Invicta F0004 Venom Reserve Collection Review

Invicta F0004 Venom ReserveThe Invicta F0004 Reserve Venom Chronograph Watch is a stunning time piece, but did you know that there’s more to this watch than meets the eye? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this Invicta men’s watch.

Anyways, I think the most efficient way for me to give you this review is to simply present you with the information that you need, and then let you decide what you think of the Invicta F0004 Venom Reserve watch. Let’s start with some basic specs, shall we?

Invicta Men’s F0004 Reserve Collection Venom Chronograph Watch


  • Features Beautiful, Bold, Eye Grabbing Design that WILL Get Attention
  • Large Size Enhances Appeal (My Professional Opinion)
  • Swiss Source Quartz Watch Movement
  • Chronograph is Both Beautiful and Functional


  • May Be Too Large for Some

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My Invicta F0004 Venom Reserve Review

The only other thing I’ll complain about is that I kind of wish that Invicta had done a stainless steel band on this watch…It was so close to being my perfect watch! I don’t really care about the water resistance, and I’m a pretty big guy so the size is ok with me (In fact, I F0004 Venom Reserve Case Backlike it!), and again, since I’m not a diver I don’t really care about the scalloped bezel. I really like this watch, but I do see areas for improvement on Invicta’s end.

For a full review of the Reserve Venom collection of watches, I’d recommend that you read my review of the Invicta F0003 Venom Watch. Since this is the same basic watch with a slightly different face/time piece, so I don’t wanna just re write the review and waste both your time and mine. The basic point is that this is a beautiful chronograph watch, you WILL get complimented on it, it IS one of the most beautiful watches you’ll ever lay eyes on, not much more than that.

My Verdict of the Invicta F0004 Venom Reserve

The beautiful silver finish of the Invicta F0004 Venom Reserve watch is the reason that many people prefer this model over the ion plated, gun metal finish of the F0003, but that’s a matter of personal preference. I suggest looking at both carefully, make sure that any difference in price is worth the different look.

All in all, the exclusive venom series is a beautiful collection, and no one will regret this purchase, whether you’re buying it for it’s diving capabilities or for the pure beauty of the time keeper.

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