Invicta 8930 Pro Diver Automatic Watch Review

Invicta 8930 Pro DiverThe Invicta 8930 Pro Diver is another member of the well known Pro Diver collection, and as such upholds the same level of quality that we’ve all learned to expect from this series of men’s watches. Keep reading for a detailed overview of the pros and cons of this Invicta watch!

The best way I’ve found to structure these reviews is to start with the pros and cons, then go into a more detailed review below. So, I’ll start by overviewing the Invicta 8930 Pro Diver, then if you’ve got more questions I’ll cover the more in-depth stuff below.

Invicta Men’s 8930 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch


  • Beautiful Gold Tone Stainless Steel Case is Both Durable and Attractive
  • Water Resistant to the Full 200 Meters for Pro Diver Qualification
  • Automatic Movement is Reliable and Accurate (Wear Everyday for Best Results)
  • Exhibition Case Back so You Can Enjoy Watching the Automatic Movement
  • Rolex Submariner Tribute – Very Attractive Design
  • Tritnite Coated, Luminescent Hands and Indexes – Easy to Read in Any Lighting
  • Extremely High Quality – Brother to 8926 Which I Gave Perfect 10/10


  • Mineral Crystal Watch Face Window and Exhibition Back
  • Japanese Source Automatic Movement (Most Folks Don’t Care About the Source)
  • Must Either Wear (Pretty Much) Daily, OR Buy a Winder

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My Invicta 8930 Pro Diver Review

Alright, so I’m assuming that you’ve already taken the time to read the Amazon product description that’s located on this page…If you haven’t done that yet, I recommend you do so since it goes into pretty good detail on the 8930 Pro Diver.

The watch is basically just the Invicta 8926 with a different face, so it’s still just as high quality.

Invicta is certainly well known for their ability to make fine quality, high tier level watches, however, I think that what I appreciate more is these lower level watches that are such a great value. I mean..Look at this watch. The 8930 Pro Diver LOOKS like it costs in the thousands, or at least several hundred dollars. And yet, You can find it on Amazon for less than $100! The golden wrist band and the navy blue face that results in a slight nautical 8930 Pro Diver Case Backtheme make this one sharp looking watch.

Not only that, but the Pro Diver lives up to it’s name being water resistant to a full 660 feet. When all is said and done the Invicta 8930 is a fine watch. However, it’s not without it’s flaws…The most notable flaw is that it lacks some of the features you’ll find in higher quality watches, such as an accurate chronograph. In addition, the accuracy of this watch could be found to be lacking if you’re used to extremely high quality time pieces that maintain accuracy for long periods of time. I mean, let’s face it, this is still just a cheap throwaway $100 watch to most avid watch collectors.

Don’t get me wrong, this watch is the definition of “bang for your buck” but that doesn’t change the fact that you just can’t squeeze every feasible feature into a watch of this price.

My Verdict of the Invicta 8930 Pro Diver

The Invicta Men’s 8930 Pro Diver watch is a fine quality watch that performs like a mid range watch and looks like a high end watch. I say for the price that’s a pretty good deal, and we can’t hope for much more.

Anyways, thanks for reading through my whole review of the Invicta 8930, I hope it helped you in some way. You’re always welcome to read some more of my watch reviews on!

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