Invicta F0046 Force Collection Review

Invicta F0046 Force Collection ChronographThe Invicta F0046 Force Collection is a new take on the tried and true Force collection, which has already proven to be a quality collection of watches. Take a look at this review for a detailed explanation of the pros and cons.

I have to say, just looking at the design I really like this watch…Let’s see if it holds up throughout my review? Below you’ll find more information on the Invicta F0046 Force Collection watch, such as the pricing and pros and cons. Further down you can find my detailed review, as well.

Invicta Men’s F0046 Force Collection Exclusive Chronograph Watch

Good Stuff:

  • Swiss Source Quartz Movement is Very Precise and Reliable
  • Black Ion-Plated Stainless Steel for Tank-like Durability
  • All Black Design is Both Progressive and Masculine
  • Chronograph is Easy to Read and Precise – 60 Second, 1/10 Second, 30 Minute
  • Luminescent Plain White Arabic Numerals and Hands are Easy to Read, Day or Night
  • Crown is Very Sturdy and Well Protected to Prevent Interior Damage
  • Black Leather Band is Comfortable and Very Hard to Damage

Bad Stuff:

  • Invicta Should Have Upgraded to Flame Fusion Crystal, IMHO (See Below)
  • Date Window is Extremely Small (Why Does Invicta Have this Problem?)
  • Some May Prefer Stainless Steel Band

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My Invicta F0046 Force Collection Review

Before I begin I should point out that to the right you’ll notice a picture of the Invicta F0048, which is exactly the same as the F0046, but in silver. If you like it just click on the picture to check it out.

Invicta F0048 Force Collection

Invicta F0048 Force Collection

The only reason the Invicta F0046 Force Collection didn’t score higher is because Invicta decided it would be a good idea to use mineral crystal for the watch window instead of flame fusion. Here’s the problem with that…Flame fusion crystal is much more scratch resistant than mineral crystal and is only slightly more expensive to manufacture. It’s just Invicta savin’ money. Which I guess they’re entitled to do, but none the less.

Honestly though, for most folks mineral crystal used in this Invicta Exclusive Force Collection watch is going to be just fine. Mineral crystal is still very durable and very protective (That is, after all why Invicta uses it), it’s just not as good as flame fusion, and typically in watches of this price I like to see that superior protection, especially since it’s easy for Invicta to do. It doesn’t ruin the watch though, I just had to complain for a hot second.

The rest of the watch is stellar. As I said above, the Invicta Force Collection is already an established series of watches and you shouldn’t have any problems with the watch. The Swiss quartz movement is accurate and doesn’t require the maintenance of an automatic watch.

Invicta F0046 Force Collection Back

Invicta F0046 Force Collection Back

The dial is decorated with plain luminescent arabic numerals, which along with the hands should hold a glow for at least 20 hours with the proper light exposure. I really dig the design of this watch, I think the monochromatic feeling black and white design is very classy. The black ion plated case is, as you might expect, pretty heavy and very durable. Let’s just say you’ll have a hard time breaking this one…

As an Invicta chronograph watch, I of course have to say something about the chronograph…It’s easy to read and pretty accurate, considering the functions that its dials detail. The water resistance of the watch is protected by a heavy duty screw down crown which should have no trouble handling depths up to 200 meters.

I LOVE that the Invicta F0046 Force Collection Chronograph is secured to your wrist with a black leather strap…It’s super comfortable, and although most of the time I prefer the stainless steel for durability ( I just feel better usually wearing a stainless steel band), the black leather was surprisingly secure feeling, and I have no doubt that it could handle the depths and power of diving to 200 meters. I also think the leather is very elegant, and I’m grateful that Invicta didn’t decide to use the black rubber that it’s so fond of on this watch…The leather makes this a very classy looking men’s chronograph watch.

My Verdict of the Invicta F0046 Force Collection

All in all I’d definitely say that the F0046 Force Collection Chronograph is worth its price. If nothing else this Invicta is just plain gorgeous. If, however, you’re not really moved by this time piece, I have lots of other Invicta Watch Reviews on the site.

Well, that about concludes my Invicta F0046 Force Collection review…I hope you enjoyed it.

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