Invicta 9309 Pro Diver Quartz Watch Review

Invicta 9309 Pro DiverWelcome to my Invicta 9309 Pro Diver pros & cons review! I’m going to be going over the features of this watch, and I’ll compare it to the seemingly identical Invicta 8927 Pro Diver.

The Invicta 9309 Pro Diver is certainly one of the more prominent Pro Diver models. I’ll start by saying that there’s a reason that it’s so well received…It’s definitely a quality quartz piece. Check out the pros and cons:

Invicta Men’s 9309 Pro Diver Collection Quartz Watch

Pros Overview:

  • Pro Diver Collection – Well Respected Watches in General
  • Great Value – High Quality for Under $100
  • Swiss Made Quartz Movement is Ultra Precise
  • Rated Water Resistance: 200 Meters
  • Beautiful Two-Tone Gold Plate/Polished Stainless Steel Case for Tank-like Durability

Cons Overview:

  • Gold Finish Wears Off Quickly (Just Like Invicta 8927)
  • Mineral Crystal Watch Window is Inferior to Flame Fusion

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My Invicta 9309 Pro Diver Review

Just like with the Invicta 8927, the golden two tone finish seems to scratch easily on about 50% of these watches that Invicta ships out. It has no effect on the performance of the watch, however, it is a little disappointing to hear of this problem from a respected brand like Invicta. However, really when you think about it, this is a $70 watch (time of writing). It’s not a high dollar luxury watch, so it’s not really surprising that a problem like this exists.

Invicta 9309 Case Back

Invicta 9309 Case Back

Even though it’s not a huge surprise, and doesn’t change the fact that the Invicta 9309 Pro Diver is a great watch and still offers great value for the price. The rest of the watch is extremely high quality. You might have noticed by now that this watch is fairly similar to another watch…

What’s the Difference Between the Invicta 8927 and Invicta 9309?

The main difference between the two watches is that the Invicta 9309 is powered by a Swiss made quartz watch, while the Invicta 8927 is powered by a Japanese Automatic movement. Now, for those of you who don’t necessarily know a whole lot about watches…Which is fine…

What’s the difference between the a Swiss Quartz movement and a Japanese Automatic?

Well, s Swiss quartz is, obviously, Swiss made. A quartz movement keeps time through the use of tiny vibrating quartz crystals. An electronic device measures the vibrations, and voila, you have an extremely accurate watch. Though quartz movements have a tendency to be more accurate than automatics, especially at this price, they also require semi-regular battery changes. Usually every 1 or 2 years you’ll probably need the battery changed.

The Japanese Automatic is, once again, Japanese made. The automatic movement means that it does not require a battery. The watch keeps time through a pendulum-type device powered by the swing of your arm. Now, that sounds great, the downside is that you have to either buy an automatic watch winder for every watch that you own, or you have to wear it almost every day. The reason is that since the watch is powered by the kinetic energy generated by your arm, without that kinetic energy your watch will simply lose power, and require resetting.

My Verdict of the Invicta Men’s 9309 Pro Diver

The Invicta 9309 Pro Diver watch is absolutely beautifully crafted…Two tone gold and silver stainless steel band with black and gold two tone bezel and dial. The dial contains a simple design…Black background with luminescent golden indexes and hands. There’s a date window at the 3 oclock position. It’s easy to read, fairly large.

The Invicta 9309 Pro Diver is, without a doubt, a great watch. For the price you simply can’t beat the combination of accuracy and looks. I highly recommend it, to say the least.

And with that I’ll go ahead and finish up my review…thanks for reading through this whole thing! I sure do appreciate it!

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