Invicta 6862 II Collection Eagle Force Review

Invicta 6862 II CollectionThe Invicta 6862 II Collection is unique looking orange timepiece from Invicta. Keep reading for my detailed pros and cons review!

Alright, I’d like to start this review by going over the price and general pros and cons of this Invicta 6862 Eagle Force watch, then if you still have some questions you can just keep on reading. Sound good?

Invicta Men’s 6862 II Collection Eagle Force Stainless Steel Watch


  • Ultra Affordable @ $50 – Great Deal
  • Flame Fusion Crystal is Extremely Scratch Resistant
  • Quartz Movement is Relatively Precise, Especially for Price
  • Water Resistant to 100 Meters
  • Enormous Orange Design is Bold and Eye-Catching
  • Always Easy to Read – Luminous Hands Hold a Glow for 20 Hours


  • Be Aware that it’s Bigger than it Appears in Pictures
  • Japanese Source Quartz Movement (Some folks care about source)
  • Crown Pusher is Slightly Cheap Feeling

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My Invicta 6862 Eagle Force Review

The Invicta 6862 II Collection is certainly a solid watch. It’s supposed to be designed as a big watch, but the truth is that when compared to the Russian Diver, Subaqua or Grand Diver collections this watch is actually smaller. Again, it’s still certainly a sizable watch and you won’t be disappointed by it’s heft. Everything feels solid except for the crown.

The design of the Invicta 6862 Eagle Force is eye-catching to say the least. The face is big and simple and ORANGE! That more than anything else is the eye catcher. Of course if you like this watch but don’t want orange on your wrist everyday you can always look at a more subtle model with a different color. See the end of my review for some recommendations if you want 😉 The simple face is accented by a single magnified pearl of glass that hovers over the date window at the 3 o’clock position. Very nice addition in my opinion.

The Invicta 6862 is durable…The band is stainless steel, brushed and polished. The bracelet is a bit over 9″ long, so it actually may be a bit long for your wrist. Again, this watch is a pretty big time piece, so it’s designed for the larger man. Of course, it’ll only cost you about $10 at any jeweler in the mall to get the band adjusted, so don’t let that stop you from purchasing the watch.

My Verdict of the Invicta Men’s 6862 II Collection Eagle Force

All in all, solid construction, an attractive design, and the simple inexplicable Invicta appeal make the Invicta 6862 II Collection Eagle Force a pleasure to wear, and at $50 (at time of writing) there’s no real reason not to go for it. If you’re just not feeling that orange face, the Eagle Force watches come in a variety of different colors.

Thanks for reading through my whole review! If you’re still in need of more information I would suggest checking out Invicta’s site, or Amazon. One of the two. OR even better, you could read another of my reviews here on

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