • Red is a Very Strong Color for a Watch (Covered Below)
  • Date Window @ 4 O’Clock is Smallish

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My Invicta 6680 Corduba Ibiza Review

Honestly, most of my cons that I’ve listed are relatively small problems and are easily fixed, and may not even be problems for some men.

Let’s start with the size…You should know before you buy the Invicta 6680 Corduba Ibiza that it’s a large watch. I mean, I know Invicta is known for it’s large watches, but good Lord! This thing is huge! And the strap is over 10″ long so unless you’ve got Hulk wrists, you’re probably gonna want to take this down an inch or so. You can expect to tack on an extra $15 or so for that.6680 Corduba Ibiza Case Back

Now about the red rubber strap (with black barrel insets)…I’m going to tell you this, and I know you probably won’t believe me, but the red really isn’t that noticeable. The thing is, in Amazon’s picture (and most of this watch) the band looks much larger and brighter, relative to the watch, than it is in real life. Honestly, once you put on this watch you really notice the enormous black ionic case a lot more than the red rubber band.

Now, is that to say that the watch doesn’t stand out? No, it certainly stands out quite a bit, but just not so much so that it’s unwearable. The 6680 Ibiza has an extremely masculine design, and it actually goes better with a suit than with jeans and a t shirt, IMHO.

Here’s what one reviewer on Amazon had to say about the red band:

“…Because the band stands out, I thought I couldn’t wear this to work or an corporate environment, which isn’t the case at all, because I did and got several pleasant comments on it, which is great.”

My Verdict of the Invicta 6680 Corduba Ibiza

The Invicta 6680 Corduba Ibiza is built like a tank and is very unlikely to break outside of a freak accident. The quartz movement is extremely accurate and Swiss made, so you know it’s high quality. The chronograph is precise and very attractive, the watch is fairly priced…What’s not to like? Anyways, that about wraps up my review, so I hope that it helped you out.

If you’ve got any more questions, you can always check out Invicta’s official site, they sometimes have good information on there. Of course, there’s also Amazon…They’ve got customer reviews that should help you out. And lastly, you’re always welcome on!

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