Invicta 9223 Speedway Chronograph Watch Review

Invicta 9223 Speedway WatchThinking about buying the Invicta 9223 Speedway? Would you like to know what Invicta doesn’t want you to know about this watch? I’ve turned over every rock I can find in this review, so just keep reading to get the good AND the bad about this Invicta men’s watch!

I like to start reviews off by briefly going over the most essential information, so that if you’re in a hurry you can get what you need fast. To do that I’m going to quickly outline the price of the Invicta 9223 Speedway Chronograph and my main points that you should know about this watch:

Invicta Men’s 9223 Speedway Collection Chronograph Quartz Watch

The Good:

  • Invicta Chronograph Watch for Under $100 – Great Deal
  • Fully Water Resistant to 200M
  • Durable Stainless Steel Case Will Last a Loooooong Time
  • Expertly Crafted, Looks Like a $500 Watch (Seriously, ask people to guess the price of your watch)

The Bad:

  • Japanese Source Quartz Movement (Some collectors care about source)
  • Chronograph Lacks Accuracy of Higher End Models

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My Invicta 9223 Speedway Men’s Watch Review

The Invicta Speedway 9223 is, obviously, a member of the Invicta Speedway Collection, which right off the bat should tell you a couple of things:

1) This isn’t going to be a true luxury watch, anytime I review a watch under $100 I want to make sure it’s clear that I can’t judge it by the same standards I would a higher end watch.
2) The watch is either intended for watch collectors who need something that looks classy but that doesn’t really matter if it breaks, or it’s for the folks who don’t want to spend more than $100 on a watch, but who’re still entitled to looking classy.

Having said those two things, let’s go ahead and proceed onward with the Invicta watch review:

Japanese Quartz Movement

First off, the movement that runs the Invicta 9223 is NOT Swiss, it’s Japanese. That’s not necessarily as big an issue as you think, especially since in the past few years the Japanese have made huge strides to catch up the the Swiss in terms of watch quality, however, it’s still just not the same.

Don’t get me wrong, the watch works just fine, plenty accurate , it just doesn’t feel as good as knowing your watch is entirely Swiss made. But oh well, you win some you lose some, right?

3 Dial Chronograph

I should point out that although this IS an Invicta chronograph watch, if you’re really buying this watch because you want a highly accurate chronograph, well, then you may be a little bit let down by this watch. The chronograph, which is comprised of 3 sub dials each with a different function, is not the most accurate thing in the world, although for the price I was actually kind of impressed. As a general rule you’re not going to get an accurate or truly functional chronograph for less than $100, it just doesn’t happen. Not enough of a profit for the big watch companies. However, the Invicta 9223 Speedway Chronograph is definitely one of the most accurate I’ve seen in this price range.

The three dial functions are 60 second, 60 minute and 24 hour. I believe, although don’t quote me, that both the 60 minute and the 60 second dials are both stoppable and resettable, so they can operate as a stop watch of sorts if you need. Truthfully, I think the main appeal of the chronograph, at least as far as the Invicta Speedway Collection is concerned, is in the looks. A chronograph watch just looks much better than a regular watch. The all black background of the main dial coupled with the white chronograph dials and white minute indexes make for a very sophisticated looking piece.Invicta 9223 Speedway Back

I can promise you right now that the only people that could ever guess that the Invicta Speedway 9223 cost less than $100 are going to be experienced jewelers and people who own this same watch. The fact of the matter is, this watch looks good.

Stainless Steel Case

If we can briefly go over some other features of the watch…You’ve got your stainless steel case, it’s got a beautiful brushed finish, with the exception of the inner links on the band…Those, I believe, are polished stainless steel. The sleek triple link bracelet is just as durable as the rest of the watch, and secures with a deployment clasp. The watch is fairly large, so if your wrist is too small for the band it’s easy enough to just remove a few of the links yourself, although it’s also very cheap to simply take it to a jeweler. Less risk of scratching or damage that way, but it’s your call in the end.

Other Features

Uh…The watch is water resistant to 200M, so it can actually function as a diver’s watch if the need arises. The water resistance is created through the tightening of 3 screw down crowns common throughout most Invicta watches. Be sure that first thing when you get your watch that you read through the manual and find out how to tighten these crowns, because if you leave them loose then your warranty is void…This is true of any Invicta watch with the crowns, not just the Speedway Collection.

My Verdict of the Invicta 9223 Speedway

TheĀ Invicta Speedway 9223 is a solidly built watch for those of us on a budget…Or for those of us who just don’t care enough about fancy watch features to pay more money for them. If all you want is an affordable Invicta chronograph watch that looks great and will last you for a long time, then the 9223 is perfect for you. I trust that you can figure most of this stuff out for yourself, but I want to try and make your job as easy as possible. The Invicta Speedway 9223 quartz chronograph is a budget-range watch intended as a layman’s sporting watch, and I feel it fulfils that role beautifully.

The faulty chronograph and Japanese quartz movement are negligible for the amount of money that your paying for this watch, however they shouldn’t go unnoticed. Well, that about sums up my review, all that I can do now is show you a couple other watches you might be interested in. Thanks for reading my Invicta watch review!

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