Invicta F0003 Venom Reserve Collection Review

Invicta F003 Venom ReserveThere’s no doubt about the superiority of Invicta’s Exclusive Reserve Collection, but let me fill you in on some things you might not find on the package by giving you my HONEST review of the Invicta F0003 Venom, a premium level diver’s watch.

What I’d like to do is start my review off with a quick overview of the specs and Pros and Cons of the Invicta F0003 Venom chronograph watch so that you know what to expect, and then if you’ve still got questions I encourage you to read the rest of my review for more information.

Invicta Men’s F0003 Reserve Collection Venom Gunmetal Watch

The Good:

  • Black Steel Case + Blue Metallic Dial – Attractive, Masculine and Bold Design
  • Water Resistant to 1,000 Meters
  • Swiss Quartz Movement is Extremely Accurate
  • Invicta Chronograph Watch – Very Precise; Start/Stop and Reset Functions
  • Flame Fusion Crystal Window – Highly Scratch Resistant
  • XXL 52mm Gun-Metal Ion-Plated Case and Strap – One Super Durable Watch
  • Black Polyurethrane Strap is Perfect for both Business and Casual Wear

The Not So Good:

  • Swiss Movement, Not Swiss Made (Read Review for Details…)
  • Very Large; Be Aware of How It’ll Look on Your Wrist

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My Invicta F0003 Venom Reserve Review

Anyways, for more detailed information on the Invicta Exclusive Reserve Collection keep reading:

Swiss Quartz Movement

The movement of this Invicta Venom is a swiss quartz-movement. What that means for you is that A) The movement (part of the watch that actually keeps time) is Swiss made and B) It’s a quartz movement which means that a tiny piece of quartz’s vibrations are monitored to keep time.

Basic version: The watch is battery powered, but high quality and extremely accurate.

One other thing to note about the watch…It’s not actually totally Swiss Made like most high end luxury watches, it’s only Swiss Movement. This basically means that the watch movement (the important part) is Swiss, but the watch parts probably aren’t Swiss, and it might not’ve necessarily been assembled in Switzerland. That being said, here’s what one reviewer had to say about this:

” I can see no difference among this model and Swiss made Venoms 5730 and 5729 I have here on my table right now. And I have to admit that Amazon model is the most beautiful of all of them.”

Beautiful Face, Accurate Chronograph, Easy-To-Read White Skeleton Hands

The beautiful blue face of this watch is protected by flame-fusion crystal. This kind of crystal is extremely durable and extremely scratch resistant, so that you’ll be able to enjoy the Invicta Reserve Collection for as long as possible.Invicta F0003 Venom Watch

Now, let’s talk more about the Invicta F0003’s face/dial…Like I said, it’s a blue dial, and the blue really makes a stellar contrast with the luminescent white skeleton hands and the hour markers. If you take some time to read through the Amazon reviews (always recommended) you’ll see that one thing that people repeatedly adore about this watch is how easy it is to see in the dark. And it should, as it is intended as a diver’s watch.

If you look at the picture featured on this page you can see what the blue looks like, and you can also see what the chronograph looks like. Quick note on the chronograph, a pretty standard setup with 60 second, 30 minute and 1/10 of a second dials. Invicta chronograph watches are always extremely well done, and this is no exception. Accuracy is, once again, superb. One other feature is that there is a magnifier at the 4 oclock position on the fusion crystal that sits straight over the date keeper.

What’s all that equal up to? Well, it means that the Invicta Venom is an attention getter! People ALWAYS notice that watch, and from the first day you wear it you’re likely to get compliments on it. The skeleton hands combined with the color of the deep blue background and chronograph make the face of this watch absolutely gorgeous, and people notice that.

However, the truest beauty of this watch can only be seen in person…You have to hold the weighty piece in your hands and SEE every intricate detail of this watch. You have to SEE the way that every detail of the design aligns to perfectly complement every other detail…You have to FEEL the way that the bezel flawlessly clicks as you turn it…You have to witness the precision of this watch for yourself.

Gun-Metal Stainless Steel Case

Expanding outwards to the case, the first thing you’ll notice that there’s a high quality black unidirectional bezel…It’s a pleasure to use as you can really feel each distinct click as you turn the bezel to the position that you want. The watch attains it’s water resistance through the use of screw down crowns and pushers. These allow the Invicta Exclusive Reserve Collection to be water resistant to 1000 meters, or around 3200 feet.

Ok, let’s talk about the Invicta F0003 Venom’s stainless steel case. This is one feature that’s extremely alluring to many Invicta collector’s, the stainless steel case is brushed and polished to Gunmetal. Again, this coordinates beautifully with the blue dial of this Venom watch.

F0003 Rubber Strap, Steel CaseNow, the watch with the case together weigh at least half a pound, so this is a pretty hefty watch. It really will surprise you the first time you open it…It’s enormous. Now, I know you’re thinking…’Oh, it’s big, yea that’s fine whatever…’ But no.

This watch.

Is huge.

However, it’s extremely comfortable to wear on your wrist, and you can’t help but feel a little more manly when you wear it…It doesn’t help that people pay attention to this thing! Anyways, since it’s so heavy you’ll probably want to pay extra attention to the strap, and decide for yourself whether or not you want to replace it with a stainless steel one.

Black Rubber Strap

The case and watch movement of the Invicta Venom are situated on top of a black rubber band. The band is extremely functional, extremely durable and it’s pretty comfortable, HOWEVER some people don’t particularly like the feel or the look of rubber. I can understand this since I can sort of see how paying $500 for a watch with a rubber band would be weird, you can pick up an Invicta stainless steel replacement band for around $100, although you’ll wanna look around for the best deal, and then you can have a jeweler replace it. It might actually be easier to just talk to your jeweler about replacing the band from the start, but that’s your call.

Of course, if you’re planning on actually using the Invicta F0003 as a diver’s watch, then you might want to stick with the rubber strap.

My Verdict of the Invicta F0003 Venom Reserve

Overall I think that the Invice F0003 Reserve Venom Watch is a real success. I love the way that the deep blue of the dial fits perfectly with the gunmetal finish…The chronograph is accurate, the watch is solidly built, the case is stainless steel and water resistant to 1000 meters which means that it’s actually functional…It’s a man’s watch, plain and simple.

Loaded with features, attractive on the wrist and accurate to boot! What’s not to like? The Invicta F0003 is a stunning time piece to be envied by anyone looking for a watch in this price range.

Thanks for reading through my entire review…I spent a whole afternoon writing up this review, and a whole 2 more afternoons getting the information necessary to do so; I’ve definitely put some work in here! I really do appreciate those of you who get through my whole post!

Thanks for reading!

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