Invicta 6687 Subaqua Noma III Review

Invicta 6687 Subaqua CollectionUnfortunately, the Invicta 6687 isn’t currently available on Amazon, however, I didn’t want my review to go to waste so here it is:

Alright, welcome to my review of the Invicta 6687 Subaqua Noma III watch!

Now, I’ll be covering unique stuff in this review, but I’ve already written a full review of the Invicta Subaqua Collection, so I don’t want to just rewrite that here. Feel free to check out that review though!

The nice thing that I actually like better about the 6687 stainless steel is that the band isn’t made from rubber like it is with the more popular fun metal variety. These are a real diver’s watch, water resistant all the way down to 1640 meters, or in other words, half a kilometer. Plenty for your average casual scuba diver.

This watch really is gorgeous. The green face is absolutely stunning with the stainless steel time piece, the pictures betray the beauty of this watch.

My Verdict of the Invicta 6687 Subaqua Noma III

Really the unfortunate thing about this watch is that because this isn’t a high end Invicta, and the manufacturer doesn’t quite care as much about it’s lower end watches, it means that you do risk the lower quality make and parts in this watch. But, the Invicta 6687 Subaqua Collection is still worth getting in my opinion, because for the price this watch really is phenomenal. I suggest checking it out on Amazon.

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