Invicta 9938 Pro Diver Automatic Watch Review

Invicta 9938 Pro DiverThe Invicta 9938 Pro Diver is another take on the highly esteemed Invicta 9937OB. Below you’ll find my simple pros and cons review, which should, hopefully, help to decide whether this is the watch for you!

Now, since I certainly don’t want to waste your time, and most of you probably only care about the pros and cons anyways, why don’t I go ahead and just list the pros and cons of the Invicta 9938OB Pro Diver first, because that’ll be easiest for both of us. Then if you want more information you can keep reading. Sound good?

Invicta Men’s 9938 Pro Diver Collection Automatic 23K Gold Watch

Pros Overview:

  • Shock Resistant 25 Jewel Swiss Made Automatic Movement (What a mouthful!) is SUPER Accurate
  • 42mm Stainless Steel Case is Solidly Built and Looks Bold, but Sleek
  • Two-Tone 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel Strap
  • Exhibition Case Back to See Inner Workings of Movement (Awesome!)
  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal + Magnifier over Date Window is a Huge Improvement Over Flat Mineral Crystal
  • Luminescent Hands and Markers are Easy to See in Dark

Cons Overview:

  • Shortish Reserve Power (About 10 Hours) – Totally Solved By a Winder (+30, Recommendation Below)
  • Doesn’t Make Me Breakfast in Bed…?

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My Invicta 9938 Pro Diver Automatic Watch Review

Invicta’s mastered the combination of attractive design with high performance in the Invicta 9938 Pro Diver. The only con that I could find (and I looked, HARD) was that the watch has a semi-short power reserve. What that means is that the automatic movement will only hold power for about 10 hours without being worn, or having time a winder. Now, listen, 10 hours ain’t bad, folks. 12 hours is considered to be pretty good, it’s just that in a watch movement of otherwise stellar quality, the shorter reserve power sticks out. That’s all.

And honestly, any watch collector worth his salt has a watch winder, and chances are you’d need to buy one anyways. Eventually there’s going to be a day where you don’t feel like wearing this 23k gold plated watch; having a watch winder will let you safely leave your watch be for as long as you like.

Now, let’s talk some about the pros, so that way you know what you’re buying.

I suspect that the foremost confusing thing if you’re new to watches is what I mean when I say:

“Shock Resistant 25 Jewel Swiss Made Automatic Movement”

Now, both the Invicta 9937OB and the Invicta 9938 have the same movement, so I thought this would be a good place to show you the 9937Ob here:

Alright, let’s learn about this Invicta automatic watch! I think it’ll work better if we go backwards, so let’s start with…

Automatic Movement: This is simply how the Invicta 9938 Pro Diver’s movement works. Automatic movements are totally self-powered; they get their power from the kinetic energy generated by the swing of your arm. When you move your arm it sends power through the movement (via a teeny tiny spring). Most automatic watches can go for 10 – 12 hours without being worn or on a winder. Some cheaper ones have short power reserves, around 6 is about as bad as I’ve ever seen. Some watches have crazy reserves, like up to 72 hours.

Swiss Made: This is pretty self explanatory…The movement is Swiss Made. That means that the entire movement was made in Switzerland. The Swiss have very high quality standards for their watches, and to be labeled “Swiss Made” is actually worth some respect.

25 Jewel: This is a reference to the number of jewel bearings inside the movement. Long story short, more is better. Each bearing is made with a tiny precision-laser crafted jewel that’s perfectly designed to reduce the maximum amount of friction where applied within the movement. What this means is that the more bearings there are, the more the friction is removed from the movement. When you take away friction from the automatic movement, it makes the watch more accurate.

So, as a general rule, a 25 jewel movement, such as that in the Invicta 9938 and 9937OB Pro Diver Collection, will be much more accurate than a 21 jewel movement, such as that in the Invicta 3044 Grand Diver and 8926 Pro Diver.

Shock Resistant: Well, this one is actually fairly straightforward. You know how CD players used to be labeled as “Shock Proof” or “Skip Proof”? Well, it’s the exact same thing, but applied to watches. It basically means that if you drop or otherwise do something harmful to your watch, there’s less chance that it’ll damage the fragile automatic movement.

The actual movement is an ETA 2824, and it’s been used by many major watch brands. ETA is a swiss manufacturer and they’re well respected for their workhorse movements. The ETA 2892, the 2824’s older brother, is almost identical in both performance and appearance to the ETA 2824 movement and it’s been used in very high end watches, such as Omega, IWC and Baume Mercier.

My Verdict of the Invicta 9938 Pro Diver

Hopefully this review is pretty easy to digest – basically everything adds up to say that the Invicta 9938 Pro Diver is an incredible watch. It’s very durable, very accurate and it looks GREAT to top it all off. I personally prefer the bold two tone look of this watch over the plainer original 9937OB, but each to their own.

Thanks for reading on! I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading through this whole review, and I do appreciate you taking the time to do so. Next time you’re looking for a watch, remember to visit my site first for the best reviews.

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